Life is Just Not Kind

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We land and I call Lara telling her we’ve landed. My little prince is sleeping so peacefully, poor thing is dead tired. We sit on the chairs waiting for Lara, my things in the apartment are going to be flown to this side and should arrive in a day or 2. I asked Lara to get me a house to arrive to and I can’t wait to see it in person. She had sent me the pictures, I was in love with the house but now I can’t wait to see it live.

Someone kisses my cheek from behind startling me

“Hey mami”

She whispers

“You scared me. Hey you”

She hugs me while Junior sleeps on my lap

“Oh my God Mihlali he is so cute”

She says picking him up and laying his head on her shoulder

“I came with Troy”

She whispers, I roll my eyes. Our connecting flight was delayed and we had to book a room and sleep at a hotel near the airport. We were supposed to land on Friday but it’s Saturday now and grandpa’s funeral is next week Saturday. It’s around 5am.

“Mihlali, long time”

He says hugging me

“Hey Troy”

I say as we break the hug

“Are these all your things?”

Lara asks and I nod

“Yes babe. The rest should be flying in tonight or tomorrow”

I say and she nods while we head to their car. I am as tired as my little man, they drive me to my house while we converse catching up on what I have missed in the past 3 years. It’s an hour drive from the airport to my house. It’s looks good on the outside and maybe I’ll see it proper when my son and I wake up

“I figured you guys would need the basics so all your things from your Varsity apartment were moved from storage to here just until you get furniture and stuff”

Lara says and I thank her. She places Junior on the bed and we walk out to the lounge

“Guys thank you so much for everything”

I say hugging my friend

“Get some rest, we’ll catch up later”

She says and then breaks the hug

“Troy thank you, I know it must have been hard keeping all this from Bandile but thank you”

He chuckles

“I’m a lawyer, I understand confidentiality and my wife has been paying me pretty good to keep all this from my best friend”

We all laugh

“I did not need to know that. Thanks again guys”

I say and yawn right after, Lara kisses my cheek and I walk them to the door. They get into the car and drive off. I walk to the room and get in beside my main man

patting him lightly so that he goes and pee. We walk to the bathroom, his eyes are closed shut. My son loves his sleep shame. When we done we return to my room and we both fall asleep instantly.




I must admit, dinner with Kim the other was actually nice. She hasn’t changed much and the change I have seen in her is good change only so I couldn’t be happier for her. When I came back home as per my request the bed had new sheets and it was clean, some of Pamela’s things were still hanging in my closet but most were gone. It’s a Saturday morning and I just finished working out, I take my phone and my sister texted me telling me they landed safely today and she would go to our grandparent’s house later but she would call me. I won’t lie I am happy she is back. I have missed her so much. I make myself breakfast and then go and watch tv when I’m disturbed by a knock on the door. I drag my feet to go and check and it’s Pamela

“What do you want?”

I ask

“May I please come in?”

She says, I sigh and open the burglar for her. She walks inside

“how are you?”

She asks

“What are you doing here Pamela?”

I ask

“Can we talk please?”

She says in a pleading tone

“I have nothing to say to you”

I say walking to the lounge

“Biko I am sorry I hurt you the way I did. There’s no explanation as to why I even cheated because you are everything I could ask for in a man. I guess I was just greedy”

I chuckle

“Greedy? For what huh? A small dick? What exactly were you greedy for Pamela because I have you every thing!”

I yell startling her

“I’m sorry and I know sorry doesn’t fix anything a…”

I cut her off

“How long has this been going on under my roof?”

I ask and she plays with her hands nervously

“How long dammit?”

She startles

“3 months”

“Do you love him?”

I ask

“What? No of cause not. I love you Biko and only you. I jus… I don’t know what happened. He’s my ex and he recently moved here an… It doesn’t matter anymore. I am sorry I hurt you and I broke your trust Biko”

She says

“Take you’re the rest of your things and get out of my sight. Leave my ring on the kitchen counter on your way out. We done!”

I say and head up to take a shower leaving her pleading and begging me to listen to her. I don’t know what hurts the most, believing you enough or the fact that she cheated on me with a small dicked ugly nigga. I mean. Look at me! I’m not cocky or dependent on my looks but I clean up pretty well and now that I cut of my dreadlocks, I look pretty good. I guess I’ll never understand what the greed was because there’s nothing I didn’t do for Pamela

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