Life is Just Not Kind

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There’s a difference between random sex and sex mixed with love. The first one is easy to get over, the latter is unforgettable, the kind that makes you act stupid and actually believe it’s the best thing ever of which it usually is until the relationship but with Bandile it’s different. I get both kinds of sex from the same man. I’ll tell you this, when you can get both from you man then you are by far the luckiest woman there is because sex with love tends to get boring at some point.

It’s Christmas morning, I open my eyes and I’m still on top of Bandile from last night. I can’t believe I fell asleep on top of him with him still inside me. I feel him expanding inside of me

“Morning to you too”

He says wrapping his arms around my waist as I am about to get off

“hay mahn wena we need to wake up” I say and he chuckles

“can I have my breakfast first and I promise we’ll go and shower”

he says flipping us over so that I’m underneath him “Jay could walk in any minute you know that right?”

I say and he chuckles

“So? He’ll get to see how we made him”

He says slowly moving inside of me, I gasp

“I swear you trying to give him a sibling”

I say and he chuckle pushing in further hitting that one spot that always sends me over the edge


I moan and he chuckles vibrating on my neck

“would a sibling be so wrong?”

he whispers in my ear, I don’t respond and just moan loudly. Gosh this feels so damn good, I meet his strokes halfway

“I’m addicted”

He says and I giggle

“To sex or me?”

I ask and he chuckles

“Is there a difference?”

He asks and I just blush even more as he goes in and out of me, he pulls out until only his tip is inside of me and then looks right into my eyes

“You so sexy”

He says

“Yes now continue”

I say frustrated and he laughs at me

“say please”

He says, I huff in frustration which only makes him laugh


I say, this man has my arms held together over my head so that I can’t touch him


I say and he pushes himself all in I gasp arching off the bed, my toes curl and I release same time. He kisses me so hard dipping his tongue inside my mouth so that they dance together. God this man knows how to do things to a lady! He keeps going until we are disturbed by a knock

“that is your son”

I whisper and he chuckles

“let him knock”

He says and continues, I giggle. Bandile is too much!


He shouts from outside the door but we don’t respond, he kisses me to refrain me from moaning


he calls out but Bandile keeps pounding me until we both cum. The knocking stops, I’m assuming he left poor thing. He stops kissing me and starts laughing pulling out

“You’re a dick you know that?” I say but he doesn’t stop laughing “One day he’ll understand”

He says and walks out to the bathroom and comes back with a wet warm towel.

“Spread it wide”

He says and I laugh opening my legs wider for him

“Yeses I’m the most luckiest man”

He says proudly wiping me slowly with so much intent

“you are annoying you know that!”

I say and he chuckles

“But you love me so whatever”

He says and then pulls out his hand to me

“Come lets go and shower”

He says, I hold out my hand to him and he pulls me up then we go and shower. We have another steamy session in the shower before getting out. We brush our teeth and

then walk back to the bedroom. I wear his t-shirt and my sweatpants then go and check on Jay. We having lunch at my parents house, his family is joining us. I go to his room and walk in

“Hey buddy”

I say and he smiles


He says walking over to me, I kneel down and hug him

“Morning mommy”

He says

“We were washing when you came to the room”

I say breaking the hug

“Merry Christmas”

I say

“merry Christmas mommy”

He says


Bandile says walking in, they share a hug. He picks him up and then we all head downstairs. I prepare breakfast for all of us and then Bandile goes upstairs to help Jay wash and get dressed while I pick out outfits for him and i. I walk to check on them and they are arguing

“What’s the matter?”

I ask and Jay starts crying, I walk in further

“daddy won’t let me wear my blue shoes”

He says sniffing, I sigh

“I’ve looked everywhere for them and I can’t find them”

Bandile says and he just cries even more, I sit next to him

“Honey where did you leave your shoes?”

I ask him but he keeps sniffing and crying

“Jay help me out here, where did you leave them?”

I ask him, he tries to calm down

“I don’t know”

He answers, I sigh and pull him on my lap

“Look, we going to be late and we going to miss lunch with grandma and grandpa. Do you want to miss lunch with them?”

I ask him and he shakes his head no


he says

“then lets wear the shoes daddy bought us ok?”

I suggest and he’s a little hesitant but he finally nods


He says, I help him wear his timbs, worse they go perfectly with his outfit instead of these blue sneakers he wants so badly.

“You see how good you look?”

I say but he doesn’t respond, I place him on the floor

“Go to the mirror and see how good my boy looks”

I say and he walks over to the mirror

“Daddy’s going to wear the same shoes”

I say and Bandile shoots me a look, I raise an eyebrow

“Yes, we going to wear the same shoes and so will mommy”

He says, I roll my eyes. Jay turns and smiles “really mommy?”

he asks and I can’t even say no so I just nod. These ones are manipulative. I walk to our room and change my entire outfit because now it needs to include timberland heels.

“Don’t forget to pass by the pharmacy”

I remind Bandile as we walk out of the room, he doesn’t respond


I say

“I heard you”

He says as we make our way downstairs. We head to the car and then he drives to the nearest complex, he offers to get me the morning after and who am I to argue. I stay in the car and bond with my son talking and laughing. He’s in a much better mood now than earlier. Bandile comes back

“Here you go”

He says

“Thank you”

I say and then drink the pill with the water he came with. He drives to my parents house, he parks in the yard and we all get off. Mom asked me to bring dessert and so last night I made peppermint caramel truffle. I walk in with Bandile carrying my bag and Jay’s

“Hlali hi, bhuti Bandile”

Ise says as we walk in

“Hey mntase”


Bandile says

“Wheres everyone?”

I ask her

“Mom is still upstairs and dad and Biko are outside braaiing the meat and Yoza is in the kitchen, Mnage is somewhere in the house”

She says

“Please take my things and out them in my old room neh”

I say to her and she takes the things from Bandile and goes upstairs

“Let me join the other man outside”

He says

“Ha.a lets go and put this then we’ll go together”

I say and he follows me to the Kitchen where Yoza, Okuhle and Mange are busy chatting and making food. I hug each of them wishing them a merry Christmas, they do the same with Bandile and then we excuse ourselves and go greet my brother and father outside

“Mihlali, Bandile”

Biko says upon spotting us, Jay is helping my father turn the meat

“Hey you guys”

I say and Biko and I share a hug, we break it while he greets Bandile I greet my father

“Hello my baby. How are you?”

He asks and I respond, he and Bandile share a handshake and then I leave them to find everyone else.

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