Life is Just Not Kind

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It’s New Years eve and we spending the day at Bandile’s house just our siblings and close friends. We making a braai tonight while Jay is spending the day at Bandile’s mother’s house, Lara and Yonela are already here helping me prepare things for the braai. Bandile went to shop for alcohol with Troy and Biko.

“So have you started with the wedding plans?” Lara asks

“I haven’t even had the time to think about it with work and all”

She says

“I thought you were off until today”

I say and she shrugs

“With the wedding coming up I thought I should work more now so that when it’s close I’ll be able to be off”

She says,

“So have you guys set a date?”

I ask and she shakes her head no

“no, I’m barely processing the fact that I’m getting married”

she says

“How does it feel?”

Lara asks

“Overwhelming I won’t lie. Everyday I wake up and look at the rock on my finger just to remind myself this is real”

She says and I smile

“You look happy”

I say and she smiles

“I am, I love Biko and he’s the best thing to happen to me after my job obviously”

“That’s so cute, that’s how it should be”

Lara says

“how is marriage life?”

I ask and Lara shrugs

“With Troy and I everyday is a new day to make our

lives better. I can’t imagine my life without him in it.

He’s not perfect obviously but to me he is, he makes his

mistakes and so do I but he makes me happy

nevertheless. Every minute I spend with him I never

want it to end”

She says with a huge smile plastered on her face

“Marriage doesn’t have to ruin anything you and your partner already have”

She says

“Wait until you and him have a child” I say and she smiles

“What does that smile mean?” I ask and she blushes

“I’m pregnant”

She says and I scream


I say pulling her to me tightly

“Don’t kill me before I become a mother now”

She says and we all laugh, I let go and Yoza hugs her congratulating her


I say and she blushes

“was about time hey?”

She says

“yeah, Jay needed a friend outside family” I say and they all laugh

“Yes now you and Yonela need to give my baby friends to play with”

She says and we both laugh

“Yoza Lara is talking to you”

I say and Yoza chuckles

“I’m still a virgin guys please”

She says and we all laugh

“Yeah but I’m not married like to you nor getting married like you”

I say and they laugh

“You and Bandile made Jay without marriage, stop making excuses”

Lara says and I roll my eyes

“With the glow I wouldn’t be surprised another one is baking in the tummy as we speak”

Lara says and I laugh

“No. That’s just the sex glow” I say defensively

“Morning after pills can only work so much” Yoza says

“We careful and we use protection” I say and they chuckle

“Clearly not everytime”

Lara says seeing my look and I roll my eyes “maybe but no!!!”

I say and they chuckle

“Oh sweetheart, you better see a gynae and get back on those contraceptives ey. Unless you want to give Jay a little brother or sister”

Yoza says and I frown

“I am not ready for another child” “You pregnant?”

Bandile asks walking in followed by Troy and Biko “no I’m not”

I say so defensively and he laughs walking over to me “then we need to work on that”

He whispers in my ear wrapping his arms around me “No sex in our presence”

Troy says and we all laugh

“we’ve done it everywhere in this house chill”

Bandile responds, I pop out my but to him and he laughs “TMI guys”

Biko says and we laugh

“It’s called keeping the spark alive” I say proudly and they all laugh “So what did you get?”

I ask

“We got lots of alcohol”

He says and I shake my head no “You on a mission huh?”

I say and he chuckles

“Yeah, to get my girl sloppy drunk and have messy drunk sex”

he says and I giggle

“stop it”

I say and we turn our attention back to our friends

“Biko is mom bringing the twins or are you going to fetch them?”

I ask

“I’m fetching them later, don’t even know why we chilling with kids”

He says and I laugh

“Because they are mature kids” I respond

“What’s the story with Ima and Yandisa anyway?”

I ask turning to Yoza who shrugs

“Whatever might happen won’t happen”

Yoza says and I laugh

“Poor kids”

Lara says

“Lets call her and find out what the story is, everyone shhh else she won’t talk”

I say dialling her number on my phone and placing her on speaker


She says

“Hey mntase. Quick question”

I say


She says

“What’s going on with you and Yandisa”

She giggles

“don’t even ask, it’s never going to happen”

She says dismissively


I ask

“He has a thing for me but our siblings are marrying each other which will make us family soon”

She says quickly and I chuckle

“Sorry to hear that sweetheart”

I say

“It’s ok honestly”

She says

“Ok, Biko will be fetching you guys soon”

I tell her before hanging up.

“That’s sad”

Bandile says

“Your sister is something else” Lara adds

“Lets call Yandisa and hear what he has to say”

Biko suggests and Yoza takes out her phone and calls Yandisa


She says

“Hey, what’s up?”

He responds

“What’s the deal with you and Imange?” She asks and he chuckles

“There is no deal, she doesn’t like me” He says straight up

“Why would you try and pursue her kodwa she’s Biko’s sister?”

Yoza asks

“She’s a pretty girl and she’s pretty cool” He responds

“Sorry little bro”

she says

“it’s whatever sis, it could never happen anyway” He says

“Ok talk to you when you get here” I say

“Bye sis”

he says and then cuts the call.




I drive to fetch the girls and Yandisa but start with Yandisa.

“You do know the twins are going to be there right?”

I start off

“I know”

He says

“And you cool with that?”

I ask and he shrugs

“B there’s nothing I can do about it. I like her and she likes me back but we can’t be together”

He says

“Did she say that?”

I ask and he shrugs

“she did, we kissed but we both agreed it never happen again”

He says


I say

“Yeah it’s hectic. I like your sister B but I can’t be with her”

He says

“I’m sorry bruh but she’s only 15 and has to focus on school”

I say and he nods

“yeah I know and I won’t try anything with her again”

He says, I park the car outside the yard and call them. Should I go in I might not leave now with the parents and all

“I’m outside”

I say to Ima and drop the call, she and Ise walk out and come to the car.


They say in unison

“Hey guys”

“Yandisa hi”

Ise says

“hey guys”

He says and they both respond. Ima is quiet all the way while we chat with Ise who barely talks. I park and we all get off

“Talk things out”

I whisper to Yandisa as we head inside

“and say what?”

He asks and I shrug

“I don’t know but talk it over and avoid all this awkwardness”




I sit next to Mihlali

“You’re a little quiet”

I say and she shrugs

“I miss my son”

She says and I chuckle

“Then go and call him before he heads to bed”

I say and hold my hand out, she takes my hand and we walk to the study since it’s sound proof

“You lying”

I say the minute we walk in, she smiles “Why would you say that?”

I shrug

“Because you are”

I say and she sighs

“possibility of being pregnant”

She says leaning on the table, I lean beside her and pull her to stand between my legs


I ask and she shrugs

“It’s only been 3 months since I started work, Jay is only 3 years old”

She says


I ask and she looks down

“It’s not like I’m pregnant, lets just call Jay and go back to everyone”

She says

“It’s bothering you and it’s going to keep bothering you until you know. Lets visit the gynae tomorrow and see”

I say, she looks up at me

“We don’t know if you pregnant yet so don’t let it bother you”

I say and she nods, I cup her face “Kiss me and then lets call our son”

I say and she smiles and leans in for a kiss. We share a kiss and then break it and call my mother who tells us Jay is already sleeping

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