Life is Just Not Kind

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Things between Khaya and I have been great, he’s like the male best friend I never knew I needed. Jay still hasn’t met him yet, I don’t want my son in the mix of the things I do. Today is my birthday together with Juniors, as if having this person is not enough now I have to share a birthday with him too, well not that I mind anyway, I’ve invited all our close families and friends and then later it will be an adult thing at my house. Bandile offered we do Jay’s party at his house since his is bigger than mine and who was I to argue cause at least I won’t have to hire people to clean my yard twice.

I just finished my morning work out with Khaya, we were sparring, and it was great with the sexual tension in between and the steamy session we had in his private sauna. I’m wearing sweatpants and vest with an airmax

“Do you have to look sexy in everything you wear Miss Mbana?”

He asks and I giggle as he opens the car door for me “I don’t know how to answer that”

I say honestly and he chuckles and closes the door going to his side. His walk alone screams money and power. He gets in and starts the car

“Home or your ex’s place?”

He asks

“You already know his place. I have to make sure everything is how Jay wants it”

I say and he nods

“I don’t think your ex wants me in his house. You know he actually pulled out on the contract we agreed on after the party”

He says

“he did that? Why would Bandile do that?”

It was stupid of him, he’s not one to usually mix business with pleasure

“I’ll have a talk with him”

I offer and he shakes his head no

“If he doesn’t want my company to do it then it’s his loss. Either way we still get enough clients. Don’t get involved”

He says and I sigh and place my hand on his thigh

“If I had known us being together would mess things up then…”

He cuts me off

“So you agree we together?”

He asks with a cocky grin, I squeeze his thigh “You know what I mean idiot!” I say and he chuckles

“nah don’t worry about it. My business doesn’t suffer either way”

He says and I nod, we drive over to Bandile’s house over nice music and singing along

“I don’t recall thanking you for the gift”

I say and he chuckles

“You did multiple times”

He says licking his lips and I laugh

“No mahn you know that’s not what I mean. Argh anyway thank you, I love it”

I say and he smiles

“don’t mention it”

A gift box was delivered to the gym while we were sparring, I still haven’t opened it yet. I’ve been getting mini gifts ever since the week began. Monday it was flowers, then chocolates, then a pair of shoes, a dress and so forth until today.

“you know you didn’t have to right? I mean a gift every morning until my actual birthday”

I say and he chuckles

“Who said I was done? You deserve good things only Mihlali”

He says and I blush as he comes to a stop

“Well thank you, sounds like somebody might be catching feels”

I point out and he laughs

“Maybe he is. Go before your ex comes out and chases me off”

He says leaning in, we share a brief kiss and then I get out then open the boot and take the rest of my things




Ever since Zama’s party things between Qhawe and I were never the same again. I am sad to say that she lost the baby that day and she left me as soon as she left the hospital. I never thought it would hurt as much as it does to lose a child you never knew but it hurts. My family has been supportive and so has Mihlali but not as I would like her to be.

With Qhawe gone I’ve been focusing on my son and my work only just to distract myself, I feel terrible for

having been the reason she lost our baby, I hate myself for it and she hates me even more.

Seeing Mihlali with Khaya doesn’t help, I’m jealous. I hate that I am not the one responsible for that glow she has, but then I don’t blame him. Mihlali is an amazing person with a big heart. Any guy is blessed to be with her. I watch her take out her workout things and make her way to the gate. She looks sexy in in anything! The security guys let her in and she walks all the way to the door. I make my way downstairs, we hired a catering company to handle everything but she said she wanted to make sure everything goes as it should for her son. I get downstairs and meet her coming towards the stairs


She says


I say

“May I put these in the spare room?”

She says, I hand her my room key

“You can leave them in my room”

I say and she takes the key

“How are you holding up?”

