Life is Just Not Kind

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“knock knock”

The person says, my door is half open “Come in please”

I say looking up to see Khaya, he’s carrying red roses and is smiling


He says walking towards my desk “Hey, what are you doing here?” I ask and he hands me the flowers

“You asked for a developer and so I’m here” He says proudly

“What do you mean? I thought Mr Ngozi was coming”

“Sadly he had to rush to the hospital, his wife was in labour so I thought I should come”

He says and I nod

“So nobody else was available?” I ask and he shrugs

“Do you want someone else?”

He asks and I shrug

“I guess I’ll take whoever I can get” I say and he smiles

“Heard little one was out of the hospital” He says

“Yes he’s out thank you for visiting that day” I say

“I went to your house last week and there wasn’t anyone around”

He says

“yeah, I uhhm kind of moved in with Bandile” I say

“You and him working things out?” He asks and I shake my head no

“Jay wanted us both under the same roof” I say and he nods

“Anyway can we get down to business” I say and he pulls out his tab

“So talk to me Miss Mbana, what do you want?” He asks

“Well we want an app where readers will be able to purchase our books and be able to reach us, an app where they can submit manuscripts and everything you know?”

I say and he starts to type

“What else would you like the app to do?”

He asks

“Everything our website does but in an app form”

He nods and writes it all down. I won’t lie I do miss Khaya and whatever we had but he’s not right for me. I can’t be with someone who killed my other grandparents and was proud enough to tell me that he didn’t regret it

“Mr Mnguni”

I say and he looks up at me

“Can you hand this project over to someone else?”

I say and he stops and looks at me

“Why? Am I making you uncomfortable?”

He asks and I shrug

“Sort of”

I say and he chuckles and leans back


I shrug

“How do I work with you knowing what I know about you? You killed my grandparents and would have probably hurt me too had my grandfather not took you in”

I say

“I probably would have but I didn’t. I have no intentions to hurt you, you can either believe that or not it’s up to you really but I have nothing against you and your family but if you want me to hand the project down to someone else then that’s what I’ll do but Mihlali don’t make the same mistake your baby daddy made. Mixing business with pleasure!”

He says, and he has a point. Bandile went on and hired the next best company in the market and he lost a lot of money on the app. Everything with the app was wrong and there were so many bugs and viruses in the app. He had to do major damage control, he ended up going back to Khaya

“did you sabotage Bandile’s app?” I ask and he laughs then stops

“Wait you serious? I am not that desperate for business Mihlalikazi. That’s a low blow”




It’s a few days before Christmas and I am excited I won’t lie, these past few days Yoza has been working her ass off so that on Christmas she can get a day off, things between us have only gotten better and like any normal couple we have petty fights but we always go to bed having resolved whatever issues we had. I park my car and press the buzzer


Yandisa says

“Hey buddy, this is Biko”

I say, he came back soon after finishing his exams and we’ve hung out a few times here and there. He’s still a good kid.

“Ok cool”

He says and the gate opens, I drive inside the complex and park in front of their place then get out and make my way to the door. I knock and Yandisa opens the door

“hey, what are you doing here? You know my sister is still at work right?”

He points out, I nod

“I know, I sent her lunch earlier. May I come in?”

I ask and he moves aside

“Sorry. So what’s the deal?”

He asks

“I’m actually here to see your mother” I say, he frowns confused

“Is my sister ok?”

He asks and I chuckle

“May I speak to your mother?”

I ask and he leads me to the lounge

“I’ll go call her, please wait for her here”

He says, I take a seat and wait for them until they walk in. I get up off the couch


I hold out my hand to her and she smiles and shakes my hand

“Biko hi”

She says, we break the hand shake

“Please sit. Yandisa get us something to drink” She says and he walks out

“What brings you here? Gosh it’s been so long. You look good”

She says and I smile

“Thank you Mah, it really has been long hey. How have you been?”

I ask

“I’ve been good thank you and how have you been? What are you doing now?”

She asks

“I work as a Civil Engineer at some company”

I say

“that is nice, so you being here I’m assuming you are the reason Yonela hasn’t been sleeping home much?”

