Life is Just Not Kind

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The bell goes off, I get off the couch and go open the door, Jay and his nanny are in the play room, Bandile is busy with his work in the study and I am sitting with my laptop in front of me. I place it on the table and get the door, it’s mom


I say hugging her, she giggles

“Hello my baby”

She says breaking the hug

“how are you Mah?”

I ask as we make our way to the lounge

“Good thanks my love and yourself? I didn’t expect to find you home”

She says, just then Jay comes over to us


He says and runs to her, this child doesn’t listen

“I see you want to go back to the hospital neh”

I say but he buries his head in the crook of mom’s neck

“Let my grandson be”

She says and then sits down with him

“How are you my baby?”

She asks

“I’m good granny and you?”

He asks

“I am also good, ready to go?”

She asks him, I tell her nanny to go and fetch their things and she goes


He says excited, the twins are in Joburg visiting uncle Thando and will be back this weekend I think with uncle and his family

“How is Kitten?”

I ask her

“She’s fine, she’s beginning to be herself again”

She says and I smile

“That’s good to hear, grandpa’s death really took a toll on her”

I say and mom nods

“it sure did but she’s getting there hey”

She says and I nod, Jay’s nanny comes down with their stuff

“We should leave neh”

She says putting him down and getting up

“Arent you going to say bye to daddy?” I ask him and he giggles

“I’ll go to him now”

He says and rushes off to the office, I sigh

“He’s a kid, they are always in a hurry”

She says

“I don’t want him landing in hospital again Mah, Jay needs to learn to walk instead of running”

I say and she chuckles

“you were as energetic when you were his age, let the child be”

She says, Bandile walks out with Jay in his arm

“Mrs Mtwa hi”

He greets, he and mom chat for a while

“let me walk you guys out”

I say and we all head out making small conversation on our way to the car.

“I’ll see you mom”

I say

“I’ll see you around neh, take care”

She says, I kiss her cheek and then kiss my son goodbye. “So we have the house all to ourselves tonight”

He says and I chuckle

“So? It’s nothing new”

I say and he chuckles

“come on baby mama, lets do something fun today” He says pressing onto my shoulders pushing me inside “Arent we a little old for this?”

He laughs

“Nope. Lets watch a movie and catch up. It’s been a while”

He suggests

“I have so much work to catch up on” I say

“Mihlali please. Lets do something fun just this once, act crazy, go for a swim… just something”

He says, I think for a second “fine, we’ll go for a swim then”

I say and he squeals excited reminding me of our son, I laugh at him

“Get in your bikini and meet me out there”

He says, I laugh as we both race upstairs to change into our swimming gears. I change into a bikini and take a towel then get out of my room, I meet him standing in the passage waiting for me. He turns to look at me, I clear my throat

“We can go”

He still doesn’t move an inch, I stand still confused


I snap my fingers

“Oh yeah, lets go. You look sexy as always”

He says and I giggle

“you look sexy yourself”

I say as we make our way downstairs

“Wine or champagne?”

He asks and I shrug

“Champagne will do, the last time we shared a bottle of wine”

I don’t even finish the sentence when he starts laughing “Wine it shall be”

He says proudly and leaves me before I even protest, what is Bandile Tshawe playing at. I walk outside and

get inside the water after taking off my flip flops. It’s been a while since I went for a swim and it feels amazing! He walks out carrying two bottles and 2 glasses, I swim to the edge

“You trying to get me drunk so you can sleep with me?” I ask and he chuckles

“I don’t need to get you drunk to have you in my bed Miss Mbana”

He says proudly and confidently. I laugh “Cocky much?”

I say and he shrugs with that charming smile of his. This man will be the death of me! He sits on the edge with his feet inside the water

“Here you go”

He says after pouring me a glass

“Thank you”

I say and take a sip

“This tastes amazing!”

I say and put the glass beside him before getting out of the water to sit next to him

“Mihlali I’m tired of playing games” He starts off, I choke on the wine

“Honestly, we are both grown and I am tired of the games and pretending. You the mother of my child, our amazing son. I’d really like for us to start afresh. Get to know each other seeing that we not the same people we were 3 years ago. Go on dates and just get to know each other better. This is not for Jay but for us, I love you Mihlalikazi, I never stopped. I tried but I can’t, I can’t do this co-parenting with you, I want all of you in my life, not just as my son’s mother but as my wife and my everything”

He says, I have no idea how to respond “Are we ready to start something new now?” I ask him

“I am ready, are you? Am I who you want? Am I the man you want to spend the rest of your life with? If yes then I see no reason for us to play around, I see no reason for us to pretend”

He says

“I should have never made you choose between us and your dream job, I should have supported you and I promise you things will be different this time around”

He says

“I shouldn’t have left like that, I should have told you about Jay and I am sorry for keeping him a secret. Bandile I’m sorry for disrespecting your mother and your brother and you in the process, I have no excuse for

the way I reacted. If we going to do this then I want us to do it on a clean slate. No things left unsaid between us. I’m sorry I hurt you the way I did on my birthday party”

I say looking down

“yeah that did sting I won’t lie but I am over it. You and Khaya were seeing each other at the time and you have every right”

He says

“Be as it may, knowing the kind of man you are you would have never done that to me and so I am sorry for doing it to you. And if we are starting on a new page I should tell you that Khaya is designing and creating an app for us”

I say and he stops as he’s about to take a sip of his drink

“I trust you”

He says, I smile

“I promise I won’t break your trust and because of that I will hand the account over to someone else”

I say and he smiles

“So we doing this?”

he asks and I smile and nod “How about we seal the deal” I say




I’ve been contemplating having this conversation for quite some time now, I asked Sino to come and fetch Jay so that Mihlali and I could have this conversation and I am glad it went as I had hoped it would, she gets inside the pool and turns to look at me

“join me”

She says with that naughty smile of hers that gets me every damn time. That bikini she is wearing right now has been doing a number on me from since the minute she stepped outside of the room. I get inside the water and swim over to her until I cage her into the pool stairs on the other side of the pool


She says


I say and she smiles with her beautiful eyes, I lean in to kiss her and she lets me and responds very well to my kiss. We kiss until her bikini is floating on the water and my shorts are doing the same, I pick her up and place her on the edge then part her legs and start muffing her until she explodes inside my mouth calling out my name.

“Still good?”

I ask her and she blushes

“I want more than your tongue”

She says and I chuckle

“still greedy I see”

I say and she blushes

“for you always”

She says and I can’t help the smile on my face

“Lets get out of here”

I say mainly because I don’t want us to slip or whatever. We get out and start making out on the side of the pool, I slowly push my tip at the entrance of her nookie slowly until the tip is in. With how wet she is right now my tip slides in easily but the rest of me is a struggle


I say and she blushes, we both breathing heavily


She says slowly relaxing, I enter her slowly until I am all in and she has expanded enough to accommodate all of me

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