She says, I sigh

“I’ll be fine. Thank you for allowing Jay to visit me every day”

I say and she smiles

“It’s no big deal honestly. You his father and I think you could use a distraction. Don’t allow the pain to consume you Bandile, you bigger than it and you going to get through this with time”

She says and I just nod thinking about how she is the one I need right now more than anything

“So where is he anyway?”

I ask

“I left him sleeping. His nanny can bring him over if you want”

She says and I shake my head no

“We want this to be a surprise for him”

I say and she nods

“I should go and put these”

She says and then walks past me to put her things in the room




One the way I get a call from IT geek handling my personal information and monitors people trying to dig into my business and pretty much everything I need him to. I call him Floppy as in Floppy disk, I don’t know why he calls himself that but he knows his stuff

“You calling me never means anything good”

I say and he chuckles

“Sadly boss”

He says

“Lay it on me”

I say

“Sir I’m afraid that that child hasn’t stopped digging”

He says

“I thought we gave her enough to compile a file”

I say

“We did sir but she’s resilient that one. She even hired someone to dig further”

He says

“Dig further how? Mihlali said she had asked her sister to drop things”

I say

“Maybe she dropped things to her sister but she’s definitely digging in all the right places and asking all the right people”

He says, I hit the steering wheel frustrated “What do you want me to do to her?” He asks

“Nothing, you won’t do anything to her. Let her compile her research and then destroy it when she’s done. She still storing everything in the other computer?”

I ask

“Yes she is sir. She’s clearly not smart enough if she still stores her things electronic”

He says proudly

“Let her get the information and then erase everything when it’s been fully compiled”

I say

“But sir are you sure?”

He asks

“I’m certain. No harm had better come to this child”

I warn

“What’s so special about this child?”

He asks

“we don’t hurt children and what’s it to you?”

I ask annoyed, he sighs

“fine I understand. We’ll just let her get away with it”

he says annoyed. I drop the call on him. I’ll admit when I came here my intentions weren’t clear but after having met Mihlali’s mother she changed everything. After doing some digging I found out that they are a clean family, maybe their father wasn’t so clean but the rest of their family deals clean.




“Long time no see”

Someone says startling me. I’m talking to the head decorator on where to put the jumping castle. I turn around to see Bandile’s mother, I swallow hard. It’s my first time seeing her since I came back

“Mrs Tshawe”

I say and ask the guy to continue with everything else

“fancy seeing you here barking orders like it’s your house”

She says, I’m taken aback by her attitude and tone

“I’m just trying to make sure everything is up to standard for my son. I’d be doing the same too even if this was happening at my house”

I say and she nods looking me up from head to toe

“Why did you come back Mihlali?”

She asks and I raise an eyebrow

“I lost my grandfather”

I say

“You could have attended the funeral and then left”

She says and I chuckle

“Mrs Tshawe can I help you with something?”

I ask annoyed by her attitude

“Bandile was doing well until you came back. It hasn’t even been a month and already everything has fallen apart. Are you even ashamed with what you have done huh? As if keeping Bandile’s child away from him wasn’t enough now you had to make Qhawe lose my son’s baby a…”

I stop myself about to slap her

“Mrs Tshawe I respect but you are way out of line! You don’t know what you are talking about”

I yell and she looks at me stunned, I have never raised my voice at an elder

“What the hell is going on here? Mihlali how dare you speak like that to my mother?”

Bandile says, I chuckle

“Get your mother in line Bandile!”

I say and walk away from them pissed as hell. I help around and make sure to finish everything for my son’s party. By 10am we are done with everything, luckily I printed 12 on the invitation cards. I uber home and my son meets me by the door all dressed up





I’ve never seen Mihlali that pissed before, Lord knows what would have happened if I hadn’t gotten to them on time. Mihlali is a respectful person especially towards my mother I can only assume what mother said to her. I fold my arms and raise an eyebrow waiting for mom to explain

“What did you do Mam’Tshawe?” I ask and she shrugs “Nothing, ask her” She says

“Mother I know you said something to Mihlali to piss her off. We both know she’s respectful and would have never raised her voice at you unless you said something to her”

She doesn’t respond

“Today is my son’s birthday and I would like for it to go without any drama. Mihlali will be back with Jay before 12 and you going to apologise to her for whatever you said to her Mam’Tshawe sivene?” (Do we understand each other?)

