Life is Just Not Kind

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I am woken up by tiny little hands playing with my face and kisses being planted all over my face. I open my eyes and he giggles trying to cover them

“morning mommy”

He says, my poor babe only knows the little Xhosa I have taught him and the Spanish Marianne spoke with him

“morning my baby”

I say removing his hands


I ask him and he nods

“Yeah me too, lets order and then call uncle Biko. How does that sound?”

He smiles nodding. I download the Mr D app and then order us breakfast then I dial Biko on facetime.

“Hey sis”

He says

“uncle Biks”

He says and I chuckle, I could never get used to him calling Biko that

“morning Jay. How are you guys?” He asks smiling but he looks terrible “We good, when are you coming over?” I ask

“Mommy you didn’t ask how uncle is, uncle how are you?”

I laugh and so does my brother. He responds and we engage in small talk before ending the call.

“How about you take a bath while I sort out everything ok?”

I suggest and he nods. I head downstairs, it’s a one story townhouse in Llandudno. Really cute and affordable. I open his school bag and take out his toiletries and take them to the bathroom

“No playing with water!”

I warn and he giggles and gives me his killer manipulative smile. I return downstairs and take out something for him to wear and for myself then then head

back to my room. I take this time to explore the house and just look around and it’s amazing, I’m proud of Lara’s choice. The back yard looks really secure and pretty big for someone who’s living with one person only. I make my way back inside and go fetch my order and head inside then take the food to my room. I call my father

“hello stranger”

He says

“Hey daddy. We landed safely but I was too drained to even call”

I say

“Where are you guys? I thought you would come and sleep at home”

He says

“I didn’t want to bother you guys with the funeral arrangements and all. Before I came back I had Lara get me a house in Llandudno. We’re ok dad, we’ll come over later I promise”

I assure, he sighs

“Ok fine then, where’s Lj?”

He asks, I named Lwando Junior

“He’s washing. Actually the reason I called was to ask you to have one of the drivers deliver me a car. I need to be able to get around”

I say

“Send me your location and they’ll bring it”

“Thank you dad. I have to go and check on your grandson real quick. Thanks again daddy”

I say

“It’s no problem, by my baby”

He says and I cut the call to check on him and as I thought, he’s playing with water. I get him out of the tub and I take a quick shower then we eat over light conversation, just as we finish Biko arrives.




After Mihlali’s phone call I took a quick shower and dressed and went to see them. I get inside and park then

walk into the house. She opens with a gown wrapped around her body. I have missed my little sister so much

“I missed you”

I say after we break the hug and pick up Jay. We walk to the lounge just chatting a little

“Please get him dressed”

She says walking to the room and us following behind her. I catch up with my nephew while she goes and gets dressed in the closet

“So does Bandile know you back?”

I ask as she walks out wearing a blue maxi dress and a sandal with her hair tied up


She answers carelessly letting her hair down

“Aren’t you going to tell him?”

She shakes her head no

“Haibo Mihlali!”

She shrugs

“Biko not now please. I’d like to deal with my grandfather’s funeral first and then everything else”

She says agitated, I just let her be

“I asked dad to send me a car, we’ll leave as soon as it gets here ok”

She says and I nod

“Where’s Pam?”

She asks turning to me. She’s finished fixing her hair and she looks good.

“She and I broke up”

I say

“Haibo what happened?”

She asks walking into the closet. Jay is too busy playing a game on his tablet

“Found her on my bed with another man”

She comes out looking like she’s seen a ghost

“You lying?”

I shake my head no

“Bro I’m so sorry”

She says

“Don’t worry about it. I am over it”

I say, she gives me that ‘really’ look and I shrug

“Fine, I’ll get over it with time”

I say

“I’m really sorry”

She says. I help her clean up as we catch up. Soon the car is here and we drive to my grandmother’s house. I park behind her and pick up Jay as we head inside. The first person to see us is mom. She and Mihlali share a long hug, just then dad shows up and soon everyone has taken Jay from me. I go and see grandma only to meet Mihlali sitting beside her


I greet, she smiles

“How are you holding up today?”

I ask and she shrugs

“Does it ever get any better? Where’s that son of yours anyway?”

She asks that referring to Mihlali

“Somewhere in the house. Everyone wants to see him”

She says and granny chuckles

“Bring him, I miss my great grandson”

She says and I offer to go fetch him and he’s on the counter telling the twins about New York and school and whatever

“Geez, he hasn’t even seen his great grandma yet”

I say and they laugh

“Fine, I’ll take him to see her”

Mange says, I don’t even argue with them and leave them be

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