Life is Just Not Kind

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“I have to ask, you guys marrying in community of property or prenup?”

Baya asks

“Community of property”

I say

“You brave”

He says

“There’s nothing wrong with that”

Phiko says

“Except Biko is filthy rich and Yoza doesn’t have much to her name, no offence”

Dan says

“Offence take, Yonela isn’t marrying me for the money”

I say defensively. It’s the night before the wedding and the guys and I are drinking at my place. Yoza is at her mother’s place but Mihlali told me that they would call in people from the spa to pamper them before the wedding. Yoza asked Mihlali to be her maid of honor and then asked the twins to be her brides maid together with Lara. As for me it’s my friends and Yoza’s brother Yandisa, my best man being Phiko.

“A prenup is a precaution measure incase shiit doesn’t work out”

Baya says

“I don’t care what it is but I am not making Yonela sign a prenup. You don’t walk into a wedding planning for the day you guys get a divorce. Even if we were to divorce there’s nothing wrong with her getting half of everything I own as long as we both put in the work to make our relationship work. She actually suggested a prenup last week and I said no”

I say

“Why wouldn’t you want a prenup even after she suggested it?”

Dan asks

“I think I’ve already answered that question”

I say

“Guys can we just drink and have fun, Biko is getting married tomorrow”

Phiko says

“Thank you buddy. And this is why you are my best man”

I say and he laughs

“Whatever, anyway why aren’t we at the club?”

Baya asks

“Because I wanna get sloshed in the comfort of my home with my friends”

I say

“Enjoying the game and texting the future Mrs” Phiko adds and I chuckle


I say getting up with my phone dialling Yoza’s number for a videocall

“Hey beautiful”

I say and she blushes

“isn’t there like a rule about not seeing the bride before the wedding?”

She says and I shrug

“That’s some white people shiit babe”

I say and she giggles

“You crazy”

She says

“About you yes!”

I say and she blushes even more

“Biko you supposed to be with your friends drinking”

She says

“I know, I miss my girlfriend” I say and she giggles

“you mean fiancé”

She corrects and I shake my head no

“I mean girlfriend, by this time tomorrow you’ll be my wife”

I say with a smile and she shakes her head “you are so stupid Mr Mtwa”

She says and I chuckle

“But you love me despite it. Meet you at the alter Doctor Ngesi”

I say and she smiles

“I can’t wait to be Dr Ngesi-Mtwa” She says

“Dr Mtwa, has a better ring to it” I say and she laughs

“We already had this conversation Mr Mtwa” She says and I roll my eyes

“I wish those eyes could fall off”

She says and we both laugh

“And how would I see my gorgeous wife walk towards me tomorrow? Don’t be mean Yonela Ngesi”

I say and she laughs

“I have to go, your sister and my friends just got here”

She says

“fine, call me before you sleep ok?”

I say

“Ok Sthandwa sam, enjoy your night”

She says

“Bye doc”

I say and we end the call. I return to the guys




Biko and I agreed on me putting the money into a trustfund for our future babies. I am happy to say that by Wednesday the house was complete, the guys from Biko’s work came that Thursday and tore the house down and started from scratch and made it 10x better than I had expected it to be, they worked through the weekend and Biko wouldn’t tell me how much it cost to

remake the whole house into what it is. It’s not a big house like his home or his place but I am happy with it. It’s a 1 level house, not too big and not too small but big enough for my small family. I am happy with how it turned out and so was my mother. She cried the day I took her to the house and gave her the key, she was so happy and thanked me for the whole house. I don’t think there’s ever any greater joy than making your mother happy, being able to do things for her that will make her happy.

I walk into the lounge and Mihlali, Lara, Awonke, Busi and the twins are here. Busi is still not happy with me making Mihlali my maid of honor and honestly I couldn’t care less. Mihlali has been a better friend to me than she has ever been, I feel like Mihlali and Lara know me better thank my own friends ever did. They are there for me when I need them more than they are. I remember there was a time when my mom was admitted because her pressure was too high, old age and overworking, I told them and none of them ever went to visit her instead they texted me that she get well and none of them gave an excuse as to what they were so busy with. If life has taught me anything, it’s that you can’t force people to be there for you or to be in your life if they don’t want to.

“Doctor Ngesi”

Mihlali says the minute I step in and I blush looking all stupid

“That’s me”

I say

“Not for long”

Ima says and I giggle

“I can’t wait”

I say

“we come baring gifts”

Lara says, they are all wearing white gowns

“am I missing something?”

I ask

“It’s your bachelorette party”

They all scream and I laugh covering my face

“As your maid of honor I took it upon myself to set something up for you”

she says removing my hands from my face

“Your surprise is going to be held at the wedding venue” She says and I raise an eyebrow

“We have to go”

Lara says and then we all head out to the cars outside “Where are the twins?”

I ask Lara

“They have a father”

She says and we all laugh

“Lucky you people with husbands”

Busi says and we chuckle. I ride with Mihlali and the twins while Lara rides with Busi and Awonke.

“Hlali thank you so much for everything you have done thus far”

I say and she smiles

“Don’t thank me honey, thank your husband”

She says and I giggle

“he does too much”

I say

“Well this was my idea but he set it up”

She says as we drive into the yard. When we get in Mihlali leads the way and there’s people dressed in massage kits and tables. I change into a robe written bride in italics on it.