She says and I look down half embarrassed

“It’s nothing to be shy about. Yonela is 24 years old, she’s allowed to date and sleep out”

She says and I chuckle

“I’m glad you and her decided to work things out. She’s been happy and that’s all I ever want for my daughter”

She says and I smile

“I’m glad she is. Mah I came here to ask you something”

Just then Yandisa walks in with drinks, he serves his mother first and then me

“Thank you”

We say

“you can go to your room”

She says and he walks out dragging his feet, we both laugh

“So what did you want to ask me?”

She asks

“I’d like to get your permission to marry your daughter”

I say and her mouth drops to the floor

“I understand that it hasn’t been long but Mah I love your daughter and I would really love to spend the rest of my life with her”

I say, she clears her throat

“Is she pregnant?”

She asks and I laugh

“no, she’s still very much a virgin Mah”

I say and she chuckles

“that’s good to know I guess. Have you spoken to her about this?”

She asks and I shake my head no

“I thought I should get your permission first before asking for her hand”

I say and she smiles

“That is a really sweet thing to do, most kids your age only visit the parents when they paying lobola. I appreciate you coming here Biko and you have my blessings to marry my daughter but that is only if she wants to”

She says and I smile

“she would have wanted me to ask for your permission first. Thank you Ma’Ngesi”

I say

“I don’t mean to be rude but I should get back to work Mah”

I say checking the time, I place the glass on the tray and stand up

“Thank you for seeing me Mah”

I say and she stands up to

“Let me walk you out”

She says and we make our way to the door

“Thank you for coming to see me Biko, I hope she says yes but Biko if you hurt my daughter…”

I cut her off

“I wouldn’t hurt her intentionally. I’ve grown from the first time we met Mah”

I say and she smiles and hugs me

“that’s good to know, I hope everything works out with you guys this time around”

She says and we break the hug “Enjoy the rest of your day” She says

“Thank you Mah, you too. Also I would like to extend an invitation to a Christmas lunch over at my parent’s house”

I say

“I will have to talk to my daughter about that first”

She says and I nod

“I look forward to it. By Mamu’Ngesi”

I say and she says her goodbye then I head to my car and drive out




Since it’s a week before Christmas I’ve started working from home also to spend enough time with my son and so far it’s been great. Mihlali and I have been getting along well and Khaya hasn’t showed up in my house so I guess that’s good I guess. Mihlali is a good housemate, she lives her life and I live mine. We eat dinner together

every now and then and we good with each other, I won’t lie seeing her everyday is the best thing ever, our relationship and commitment to our son is what makes everything 10x better. We haven’t slept together since she moved in and I haven’t made any moves on her yet out of respect. Jay hasn’t removed the bandage from his head yet, he still gets headaches every now and then. Yonela said that would go on for a while until he recovers completely.

“Don’t worry we’ll bring him back tomorrow”

Sino says as we talk over the phone

“I understand. Please just keep a close eye on him”

I say

“I understand, his nanny can come with him since she knows his condition better”

She says

“That’s a good idea. I’ll get them to pack then”

I say

“Thank you Bandile”

She says, we say our goodbyes and I walk out of the study to find Jay and his nanny in the lounge watching cartoons and playing cars

“Hey guys

“Hi daddy”

He says happily, it still feels so surreal having a son, having someone that calls me ‘daddy’.

“Your grandmother Sino is coming to fetch you in an hour or so”

I start off

“I need to pack, sisi we have to go and pack”

He says get off the floor and standing on his feet, we both laugh

“you guys can go and pack then. I’ll call you when she comes ok?”

I say and he starts running

“Junior no running!”

I say and he walks while his nanny follows him

“How long will we be there sir?”

She asks

“you guys are coming back tomorrow”

I say and she nods

“Don’t forget his medication and everything else he will need. Don’t pack any toys for him he already has toys in that house”

I say and she nods and then follows Jay to his room. I’m about to return to the study when Mihlali walks in, I check the time and it’s just after lunch


She says

“Hi, you home early”

I say

“Oh yeah, I figured I’ll start working from home as of today and only go in the office when I have meetings”

She says and I nod


I say

“Is there anything to eat?”

She asks

“I don’t know hey, you can ask Mah she’s sitting outside”

I say and she nods


She says and I head back to the study

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