She rolls her eyes


“Fine Bandile!”

She says and storms off. Women will be the death of me. Guests start to arrive and they are led out back, it’s nothing over the top even though it is. It’s mostly friends and family, Jay started daycare a week ago and he’s already made some friends. I call Mihlali and she tells me they on their way here.

“Thank you for coming”

I say bumping into Bulumnko and his family

“The kids are outside”

I say and the kids run out back

“Thank you for inviting us”

Bulumnko says

“Mihlali and Jay are on their way, my brother’s wife is in the lounge”

I say to Zama and she smiles and hands me a gift

“This is for Jay”

She says and I nod thanking her. She excuses herself

“You ok?”

Bulumnko asks and I nod

“It’s mom, she and Mihlali got off the wrong the foot”

I say and he chuckles

“Sorry to hear that buddy”

He says patting my shoulder

“Whatever, lets go out back. That’s were the rest of the guys are”

I say

“You and Hlali really went all out huh?”

He says and I laugh

“We kind of went overboard huh?” I say as we walk out back, he nods

“Not complaining but now ya’ll putting pressure on us because our kids will want a birthday like this”

He says and I laugh

“Blame Mihlali, it’s Jays first big birthday and we wanted to go all out”

I say and he nods

“He’s your first kid, you’re allowed buddy”

“Hey, this is huge”

Someone says and we turn to see Troy, we greet him

“Where is the party boy?”

He asks

“On his way with his mother”

I say and he nods. We sit down on the chairs around the pool, we had the pool covered so that there would be enough space. The yard has more than enough games for the kids, there’s even a face paint artist for the kids, a table with party bags in the corners. We have caterers taking care of everything.

“I’m afraid to ask how much you guys spent on all this”

Bulumnko says and I laugh

“A lot!”

I say and they both chuckle

“Not like it left your account bruised. Ya’ll went half-half right?”

Troy says and I nod

“She insisted on the half-half thing and who was I to say no”

And they nod, we continue to talk about every other thing until my little boy comes running into my arms, I pick him up

“Happy birthday big boy”

I say and he giggles

“Thank you daddy. Mommy said this is my party”

He says and I nod

“yes it is. Greet daddy’s friends”

I say putting him down, he walks over to shake each of their hands making me laugh. Mihlali walks over

“hey guys”

She greets

“Hi, you look amazing”

Troy says


Bulumnko says

“You really do look amazing. Also happy birthday”

He adds and she smiles

“Thank you but mine doesn’t start until later, for now we just celebrating him”

She says and roughing up Jay’s haircut that looks like mine

“Mommy can I go and play?”

He asks, and she nods

“Go Bhabha”

she says and he runs off

“One day he is going to hurt himself. He’s always in a rush”

She says and I chuckle

“leave my son alone”

I say and she just smiles.

“I just came to greet you guys. I will see you around”

She says


Bulumnko says and she stops in her tracks

“Is Khaya coming?”

He asks and I give Mihlali a look

“I did invite him but I don’t know if he’ll come. He’s your friend, you talk to him”

Lumnko chuckles as Mihlali walks away headed inside

“I don’t want that man in my house”

I say

“He’s a great guy and for a minute you liked him”

Troy says and I shrug

“There’s something offish about him”

I say

“Either than the fact that he’s tapping your baby mama? Don’t be dramatic Bards”

Lumnko says ticking me off but I keep my cool anyway. I spot Baya walking over to us

“Hey guys, this is way too big for a 3 year old”

He points out sitting beside me, I shrug

“We wanted to go all out”

I say and he nods




I couldn’t be happier with the people I hired to set up my son’s birthday. It’s everything I imagined it would be and more. He’s a little obsessed with Alvin and The chipmunks so his party had to have a little bit of Alvin

and The Chipmunks. I leave the guys and make my way inside as Baya is walking out. I roll my eyes annoyed


He says


I say coldly, he stands in my way

“May I pass?”

