Life is Just Not Kind

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“I guess I hear your point”

She says, I take her hands into mine

“I appreciate you wanting to put the story out there but would it really be worth it? This will only start the brawl it did years ago and everyone will be coming after you and your mother”

I say and she nods

“I guess. It just that it would be such a great book and it would sell millions of copies”

She says

“I understand that my love but do you really want to do this at the expense of your family and loved ones?”

She shakes her head no


She says pouting

“Lets finish eating and then you get back to your work”

I say and she nods and continues eating

“when is the final fitting?”

I ask

“It’s this Saturday. The last time we went it didn’t fit, it was small and we had to have it adjusted a little more”

She says

“and you didn’t cry?”

I ask and she pushes me lightly

“no! yes it sucks that I keep gaining. Lara is so lucky she gave birth in June because now she’s back to her normal weight without all this pregnancy drama and stress”

She complains and I laugh

“I’m sorry Sthandwa sam”

I say kissing her hands

“I wish I could make things better”

She smiles

“It’s ok babe”

She says, I lean in to give her a kiss which almost escalates to sex, I break it and she pouts

“as much as I want you so badly right now we can’t, Siza said you have a meeting in”

I look at my watch

“In 5 minutes”

I say and she pouts

“I hate my life right now. I need dick!”

She says and I laugh

“And dick you shall get as soon as you get home”

I promise and she smiles

“I’ll wait ke”

She says and I get up and pull her up to her feet

“Walk me out”

I say and she leads the way, we walk to the elevator and as it opens Khaya steps out of it

“Miss Mbana, Mr Tshawe”

He says, I look at Mihlali

“Sthandwa sam I’ll meet you at home neh, you early”

She says looking at her watch

“Mr Mnguni what are you doing here?”

I ask

“He’s here to update our security system”

Mihlali says and I nod, I pull her close to me and kiss her passionately just to mark my territory

“See you at home”

I say and she blushes

“Bye babe”

I walk into the elevator and click the floor number. Yes I’m not comfortable but I trust Mihlali




“Still no ring I see”

He says as we make our way to the office, I chuckle

“Not that it’s your business”

I say and he chuckles

“pregnancy looks good on you Miss Mbana”

He says and I smile

“Thank you. Why did you come?”

I ask and he shrugs

“Instead of who?”

He asks and I shrug

“I don’t know, you the CEO. You could have sent anyone to come over”

I say and he chuckles

“And miss the opportunity to see you Miss Mbana? I think not”

He says and I roll my eyes

“Here is the contract, signed”

I say handing it over to him, he looks over it briefly

“Ok, show me to your server room”

He says and I get up and he stands up after me

“I hope Tshawe knows how lucky he is”

He says walking behind me

“he knows.”

I say and lead him to the main server room

“We always update our servers yearly”

I warn him as we walk in, he nods

“when was the last time you guys updated these servers?”

He asks looking around and I shrug

“I don’t know, when I got here I was told that they had already updated them”

I say and he nods

“These are a little old and they going to corrupt most of your stuff. Tomorrow I’ll bring in my team to set everything up before you guys lose information”

He says and I nod

“Thank you”

I say, he crouches down and looks at something

“These wires are old, maybe 3 years old if not longer. It’s wise you change the whole network server before it fucks you guys up and in my opinion it would be wise that you guys start doing a sweep every 6 months”

He says standing up straight

“thanks for the advise”

I say leading us out

“I would also suggest that you guys hire someone who will monitor your servers”

He says

“We do have someone that is supposed to be monitoring the room but he’s on leave”

I say

“Clearly he hasn’t been doing a great job. I’ll send you someone from the company to take care of things as they should be”

He says as we walk into my office

“Thank you Mr Mnguni”

I say and he smiles

“You paying me so”

He jokes and we both laugh

“I should get going. I will be back tomorrow and then we’ll start on everything. We will try and work at times you guys won’t need the internet much because it will affect the wifi and everything network related here”

He says

“I’ll have the front desk send you a schedule you guys can work with. Can’t you guys do this over the weekend? We’ll pay extra”

I say and he shakes his head no

“We won’t be able to do that, work ethics don’t allow me to have workers working over the weekend”

He says and I nod

“I understand. Thank you anyway, I will see you tomorrow”

I say walking him out. I’ve seen Khaya around, we don’t talk unless it work related. After he is gone I return to my office and keep myself busy




It’s around 4pm when Yoza calls me, judging by the tone of her voice something is wrong. Luckily I just left work now and the doctor’s complex where they live isn’t far from my work. I park outside and call her, she comes in and I we share a kiss

“What’s going on?”