“Wakey wakey”

I am woken up by people whispering in my ears, I smile before opening my eyes knowing that today is the day I marry the man of my dreams

“Time to bath Mrs Mtwa”

Lara says and I giggle opening my eyes

“It’s really happening”

I say more to myself than anyone else

“yes and the weather is perfect. Everything is perfect” Mihlali assures me

“Go wash and we’ll sort everything out”

Lara says, I do as told and when I get out there’s a whole glam squad to fix me up. My make up is subtle and clean. Nothing too much and the weave I have on has been styled to accommodate my veil. When my make up is done, Hlali and Lara help me get into my dress. When I turn to the mirror I can barely recognise myself in the mirror. It’s shocking honestly that this is me, the future Mrs Mtwa. There’s a knock on the door, Mihlali goes to get it and soon her mother walks in. Mrs Mtwa always looks classy and elegant in everything she wears

“Girls may I have a moment with my daughter in law”

She says and the girls walk out, she sits down

“You are so beautiful”

She says and I blush

“Thank you Mrs Mtwa”

I say

“I won’t say much. When I got married for the second time Bantu’s mother gave me this set”

She says opening a box

“This will be your something old, it’s been in the Mtwa family for years and hopefully one day you will hand it over to your daughter in law”

She says helping me put on the necklace while I put on the bracelet

“Yonela you have changed my son for the better, from the moment he met you he knew he wanted to make you his forever. At some point I didn’t believe Biko would meet you again but life proved otherwise. You each let each other go but somehow you find your way back into each other’s lives again, if that’s not love then I don’t know what is. Thank you for being the amazing daughter you have been to us Yoza. I’ll say the rest downstairs but welcome to the family, we are happy to have you as part of our family and I most happiest to finally have a daughter in law as graceful and beautiful as you”

She says and I get up and turn to her “Thank you so much Mrs Mtwa”

I say because right now words fail me, she breaks the hug

“I’ll help you put this on”

She says and then kneels to help me put on the ankle bracelet that goes with the necklace. It’s gold but it goes with my dress perfectly

“I’ll get your friends to come back”

She says and then walks out as my mother walks in, they share a couple of words to each other and then Mrs Mtwa leaves

“Oh my baby, you look so beautiful” Mom says holding back tears

“If you say anything I won’t be able to hold back the tears dying to get out of my eyes right now mom”

I say and she chuckles

“Your father would be so proud of you”

She says and I smile

“He’s smiling down on us right now, his one and only daughter is about to marry the man of her dreams, what parent wouldn’t be happy about that? Yoza I am proud of the woman you have turned into”

She says

“I don’t want to say much but just know that I love you and I am proud of you always”




I watch my brother shed a few tears as Yoza walks over to him, I smile and look at Bandile who has Jay sitting beside him. I’m shocked he’s not on his lap with how clingy he’s become since my pregnancy. The pastor asks everyone to settle down and then prays before resuming the ceremony. He says everything and then it’s time for Yoza and Biko to say their vows.

“If I’m not the luckiest man here today then I don’t know who the heck is”

My brother starts off and we all laugh

“F*ck my wife is beautiful! I’m sorry elders but if you were looking into this beautiful face as I am right now then you would understand why the language”

He says and everyone laughs, he takes a deep breath “Dr Ngesi, that’s the last time I am saying that today”

He says and I roll my eyes, who knew he was capable of getting this excited?

“From the moment I laid my eyes on you at that tavern, yes i met her at a tavern and then again at the hospital and she was helping the nurse that was taking care of me. I thought I had seen it all until today, you know I prefer you as simple but you look amazing still. I had this whole vows things planned and now I’m just blabbing because this woman looks too good.”

he smiles

“I fell in love with the way you care about everyone else but yourself, I watched you take care of me going above and beyond for me when I was at the hospital. I love you for the amazing person you are, I’ve watched you grow into this amazing person and I know we’ve only been together for less than a year but I love how you remain the little girl I met all those years ago, only more mature and beautiful and more caring.”

He takes a deep breath and wipes a tear

“I love you so much Yonela, words could never describe just how much I love you and the person you have turned me into ever since you came into my life. I love the man I am when I am with you Yonela and all that is thanks to you. I pray that the lord keeps us together forever and ever until death do us apart”

He hands the mic to the pastor who then says it’s Yonela’s turn

“you forgot to tell the people about how you tricked me and faked being unable to walk and had your parents hire me as your home nurse”

She says and everyone laughs

“You never told me not to mention it”

She says with a giggle, she places her hand on Biko’s cheek

“I have learnt so much from you over the period of knowing you, I have grown so much because of you.

I’ve seen you at your best and at your worst and I am yet to see other sides of you that I maybe won’t like but that doesn’t matter because I love you no matter what and I can’t wait to fall in love with every part of you every single day. I cannot way to meet the man you will become when we have our own children, I’ve watched you with your sister’s son and I know that there’s no other man I would rather stand here with today than you. I love you Bikokuhle Lerato laka Mtwa. Thank you for being my infinity in such a short space of time and I pray that we stay together forever and infinity”

She says and hands the mic back. The pastor speaks and announces them husband and wife. We head to the tent for the reception.

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