I ask, he chuckles

“I underestimated you yazi”

He says and I raise an eyebrow

“I never not once took you for a bitch yazi. I mean you are all things but a b…”

I slap him

“move out of my way Bayanda before I do more than slap you!”

I say and he chuckles

“Still feisty I see”

he says and steps aside. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding in, if this is how having Bandile’s family around is going to be then I might just leave my son’s party early. I don’t need their drama, not now and not ever! The last thing I wanted was drama at my son’s

birthday. I make my way to my friends and bump into Lukho

“hey, you look amazing!”

She points out with a kind smile

“Thank you Lukho, you look good too”

I say and she blushes

“Jay is such an amazing kid Hlali, you did a great job with him”

She says and I smile at the thought of my baby

“I tried hey”

I say

“You guys went over the top hey”

She says and I chuckle

“Only the best for my son”

I say and she smiles

“Now the pressure is on hey. We’ll have to match up”

She says and we both laugh making our way to the kitchen. I need a drink, I open the fridge and get myself something to drink

“You seem a little disturbed, Don’t mind Bayanda” She says

“You saw that?”

I ask and she nods

“he can be a real jerk I’m pretty sure he deserved it”

She says and I nod, I let out a sigh and open my drink

“I feel like I let him walk all over me for a very long time now. Every time he sees me he always has something mean to say and your mother in law didn’t hold back too earlier”

I say and she chuckles

“I’m sorry babe. For the record I have nothing against you and neither does my husband”

She says and I smile

“I appreciate it Lukho”

I say and she smiles and excuses herself. A text pops up from Ise asking me where I am and I tell her in the kitchen. Funny I haven’t seen my family ever since I got here and I am assuming they just got here. She walks in and hugs me


She says

“Hey baby”

I say as we break the hug

“Where are the rest?”

I ask her

“Mom and dad went to greet Mrs Tshawe and Ima went to greet Lara and the others”

She says and I nod

“And why did you ask where I was?” I ask her

“Because I found something on Khaya”

She says checking the coast

“I thought we agreed no more snooping Nathi”

I say and she shrugs

“You won’t say that after I tell you what I found”

She says, I take a sip and nod for her to go on. She leans in closer to me

“You know how your father ran an institution for abused kids and what not?”

She asks and I nod

“What does that have to do with Khaya?”

I ask her

“Khaya was one of your father’s patients. Khaya witnessed his parents get killed in front of him. His father was a criminal, one night people came into his

home and killed his parents, well the people didn’t see him hiding. Anyway the nanny that worked for the family took it upon herself to get him help and he winded up in Lunga’s institution a…” “So this is where you guys are hiding”

We are disturbed by Imange. She comes between us and hugs me

“hey sisi”

She says

“Hey baby”

I say and we break the hug

“This house looks amazing. You guys went overboard I won’t lie”

She says and I chuckle, Ise takes the time to walk out. Ima has the worst timing ever! Who knows when Ise and I will ever get the time to talk more about this? My phone vibrates and it’s a text from Ise telling me she’ll email me everything.




I video call my daughter before going to this birthday, I’m not sure if I want to deal with Bandile’s drama especially at a child’s birthday party of all things. I talk o

my daughter and then drive over to Bandile’s house, I get a call from Mihlali and I answer

“Hey beautiful”

I say

“Hey, you still coming?”

