Life is Just Not Kind

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It’s Saturday and my son still hasn’t woken up. I’ve become a permanent resident of the hospital and so has Bandile though he leaves to shower and bring me fresh clothes every now and then but as for me I live here and even wash here. It breaks my heart to see him lay here every day and slowly but surely I lose any hope of him waking up. He’s only 3 for God’s sake. I’ve even run out of things to say to him or even promise him. I’m startled by a knock and am shocked to see Khaya stand by my son’s door with a bouquet of roses.


He says walking in, I clear my throat

“Hi. What are you doing here?”

I ask him

“I heard about your son and thought I should bring you this”

He says and I take the flowers

“Thank you”

I say

“I know they don’t make the pain any better but I couldn’t show up empty handed. How is he?”

He asks and I shrug

“He still hasn’t woken up. I’ve lost hope to be honest with you”

I say

“Jay is your son Mihlali, he’s as strong as his mother if not more. Now is not the time to give up, now is the time for you to be stronger than you’ve ever had to. He needs you, he needs a reason to fight and you are that reason Mihlali”

He says

“Jay can only come out stronger from this, our pain is what makes us stronger”

He says and I smile for the first time since I came here “Thank you. I guess I needed to hear that” I say and he smiles at me

“He is going to wake up and will be the same little guy he was before this happened”

He assures me

“What are you doing here?”

We both look up to see Bandile walking in with a cup of coffee

“I came to check on Mihlali”

He says getting up


Bandile says rudely, I roll my eyes

“Bye Hlali, I hope he gets better soon”

I smile

“Thank you for the pep talk and the flowers”

I say, he smiles and bends to kiss my forehead before walking out. I don’t even want to look at Bandile

“This is the same thing you did at Jay’s birthday, You don’t respect me Mihlali!”

He says, I raise and eyebrow

“As if that was enough disrespect and now you bring your fuck buddy in my son’s hospital room!”

He says and I sigh

“Bandile I can’t do this with you!”

I say annoyed

“You wanted to explore and I let you on condition you don’t let your man around my son”

He says and I chuckle in disbelief

“If you looking for an argument I suggest you get out of my son’s room because I am not about to argue with you over nothing. Jay doesn’t need this right now”

I say and she keeps quiet, I take my phone and check up on work and everything else




Yonela and I have been doing so well together. She’s enjoying work and I am enjoying every little minute I get to spend with her. I haven’t tried to get into her pants and she hasn’t tried to do anything with me. I bought a ring with the help of Ise and Mange a couple of days ago. I would have asked her to marry but with Jay in hospital it just isn’t the right time yet plus I need him in order to execute this perfectly planned proposal. Mihlali hasn’t been coping but then again who would blame her? I fetch my sisters, luckily schools are closed so I figured we should spend the day with Hlali, they haven’t been to the hospital.

“How is he?”

Ima asks and I shrug

“Stable I guess”

I say

“Is he going to wake up?”

Ise asks

“Of cause, Yoza is sure about that”

I say confidently

“Hows Hlali?”

Ise asks

“I don’t know, she’s hanging on by a thread. Which brings me to why I came to fetch you guys, our sister needs a little bit of cheering up and who better than us?”

I say and they both seem happy about the idea

“That’s a sweet gesture”

Mom says and we all turn to see her standing by the door

“We didn’t see you there. Afternoon mom”

I say

“Hey kids.”

She says

“I’ll meet you guys downstairs”

I say as mom and I walk out of Ise’s room

“How are you and Yonela?”

mom asks

“We good actually. She’s worried about Jay”

I say

“Jay is going to wake up, she’s an amazing doctor”

Mom says and I smile

“She’s an amazing person period” I say and mom smiles

“I heard the girls talking about you wanting to pop the question”

She says

“Yeah, I don’t want to waste any more time”

I say and she giggles

“Young love is so cute. Are you sure you ready after what happened with Pamela?”

she asks and I nod

“I am over Pamela and I want to spend the rest of my life with Yonela, I don’t want to make the same mistake dad made with you”

I say and she chuckles

“What mistake?”

she asks

“Dad let you go once”

She laughs

“Honey everything happened as it should have, had your father and I never broke up then I wouldn’t have Mihlali and he wouldn’t have had you and we probably wouldn’t be where we are today. If Yonela is ready then go for it but promise me that if she is not then you won’t end

things or act some type of way. If Yonela is meant for you then it will happen either way”

She says as we hear the girls come down the stairs

“Thank you for the talk mom”

I say and she smiles

“Any time”

She says. The girls and I drive to the hospital and get Mihlali’s favourite things on our way. We make our way to Jay’s room and find her standing by the window.


I say, she turns around and she smiles upon seeing all of us

“You guys didn’t have to”

She says

“We have all your faves”

Ise says

“We couldn’t get you a dick… sadly”

Ima says and we all laugh

“Baby ears!”

Mihlali says

“So it is your fave?”

I ask and she laughs

“You guys are annoying. Thank you for this”

She says and we share a group hug, we break it after a while

“you guys really didn’t have to” Mihlali says

“We couldn’t let you be miserable alone plus we were going crazy at home with all those updates from everyone”

Ima says and Hlali smiles

“He still hasn’t woken up yet, but I’m being positive” She says and I raise an eyebrow

“Since when?”

I ask and she smiles

“Khaya came to show his support” She says

“That’s sweet of him”

Ise says and Hlali nods

“I can’t imagine Bandile was happy to see him here” Ima says and Hlali nods

“He tried to start an argument but I didn’t entertain it”

She responds

“Just remember what I said to you Hlali”

I say and she smiles

“I know brother and trust me it was my first time seeing him since that day. I haven’t seen him since and I know better”

she says and I nod

“I hope so”

She smiles

“Guys you didn’t come here to scold me about the mistakes I have made ok!”

she says and we chuckle

“So what about you and Bandile? It’s December and soon it will be the end of the year”

Ise reminds and she sighs

“Bandile and I need to sit down and have a lengthy discussion before anything can happen between he and I”

“Do you want to be with him?” Ima asks and Mihlali shrugs

“I don’t know Ima honestly. We’ve both screwed up us one way or the other, maybe me more than him. I don’t know where we stand and I don’t lie I would really like

for he and I to get married some day but maybe we both not ready for that”

She responds

“we didn’t come here to discuss Mihlali’s boring love life hle”

Ima reminds and we all laugh, as we are sitting like that we hear someone trying to clear their throat, Mihlali gets up full speed and rushes to Jay’s side

“Honey it’s me, it’s mommy”

She says touching his hand, we all on our feet now and watching them together. Ise brings water with a straw while Mange goes and gets the doctor. Yoza walks in with Ima as Ise helps Jay drink water

“Uhm… hey”

Yoza says startled to see me

“Hey beautiful”

I say and she goes over Mihlali’s side, I chuckle. We saw each other this morning and yet she still blushes at the sight of me. Yoza examines Jay

“he seems fine”

She says

“Mommy my head hurts”

Jay says and Hlali giggles

“Thank you so much Yonela” She says

“Seems like everything check outs “Jay, do you know who I am?” Ise asks

“You are Mange”

He says and we all laugh

“Well he’s back, I’ll call his father” I say walking out with Yoza

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