Life is Just Not Kind

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I walk in on Hlali packing the rest of their things with Jay sitting on the bed talking like nobody’s business.


He says the minute he sees me

“Hey buddy”

I say walking over to him

“How are you?”

I ask, it’s been a week since he woke up and Yoza thought it would be good to discharge him but we’ll have to keep a close eye on him

“We are good daddy and how are you?”

We both chuckle

“I am good thank you. Hey Hlali”

I greet and she responds.

“I’d like to ask you something”

I say taking their small overnight bag, she carries Jay


She says

“I’d like you guys to move in with me”

I say, she stops in her tracks


Jay says and I chuckle, Hlali puts him down

“Here, go and buy me those sweets in the sweet machine. Ask nurse Nkati to help you”

She says

“No running!”

she says and gives him the money, he walks away to find the nurse

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” She says

“Hlali please, I want my son close to me as much as you want him”

I say and she shakes her head

“No, you can come and visit him every day after work”

She says, I sigh

“Mihlali please just move in with me so that we can raise our son together. Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if we lived together”

I say and she raises an eyebrow “I didn’t mean it like that” I say quickly

“This happened on your mother’s watch Bandile. Besides I don’t want to live with you”

She says

“Is this about Khaya?”

I ask and she frowns

“This has nothing to do with Khaya! I am comfortable in my house Bandile and I love my space”

She says defensively

“You can have your space at my house, please Mihlali”

I say

“Ok, so you would be ok with Khaya coming to visit me at your house?”

She asks, Jay walks up to us and Mihlali picks him up

“Thank you my big boy”

She says and he smiles

“you welcome”

He says proudly and we both laugh. We head to the car and Mihlali straps him in his seat and I drive us

“Look, Khaya and I have no relationship. That say he only came to see me and check on how I was because he heard about Jay. I have no intentions on being with him Bandile”

She says

“I don’t want to move in with you because moving in with you would mean having to abide by your rules and I can’t do that”

She says


I ask

“What happens when I want to go out drinking with my friend?”

She asks

“Then you go, it should be like living in your house Mihlali”

I say and she sighs

“Bandile we both know that’s not true. You wouldn’t be ok with me coming back in the AM’s drunk AF and what not”

She says

“Mihlali I would really like you guys to move in with me. I want to have my son under the same roof as me. Don’t you want Jay to have a stable home and a stable family?”

I ask

“That’s not fair Bandile, you know I want that for him” she says defensively

“Then move in with me Mihlali”

I plead and she sighs


She says

“As in you moving in?”

I ask

“Yes we’ll move in with you but with Jay’s nanny”

She says

“I’m ok with anything as long as my son and his mother are with me”

I say, she doesn’t respond and looks out. This is the first step to getting my girlfriend back, one way or the other Mihlali is going to be mine. I heard what she said to her siblings that day Jay woke up and that gave me hope of us. I can’t give up on us especially after hearing that conversation.




I don’t know what game Bandile is playing at, I just hope I don’t bump into his mother. She and I haven’t exchanged any words since that day Jay was admitted, I have nothing against her I guess. Mom spoke to me and made me forgive her because it wasn’t her fault I guess or so mom convinced me. Maybe it would have happened anywhere but because it happened on her watch I am still mad at her. We walk into Bandile’s house after getting something to eat. When we walk into the lounge his mother is sitting on the couch


Jay says excitedly, I shoot Bandile a look

“she is his grandmother Mihlali and I thought you had forgiven”

He says

“forgiving doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven”

I say and walk to the lounge

“Jay honey please excuse us with your father”

His mother says, Bandile takes Jay and they walk up the stairs

“Mihlali I know you blame me for what happened to Jay”

She starts off, I don’t respond

“you have every reason to, I blame myself too but this hate between us is not healthy for Jay”

She says, I raise an eyebrow

“Mihlali I liked you once, I loved you, adored you even. Loved you as my own daughter, I was so happy for you and my son. Bandile had finally found the perfect woman for him”

She says, I still don’t respond

“When you left Bandile was heart broken, as a mother I am sure you can try and understand where I’m coming from. I think you would have reacted the same way if something had happened with Jay”

she says

“I would have tried to understand both sides of the story instead of just favouring my son. Mrs Tshawe it takes to people to build a relationship and maybe one to break it but in my situation with your son it was different.

Bandile gave me an ultimatum to choose between us and my dream job. I was fresh out of varsity so ofcause I would have never chose him over our relationship any day. I needed the job and the experience”

I say

“He never said anything about the ultimatum”

She says

“It doesn’t matter any more but I would have never hurt your son intentionally. I love him! When I told him about the job offer I also mentioned how we could make our relationship work but he didn’t want to hear any of it. Now you tell me, what was I supposed to do?”

I ask her and she doesn’t respond

“Exactly. I did what was best for me and as for me not coming back to ruin everything, that’s exactly why I stayed in New York when I found out I was pregnant. I stayed there to not ruin whatever life Bandile had built for himself over the years I was gone and trust me making the decision of coming home for my grandfather’s funeral was hard on it’s own. Having to pack up my whole life to come back this side wasn’t easy but my parents, my family begged me to come back, I couldn’t miss my grandfather’s funeral all because I didn’t want to face Bandile”

I take a deep breath

“I did it for my family, I came back for them. Not that I need to explain myself to you but I came back for them. As for you son, he’s the one that came on to me and I should have said no but I didn’t and that was my fault. I never meant to ruin his relationship with Qhawe and he should have kept his mouth closed that day at the party. I am not responsible for Qhawe’s miscarriage, I didn’t say shiit to Bandile that day. As for Jay’s birthday, Khaya and I weren’t making out, we were talking and had we been at my house then maybe we could have spoke

privately elsewhere. I would never disrespect Bandile like that and I admit to being wrong for throwing you out. I shouldn’t have thrown you out like that. I am sorry for that, I had reached my breaking point”

I say

“I’m sorry for being a bitch to you Mihlali, I love my son and I love your son as much. Can we start over please?”

She says forcing a smile

“I’m sorry to for being a bitch” I say and she smiles

“Are we ok?”

I ask she gets up and stands in front of me and gestures I get up, I get up and she pulls me into her arms

“I will do better”

she says, we break the hug

“I will also do better”

I say and then we return to our seats and catch up like good old friends until Bandile and Jay come back to join us.

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