She asks


I say and she laughs

“I’m serious”

she says

“Then learn to construct your sentence in a less sexual manner”

I say and she giggles

“Whatever. Please just get here quick Khaya”

She says

“Be there in a bit”

I say and we end the call. Just then I get a call from Chip

“Talk to me”

I say

“I managed to hack into her phone and deleted the file she compiled on you. I hacked into her ex boyfriend’s

security system and she has already told Mihlali about your parents but didn’t get to tell her about you being Dr Langa’s patient”

He says and I sigh

“but Mihlali knows? Make sure there’s no trace of any information she had of me and get out of her exe’s security system. He already hates me, lets not give him enough reason to”

I say and cut the call. Bandile has a smart house so it was easy to get access into his house’s security system. I park outside and make my way inside the house, I didn’t know what to get the kid so I went with getting him a video game. I walk inside

“Khaya hi”

Lara says startling me


I say

“I’ll get Mihlali for you neh. My husband and the rest of the guys are sitting outside”

She says and I nod while she goes and gets Mihlali. After a while Mihlali finds me drinking a glass of champagne I got from one of the servers

“hey you came”

She says hugging me

“I’d like to cum now”

I whisper in her ear and she giggles breaking the hug

“Everything has to be sexual with you! Come I’ll show you out back”

She says

“Lead the way”

I say and she walks before me. She’s wearing a yellow two piece suit and a white cami looking all kinds of beautiful




Mihlali walks over to us with Khaya behind her, they talking and giggling like old lovers. Anyone who saw them right now can tell that there’s feelings there doesn’t matter from who but there’s definitely feelings in between the two of them. They walk over to us

“Lumnko thank you for whatever you said to him”

Mihlali says and Khaya chuckles

“so is this the guy you left my brother for?”

Baya says and Mihlali rolls her eyes

“Hlali please come with me I need you” Mihlali is disturbed by one of the caterers

“Go, I’ll be fine”

Khaya assures her, she nods and then walks away from us. Khaya takes a sit, it’s my 2 friends, Baya, Biko, Phiko and Dan sitting with us

“This is my nephew’s birthday and I won’t tolerate your nonsense with my sister”

Biko warns Baya

“We all adults here Baya, behave yourself”

I add onto what Biko has just said

“Bro how are you ok with this level of disrespect from this girl huh? I mean she’s ouchea bringing her man around ya’ll kid”

He says and I sigh

“Baya not today please!”

I say annoyed

“So what’s your deal with that bitch huh?”

He says asking Khaya

“I dare you to call Mihlali a bitch again”

He says clearly tense

“That is the mother of my child you are speaking about and you will respect her Bayanda or else leave my house!”

I warn him and he chuckles

“I hope Mihlali knows how lucky she is to have 2 guys defending her so much. I always thought you were smart bhuti but you seem to prove me otherwise”

He says sipping his drink. I don’t know what the hell Baya’s problem is because he’s not even drunk. Biko excuses himself from us and walks away. Bulumnko decides to save us from the misery and changes the subject but everytime Khaya makes a comment Baya has a comment right back at him

“Usually I don’t let little boys disrespect me like this but because I made a promise to Mihlali and I planning on sticking by it, I’ll leave. Next time I won’t be so kind” he says and gets up, I sigh


Baya yells as Khaya walks away from us, as he’s walking in he bumps into Mihlali and they walk inside together.




My son is having fun, I couldn’t ask for anything more as a parent right now. Most people are chilling outside,

Khaya is sitting with Bandile’s squad and I am hoping that none of them starts any drama. I spoke to Khaya and he promised, I haven’t been able to follow up on what my sister was trying to tell me earlier because I had to attend to our guests and make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable. Baya on the other hand I am worried he might not behave as Bandile has been. As I am about to walk out I bump into Khaya

“You look pissed”

I say bumping into Khaya as I’m walking out

“It’s that kid Bayanda”

He says and I sigh walking back in with him. The lounge is empty so I lead us there, he leans by the arm rest and I stand between his legs. I cup his face

“You didn’t come to him, you came here for me and my son”

I say, he sighs

“I know but Mihlali I cannot stay here any longer without punching that boy. I promised you I wouldn’t start any drama so it’s best I just leave instead”

He says and I let go of his face, he takes my hands

“Look, I’ll come over to your party later and I will definitely make it up to you after”

He says kissing my hands. Someone clears their throat and we both turn to see Bandile’s mother. I sigh out loudly

“In my son’s house? You really have no respect for my son do you?”

