Life is Just Not Kind

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“And then? What happened back there?”

Lara asks as we head to her car


I say and she chuckles

“You either speak or I leave your crazy ass here”

She says, she’s 6 months pregnant and very beautiful. Pregnancy suits her I’ll say

“I didn’t know pregnancy made you crazy too”

I say rolling my eyes

“fine suit yourself”

She says and then gets into the car and locks her doors, I sigh and knock on her window, she rolls it down

“this is stupid”

I say and she rolls her eyes

“Fine I’ll talk, just open the door please”

I plead and she unlocks the door, I get inside

“remind me not to piss you off. The twins are making you cranky”

I say and she giggles

“So talk”

She says starting the car

“I am pregnant”

I say and she screams all so excited

“Friend that’s amazing”

She says after screaming, I don’t respond

“So why are you mad at Bandile?”

She asks

“Because on Christmas morning we had unprotected sex and instead of getting me the morning after he went on and got me a vitamin pill”

I say and she starts laughing her ass off

“That is sneaky”

She says laughing, I’m so annoyed

“it’s not funny. How far are you?”

She asks still laughing

“5 weeks”

I say

“Meaning he scored last month”

She says and I shrug

“Then why you mad over something that happened 3 months ago?”

she asks and I shrug

“It’s the lies Lara, he lied and he tricked me. How am I supposed to forgive him for lying and tricking me?”

I ask and she takes a deep breath and lets it out “Hear him out and why he did what he did” She says

“Of cause you would take his side. In your eyes Bandile is never wrong”

I say annoyed as we make our way inside the restaurant, I bump into someone

“I am so sorry”

we say in unison, I look up to be met by Khayalethu

“Khaya hi”

I say

“Long time no see Miss Mbana, you look amazing as usual”

I smile

“Thank you, you not bad yourself”

I say and he smile

“Daddy I’m done”

Someone says behind him, she is very beautiful. It’s his daughter

“This is my daughter Akhona, Akho this is my old client Mihlali Mbana”

I say and she smiles

“Hi Miss Mbana”

She says with a wave

“hello, nice to meet you Miss Mnguni”

I say and she flashes me the same smile her dad uses “You very beautiful”

She says and I smile

“Thank you, you too by the way” I say

“We should leave, it was nice seeing you” Khaya says

“You too”

I say and then I move out of his way and we part separate ways

“Was that Khaya?”

Lara asks

“Yep, and his daughter”

I say and she nods

“So why did you want us to come in?”

She asks

“because I need to make Bandile panic a little”

I say


I shrug

“In the hospital room I asked about abortion options”

I say

“That is mean! Why would you do that?”

She asks and I shrug

“I was mad at him and now I need him to panic out of his mind wondering what I’m doing. He won’t call me cause he knows how pissed I am but he will be going out of his mind thinking about what I am possibly doing”

She laughs

“Damn girl! You evil”

She says and I shrug, our non alcoholic cocktails arrive and we drink over light conversation and then after what seems like 30 minutes we pay and then I drive to the pharmacy for my prescription and then drive to get ice cream and then drive home in no kind of rush just to piss

him off a little. I know it’s childish but next time he’ll think twice before screwing me over.

I don’t respond to his question, he turns me to look at him

“I’m talking to you”

He says

“get your fucking hands off of me”

I say and he removes them so quick as if I’ve burnt him, he takes a deep breath and lets it out

“You had no right to abort our child Mihlali”

He says and I shrug

“The same way you had no right to trick me like that”

I fire back

“This is not the same thing and you know it. You can’t kill our child to get back at me”

He says

“I haven’t yet but I did make the appointment for tomorrow morning”

I say and he sighs

“What can I do to make things right? How can I convince you to keep our baby Mihlali? I will do anything”

He pleads, it feels good having such power over Bandile. It’s been a while seeing him so vulnerable as he is right now

“I know I was wrong for lying and tricking you, I shouldn’t have done that. It was selfish of me and I promise you it will never happen again. Just please don’t get an abortion”

He begs but I don’t respond, I let the water run down my naked body while scrubbing myself with my sponge slowly, he doesn’t say anything after seeing that I won’t answer him. When I’m done with my shower I get out and wipe my feet while wrapping a towel around my body and then getting out of the bathroom to our room. I wear shorts and my sleeping t-shirt then walk to check up on my son who is sleeping peacefully

“How long has he been sleeping?”

I ask walking out his room as his nanny is walking in to pack his things into their places

“it’s been over 3 hours now, he cried himself to sleep when Mr Tshawe rushed out earlier”

She says

“why was he crying?”

I ask, Jay is not a cry baby as per say. He’s not one to just cry for nothing, he’s too much of a happy child

“I don’t know, I guess he wanted to go with his father. When he saw him rush out of here he tried to get off the counter himself to run after him. I took him off and placed him on the floor and then he ran after his father and started crying when he saw the car drive off”

She narrates, I sigh

“my poor baby”

I say and she smiles

“He loves his parents too much”

She says and I smile

“he’s attached to his father”

I say and she chuckles as we walk out

“I guess so, I tried serving him the food you had delivered but he didn’t want to eat it. He said he wasn’t hungry and then when I got the kitchen Mr Tshawe told me that Jay said he was hungry and tired and wanted him specifically to make him food”

She says and we both laugh

“He is something else”

I say and she laughs

“he’s just a kid”

She says




Knowing that Mihlali didn’t abort gives me a sense of relief, I hate myself for having pushed her this far. I find her sitting in the lounge on the couch reading the contract I had forgotten on the table

“What is this?”

She asks, I sit beside her

“You were not supposed to see this like this”

I say quickly

“More secrets”

She says throwing the contract at me

“It’s not what you think”

I let out a deep breath

“I had a copy sent for you and was planning on giving it to you as soon as you got home. I had my lawyer draw up a contract for you to be my share proxy for everything should anything happen to me”

I say and she gasps in shock

“I wanted us to have a conversation about it first but then everything happened. Mihlali I want to make you my

wife and I want you to own everything I own for the sake of our children”

I say and she still doesn’t react “I know it’s a lot”

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