Life is Just Not Kind

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I say and she blushes


She responds and I can’t help the smile on my face

“Dr Mtwa”

I say and her smile grows wider

“Mrs Mtwa”

She says, it feels amazing hearing her say that, we return our attention to people making speeches, after our parents it’s our siblings. Yandisa goes first

“Sisi wam”

he starts and Yoza smiles

“You look beautiful”

He says and she blows a kiss to him

“Biko you’re a lucky man, I could speak all day about the amazing person Yoyo is but our mother and her parents have covered all of it so I’ll talk to you instead”

He says and I smile

“this woman has worked tirelessly to make our lives what they are today so you better treat her right and I’m confident with what I’m saying because I know you

going to treat her right as you have since the first time I met you”

He says

“I love you guys both and may the good Lord continue to bless you guys”

He says and then walks back to his seat after handing Hlali the mic

“You guys look so perfect”

She starts off and we both blow kisses to her

“I’ll never forgive you both for doing this to me but I am happy for you both. It’s not often that people get it right the first and you Yoza happened to get it right the first time. My brother is lucky to have you as much as you are lucky to have him as your husband. Both of you have changed each other’s lives in a ways I didn’t think possible, Yoza you’ve turned my big brother into the best man he can ever be, someone my sister’s and I are proud to call our brother. Yoza welcome to the family and may the good Lord only continue to grow the love you guys have for each other and also Yoza this person I’m carrying will need a friend so please”

She says and we all laugh at her, Bandile walks over to her

“I know that today is your day and I respect you both but I’d be an idiot if I let this moment pass me by”

Bandile starts off and I nod

“I’d like to thank the amazing couple for granting me the permission to do this on their special day”

Mihlali gives him a look, he goes down on one knee

“I’ve been longing to do this but I never found the perfect timing because honestly if I waited for the perfect time then I’d wait for forever because there is no perfect time than now. Mihlalikazi Siphiwokuhle Mbana you know I love and I have said it multiple times that I wanted to make you my wife. You’ve given an amazing son I am forever grateful for and now you carrying our daughter, hopefully and I I’d like for her to arrive to a more functional looking family”

He says and Mihlali pouts while the rest of us laugh

“I had this speech prepared but kneeling before you right now it’s all flushed out of my head. I love you so much, please do me the honour of becoming my wife”

He says and then waves Jay over who hands him a box, they fist bump and he goes back to his seat

“Will you marry me?”

He asks and Mihlali nods wiping her tears


She says and he opens the box and slips the ring onto her finger. He gets up and they share a hug and a brief kiss

“Biko again thank you for allowing me to do this, Yoza I’m sorry for stealing your spotlight today and also thank you. Also may the good Lord bless your marriage abundantly”

He says and we nod while Yoza blows them kisses as they go and sit down. Earlier on Bandile came over asking me for advice on how to propose to her and I told him he could do it at my wedding if he wanted to do it there and I told him I’d speak to Yoza about it but she would have to keep it away from Mihlali.




I won’t lie Bandile’s proposal took me by surprise. I never expected it one single bit and hearing that my brother knew but never gave me a heads up sucks even more but I am happy, I can’t wait to marry him and become Mrs Tshawe too. By the time we get home I am tired from the heels and the events of the day, when we walk into the house there’s rose petals on the floor and the lights have been dimmed out, there’s candles around the house, I turn to him behind me


I say feeling speechless as tears well up in my eyes

“What is all this?”

I ask and he just smiles

“Surely you didn’t think that was all to my proposal did you?”

He says cockishly, I smile

“This is too much”

I say walking in further, there’s flowers everywhere in the house all the way to the dining table where there’s a beautifully set dinner for 2

“How did you manage to set this all up? We were both at the wedding”

I ask and he chuckles

“Can we just have dessert please”

He says leading me to the table, we already ate at the wedding but pregnancy has me still hungry. He opens the chair for me and I sit down then he goes to his spot. I look at the amazing rock on my finger, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. It feels heavy on my finger

“You love it don’t you?”

He asks I nod with a full teeth smile


I say and he chuckles

“it’s beautiful”

I say and he chuckles

“not as good as it looks on you”

he says and I blush like an idiot. We eat over light conversation about the wedding and how beautiful it was and the events that took place. When we done he packs the dishes and takes them to the kitchen then we head up to our room, when I open the door I am welcomed by more roses on the floor, scented candles and everything. When Bandile goes out, he goes all out! Our bedroom looks amazing! Everything looks great.

“Bandile this is a lot”

I say and he chuckles

“Nothing is ever too much for you Mihlali”

He says and then turns me around to look at him and then starts kissing me while getting me out of my dress, everything is going too fast. I am so wet right now, I can’t wait any longer

“I want you to fuck me”

I say in between our kiss, he pushes me to the bed. By now we both naked and left in our underwear. He places me on the edge of the bed and kneels in front of me and licks me like his life depends on it, I can’t help the moans leaving my mouth right now. Sex with Bandile always was the bed, he has those long, thick and curved dicks that hit all the right spots! I push his head deeper, he fucks me with his tongue going in and out while he

works my clit with his fingers rubbing me vigorously making me cum instantly. He pushes me further onto the bed and stretches my legs wide apart and goes in without warning pushing all of him in at one go. He’s kneeling in front of me pumping into, everything feels so intense right now, I feel like I’m going crazy! You ever have sex so good you want to pull out your own hair? Well that’s how it feels right now, he pulls a pillow and places it under my waist exposing my pussy to him. He continues pumping me until I cum again and he cums right after me. He pulls out and rests on my tummy breathing heavily.

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