“I’ll see you later”

I say to Khaya

“You sure you’ll be fine?”

He asks looking between me and Bandile’s mom who is making her way towards us, I nod

“I’ll be fine, I’ll text you ok”

I say, he kisses my cheek and then walks to the door

“Mrs Tshawe”

I say rolling my eyes

“As if inviting your boyfriend into my son’s house, now you busy making out with him on my son’s couches? Sies mahn you have no shame!”

She says

“yazi I’ve been taking insults from you and your son all day! I have had it with you and Bayanda. Today is my son’s birthday and I really wanted to celebrate it without any drama but you and that son of yours are making it fucking difficult and I won’t have it. If you don’t want to

be here then leave Mrs Tshawe and take that son of yours with you! I didn’t ask to throw this birthday here, Bandile offered but what I am not going to tolerate is your nonsense. Busy calling me names and accusing me of things. You either get used to seeing my face or fucking leave! I’m sick and tired of you people!”

I yell, she’s taken aback by my tone and vulgar “yazi I am going to tell Bandile about this! Ne…” I cut her off

“I said leave! This is my son’s birthday and you clearly do not want to be here so leave Mrs Tshawe before I call security to throw you out!”

I say, she looks at me and shakes her head

“How dare you speak to my mother like that?”

I turn to see Bayanda walking over to us

“You want to join her? Go ahead!”

I say

“You can’t throw us out of my brother’s house”

He says defensively

“I am throwing you out of my son’s birthday now both of you leave! I will not sit here and tolerate both your attitude toward me all because things ended between

your son and I! now both of you get the fuck out of here or should I call security to do the honours?”




Mihlali walks out with Jay’s birthday cake and places it on the table and asks people to gather around. She asks her mother to lead us in prayer and then we sing Jay a happy birthday song. After all the festivities she lets the caterers take over. I look around and I can’t see Baya or my mother which makes no sense. I walk to the house to check for them and bump into Mihlali

“have you seen my mother or brother around?”

I ask her

“I threw them out”

She says carelessly and walks to the kitchen

“What do you mean you threw them out?”

I ask confused

“Your mother and brother were disrespectful and calling me names so I told them to leave”

She says taking something out of the fridge

“Mihlali you can’t just do that, you have no right to throw my family out of my house”

She shrugs, she pours herself champagne that was in the fridge in a clean glass

“so would you rather I leave my son’s birthday party then?”

She asks turning to me

“What the hell happened? This behaviour is unlike you”

She chuckles

“So because I am sick and tired of your mother and brother making it uncomfortable for me and my guest to enjoy my son’s birthday I’m suddenly the bad person here?”

She asks, I take a deep breath and let it out

“I am sorry for their behaviour but throwing them out was a little extreme don’t you think?”

She shakes her head no

“I wanted this day to be an amazing day for both my son and I but clearly your family is not for that. I’m not sorry for telling them to leave Bandile and if you not happy then you can also fuck off”

She says and is about to walk past me when I grab her arm and cage her between the counter and myself

“this is my son’s birthday and I am not going anywhere” I say

“then fucking act like it!”

She says trying to push me off but I don’t budge. She’s so pissed right now and all so pink reminds me of when we have lip biting back scratching sex. I lean in and kiss her, she doesn’t push me away until we disturbed by someone clearing their throat. I move back, it’s Lara

“Don’t mind me, I was only here to get water. Jay is looking for you Hlali”

She says and takes a water bottle from the fridge then walks out

“He’ll never be me”

I say

“I’m ok with that!”

