Life is Just Not Kind

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Lunch is supposed to start at 2pm, my brother will drive together with my mom. Biko and I drove over together since I was working the night shift last night and he went to fetch me at work this morning. To say I have found my dream guy would be an understatement. Biko has been nothing but perfect, he’s so loving and so gentle with me and shows me love I never thought him capable of.

“Guess who?”

I’m startled by him blocking my eyes with his hands, I’m in the kitchen helping out his siblings and his mother finish up

“can’t you stay away for a couple of minutes”

Ima says and we all laugh, he removes his hands and turns me around to look at him

“Get a man!”

He says and we all laugh


I say shyly, I’m not big on the whole PDA thing especially with his mother in the room

“It’s love! Let my son be”

His mother says defensively and I giggle

“hey to you too. Missed me?”

I ask and he smiles

“when do I ever not?”

He says and I can’t help blushing

“Have you called your brother?”

He asks and I shake my head no

“he knows they supposed to be here before 2”

I say

“Come lets go and call him”

He says, I raise an eyebrow

“Is this a stunt to get me all to yourself?”

I ask and he chuckles


He says, I shake my head giggling then turn

“I have to call my brother”

I say and Biko takes my hand and leads me out leaving everyone in the kitchen laughing at us. We walk to his old bedroom, I dial Yandisa’s number and he answers

“We on our way relax”

He says quickly and I chuckle

“You better be. See you in a bit”

I say


He says and drops the call on me.

“That was way too quick”

he says pulling me by my waist “He knew why I was calling so…”

I say, he kisses me cutting me off from finishing off my sentence

“I missed you”

He says after breaking the kiss

“I missed you too”

I respond and he pulls me in for another kiss which sends shock waves to my nookie. Biko introduced me to this muffing business and so far it’s been tingling in all the right places such that his kiss alone makes my nookie tingle. I’ve been wanting to give it up so badly but we haven’t gotten that far yet and I don’t have the courage to ask for more.

“We should get out of here before they send a search party for you”

He says

“mom told me about your visit”

I say and he chuckles looking at me with a raised eyebrow

“What about my visit?”

He asks and I shrug

“I was hoping you would tell me”

I say and he laughs

“I’m not saying anything!”

he says proudly and I giggle

“Ok then meet you downstairs”

I say breaking away from his grip and he runs to the door to block me from leaving

“Bikokuhle mahn”

I say

“kiss me first”

He says pouting

“close your eyes”

I say and he looks at me weirdly before closing his eyes

“Ok my eyes are closed”

He says, I walk to my purse and take out red lipstick and put it on then go back and kiss him, when I move away from his lips they are red

“meet you downstairs”

I say pushing him away from the door holding back laughter. I meet Ima

“I won’t even ask”

She says and I giggle

“can I please get wet wipes”

I say and she takes my hand and leads me to her room where she gives me the wet wipes

“Your brother wouldn’t let me walk out of the room without kissing him”

I explain and she laughs

“I never asked”

She says with a shrug

“don’t mention he has lipstick on his lips”

I say and she laughs

“I won’t”

She says and we go back to the kitchen to join everyone else. When we get there Jay is sitting on the counter and has everyone’s attention on him

“how are the headaches?”

I ask Mihlali

“not as bad as before”

She says and I nod

“He’ll be fine in a few more days”



-MIHLALIKAZI MBANA “Uncle Biks what’s on your lips?”

Jay asks and we all turn to look at Biko who has red lips “What’s on my lips?”

He asks touching his lips going to the mirror on the wall, everyone is in stitches

“A wet wipe usually does the trick” I suggest and he laughs “really?”

He asks turning to us

“Yoza I didn’t know you were this sneaky”

Mom says laughing and Yoza just giggles looking all cute

“He wouldn’t let me out of the room” She says and we all laugh

“I’m going to get you”

He says proudly walking out, we all laugh

“What was he coming to get in the kitchen again?”

Ise asks and we all laugh

“who knows?”

Ima responds. Dad walks in

“You guys seem to be having fun, where’s Biko?”

He asks looking at Yonela who shrugs her shoulders

“Had to go and wipe some lipstick off”

Ima responds and everyone laughs

“But he was with you guys, how did you miss that?” Ise asks and dad shrugs

“I sent him to come and get salt on purpose, I knew you guys were all here”

He says and we all laugh

“you so mean”

I say and he chuckles. The door bell rings and after a couple of minutes Bakho’s kids come running into the kitchen making noise

“Hey you guys”

I say putting Jay down and kneeling to greet these little monsters


That’s what they call me, cutest thing ever. I hug each of them

“Greet everyone else”

I say and just after that their mother walks in with Bandile’s mother while the kids go around greeting everyone


I say hugging each of them

“How are you? Thank you for inviting us”

Mrs Tshawe snr says, just then Yonela’s family walks in. We all each greet them and soon it’s packed and there’s a lot of noise going on in the kitchen. It’s so fun having everyone around and talking and having fun. The guys are all outside while the kids are in the play room with 2 nannies, no one nanny can manage those little monsters. At 2pm everyone is seated around the table and passing around the food as conversations flow.




I never knew Yoza was that sneaky. Anyway the day has been great, we all enjoyed ourselves and now we just finished having dessert. I call up Jay to me and put the ring inside his pocket and tell him to go and hand the ring to Yoza, we had a plan of our own and I’m only hoping it goes as I had hoped


Jay shouts so everyone turns their attention to him


That’s what he calls Yoza


She responds, Jay goes to stand in front of her

“Uncle Biks said I should give you this”

He says and then takes the ring out of his pocket

“give me your left hand”

He demands and we all laugh, Yoza places her left hand on his

“Where do I put it?”

He asks turning to me, Yoza directs him and he puts it on and kisses the back of her hand making everyone comment “aaah, ncaw”

“Earlier you asked me what I was doing at your place with your mom. Well I was there to ask your mother for

your hand in marriage and she said yes as long as you were ready to”

I say

“yeah but Jay asked me or rather demanded and not you”

We all laugh

“I love you Yonela Ngesi and I would really like you to be my wife. Please say yes”

I say and she giggles


She says, I raise an eyebrow unable to process her response. For some reason I expected her to say no

“You look shocked”

She says and I nod

“I kind of expected a no”

I say

“kiss her”

Everyone starts chanting, I pull her to me and start kissing her while everyone cheers us on. We break the kiss

“I love you too Bikokuhle Lerato Mtwa and I would love to be your wife”

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