I ask

“I got a call from Ntando saying that a pipe burst in the new house. Could you please drive us there”

She says sounding really frustrated

“Sthandwa sam why didn’t you let us handle all these renovations for you”

I did offer to get her someone from my job to do these renovations for her but she flat out refused and said she wanted to do this for her mother on her own. She took out a home loan even just for this

“Love can we not do this now?” She says

“I’m just trying to help Yoza, I’m going to be your husband next week Saturday. It is my duty to help you out when you need help Yoza”

I say and she shakes her head

“You already giving me the wedding of my dreams Biko without wanting me to contribute a cent. I can’t let you do this for me”

She says, I place a hand on her knee

“Yonela we are partners. I know you would do the same for me if roles were reversed. Let me help you with this please”

I plead

“Lets just see the damage first and then I’ll think about it”

She says, I sigh and park outside the yard. It’s not a big house or whatsoever. It’s a nice a cosy home with 5 bedrooms and a double garage with a big enough yard I guess. I mean you can put a tent for +-50 people I guess. It’s not in a suburb or anything but it’s in a safe neighbourhood. I get off and so does she. I walk over to her and take her hand as we walk towards the house, there’s water in front of the house. She lets out a sigh and squeezes my hand

“It’s ok”

I assure her before we walk inside the house to meet Ntando

“What happened?”

I ask as we walk in

“I don’t know Mr Mtwa, I think our plumber may have gotten cheap pipes”

She says and I chuckle

“You kidding me right? Why would you entrust this person to buy the pipes and not do it yourself? Where did you even get this plumber of yours?”

I ask and Yoza touches my hand

“how long will it take to fix it?”

She asks calmly

“I don’t know Doc, maybe a week or so. We’ll have to redo the plumbing and the wiring all over again”

She says and Yoza just walks outside.

“Tell you people not to come in, they are done!”

I say and then walk out to my wife whom I find sitting on the pavement. I sit beside her

“Sthandwa sam”

I say but she just sobs

“I will have someone from the company to come over tomorrow morning. The house will be ready before our wedding I promise you that”

I assure her brushing her back, I pull her to me as she sobs

“It’s like one thing is going right while something else is falling apart”

She cries out, it breaks my heart hearing my future wife speak like this. I brush her back trying to calm her down

“It’s going to be ok I promise you”

I say but she doesn’t respond

“Come lets go home ok. There’s nothing we can do here”

I say, she moves away from my chest. I cup her face and wipe her tears

“Promise me you will never cry over things you have no control over again”

I say and she sighs

“I just wanted to repay my mother for everything she’s done for me thus far”

She says sobbing

“And you will. Now lets go home and I will give you a massage while you relax in a warm bath”

I say and she smiles

“You too good to me”

She says and I chuckle

“Come lets go”

I say getting up, I hold out my hand and pull her up. I pull her to me and kiss her forehead

“It’s going to be ok”

I say and then open the door for her, I go to my side and start the car

“And Ntando?”

she asks

“I told her to tell her team not to bother coming tomorrow”

I say

“Biko you can’t just do that. Where else am I going to get people that will finish off everything now before the wedding?”

She asks


I say and she turns to look at me

“Let me do this for you ok”

I say

“I can’t let you do something this big for me Biko, you already doing enough”

She says

“Yoza it’s just money. You shouldn’t be stressing like this”

I say and she shakes her head

“I don’t want your family thinking I married you for the money. The money you paid for the lobola was a lot on it’s own”

She complains and I chuckle

“And you were with every cent. I’d pay it again if I had to, you going to be my wife in a week and a few days. Money shouldn’t be the reason for your tears ever again. We will have your mother’s house ready for our wedding ok?”

I assure her squeezing her thigh

“I don’t know Biko. Ok lets make a deal, I’ll pay you back every cent”

she says and I laugh

“I want something else instead”

I say and she turns to me


She asks with so much worry

“the money you going to pay me, you can put it into a trust fund for our children”

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