She says and walks past me. I chuckle alone and walk out to find her carrying Jay who has his head buried in the crook of her neck

“Is he ok?”

I ask

“he says he has a tummy ache. This is what happens when he drinks acids”

She says and walks upstairs with him, I follow them “Do you have any meds for it?” I ask and she nods

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine”

She says, I open my room for them and we all get in. She places Jay on the bed and then goes to his bag to fetch what I am assuming are his meds

“he’s temperature is high”

I say after feeling his forehead

“He’s going to be fine. This is why I don’t give him too much sweets and acids”

She says and then sits on the other side then tends to him. After he’s done taking meds and she lays beside him

“And there’s nothing I can do?” I ask and she shakes her head no

“He’s going to be fine, he just needs to sleep it off. You can go and attend to our guests”

She says, I don’t want to leave them but she knows Jay better than I do and so I walk out and return to the party.




“There’s absolutely no reason for you to look this fucking sexy!”

Khaya says after breaking the kiss and pulling away from me, I giggle. Jay slept over at my parents house. His party ended around 5 and then at 6 I said my goodbyes to everyone else and went to my place still not having gotten the time to speak to Ise but I asked mom if they could come and spend the night over at my house instead and promised to return them tomorrow which mom was ok with it. It’s mostly just me and my friends and family and few people from my new job. I don’t know if Bandile is coming but I did invite him only if he doesn’t start any drama.

“It’s my birthday too I’m allowed” I say flirtatious, he chuckles

“Becareful cause I might just spend the rest of the night by your side Miss Mbana”

He says squeezing my ass, I giggle

“Control yourself!”

I warn him smacking his hand, he chuckles

“I make no promises”

He says and I lead us out back where people are gathered dancing and drinking and having the most fun. The girls are here with Biko and Yoza.

My party started at 8pm, it’s around 10 when Lara asks people to settle down, she starts the happy birthday song and everyone joins in and sings for me, I’m sitting next

to Khaya with my leg hanging over his while he rests his hand on my thigh, I am drunk I won’t lie and enjoying myself. Ise and I said we would speak tomorrow instead before I take them home. My friend raises a toast to me and I see Bandile walk in, I try very hard to ignore him especially after the kiss we shared earlier. He joins us

“Sorry I’m late”

He says and pours himself a glass without waiting for my response or whatsoever. Lara makes a sweet speech and how turning 25 is awesome and what not. The night is quite blurry.

Around 1am I tap out and ask Lara to handle everyone, I pull Khaya with and we head inside together, I don’t even look at Bandile because I am certain he is giving me that judgy look and that’s the last thing I want right now. What I want is Khaya inside of me! When we get inside my room it gets steamy immediately. He pauses to lock the door so we can continue.

The next morning I wake up to him watching me, I get up and run to pee and then come back still naked

“You know cuddles and pillow talks make people catch right?”

He says and I chuckle

“Scared it will ruin your street cred?”

I ask and he chuckles

“Not really, come here”

He pulls me lay on his chest. My vagina is on fire, I have no idea how many times we went at it but I do know that the sun is already out and it’s after 10am.

“My sister told me about your parents being killed in front of you when you were young”

I start off, his heart remains at it’s stable pace which I find weird cause someone else’s heart rate would have risen by now

“is that all she told you?”

He asks, I sigh

“No, she told me your nanny had you admitted into an institution for the trauma”

I say

“Your father’s institution”

I freeze, my breath gets clogged up in my throat.

“Is that why you came after me? Is that why you pursued me? To get revenge?”

I ask

“No, I’ll admit that I was angry and wanted to avenge myself and every other child that suffered in the hands of Lunga but when I met your mother and got information about your family I couldn’t. I didn’t want to and then I met you and everything changed. Hurting you and your

family wasn’t going to undo what I went through. Your mother is the most sweetest person I have ever met. I couldn’t bring myself to hurt any of you”

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