Life is Just Not Kind

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Both our weddings were everything I ever imagined them to be. Yesterday I slept over at my mother’s house for the traditional wedding and it felt torturous I won’t lie because I really wanted to spend the night with my husband as his wife but nope… tradition dictates I sleep at my mother’s house.

“Where are we going?”

I ask him as we get onto his parents private plane

“You’ll know when we get there, be patient woman” he says and I pout, he chuckles

“Pout all you want, I aint saying shiit!”

He says and then pours us champagne,

“To us”

He says and we click our glasses together, I take a sip

“sthandwa sam thank you”

I say and he smiles

“I love you Dr Mtwa”

He says and I blush

“Say that again”

I say and he chuckles

“I love you so much Dr Mtwa”

He says and I lean in to kiss him, he meets me half way and he pulls me to fall on him that the champagne spills on us both. He laughs pulling me so that I am sitting ontop of him as though I’m about to ride him.

“You such an idiot! Now we wet”

I say, he takes the empty glass and puts it on the table

“I’d like to make you wet down there”

He says and I bite my lower lip feeling the excitement all the way down to my clit

“I think I’d love that”

I say and he chuckles getting up with me

“I’m not about to teach you things on a plane seat, I respect you too much! But I will have you on a bed and make it just as special”

He whispers as he takes to the private bedroom in the back. He places me on the bed slowly as he kisses me passionately and slowly as if trying to savour each moment. Goes to my neck and then slowly moves to shoulder, I’m breathing heavily anticipating what’s coming next. He’s so gentle with me, something 6 years ago I never thought him capable of but he’s slow and taking his time with me. He removes the sleeve of my vest, I’m wearing a loose short dress and my legs are parted open as he kneels between them. He goes down to

my each of my boobs paying equal attention to both of them kissing and sucking on each of my nipples that’s are so hard right now and pointy. His other hand is balanced on the bed while the other is rubbing my cookie up and down over my new lace underwear I got from the girls for my honeymoon. He pulls my dress up and helps me take it off and then removes my bra which now rest below my boobs, he continues doing his thing going down to my cookie all the way down to my toes and then he makes his way back up to my cookie and pulls my underwear off.


He says proudly, I sit up a little resting on my elbows to watch him. My curiosity has the best of me right now. Please understand I’m not those girls that watch porn and I never felt comfortable having the sex conversation with my friends so Biko is opening me up to new things. The only sex education I got was from the girls on the day before our wedding, they forced me to get a Brazilian wax for this moment right here but they also got a wax in support. He buries his head into my vagina, I feel his tongue lick my clit slowly it feels so damn good I can’t help the moan escaping my lips

“ooooooh…. Mmmmh”

I moan as he continues teasing me, licking my clit and sucking on it like his life depends on it. He continues this pattern and moves down to my entrance and tongue fucks me, that alone sends me to the edge. The way I am

so wet right now and the orgasm build ups are insane! He inserts a finger and it feels so uncomfortable that I cringe

“Sthandwa sam relax, I won’t hurt you”

his voice vibrates against my cookie and that alone makes me wetter. I never knew his voice could sound any sexier! As if compelled I relax my muscles trying very hard not to overthink this whole thing. He moves his finger in and out of my cookie slowly while sucking on my clit.

“Damn you so tight”

He compliments and I respond with a moan

“I’m going to add another finger Baby”

He warns and I move my waist to meet his finger strokes halfway. He continues and adds another finger, I won’t lie it’s a little uncomfortable but it feels so good and his tongue on my clit is not making this any better. It’s sending me over the edge

“I think I’m going to cum”

I warn

“Go ahead”

He says and at his command I let go toes curling and my body arching off the bed. He doesn’t stop at that but continues to make me feel good. I can’t take it anymore, it’s painfully amazing if that makes any sense. I love the

high I’m on right now. Both literally and figuratively if you know what I mean. I think what’s exciting is the fact that we having this sex in the air. He comes up to my face and I can smell myself on his mouth, he rests his hand beside my head and kisses me passionately and slowly while still working me down there.

“I think I’m going to cum again”

I warn as I feel it build up again, he chuckles

“not yet. I’m going to insert my dick right now”

He warns me, I have seen his dick and I won’t lie he is big. But then again he’s the only one I have ever seen, he’s long and think.

“Will that even fit?”

I ask and he chuckles

“don’t worry it will”

He says and then pulls his fingers out then brings them to his mouth and licks them

“you disgusting”

I say and then he kisses me and breaks it

“you love me either way”

He says proudly and then kisses me to distract me from his dick sitting at the entrance of my cookie. He slowly pushes in, I bite his lip feeling the pain down there

“Sthandwa sam open your eyes and look at me” He says, I open my eyes and look into his eyes

“I love you, I’ll never hurt you” he says and I nod

“Trust me ok?”

He says and I nod again taking him in slowly

“you so tight”

He compliments again and kisses me, I take small breaths in and out

“It’s ok”

I say giving him the go ahead to go all in, he pushes in slowly until I have stretched enough to accommodate all of him in. you ever feel the length of your man all the way in your womb? At this moment I swear his dick is in my womb the way he’s so packed. It’s so damn painful

“don’t move”

I plead and he doesn’t, he looks into my eyes

“I can stop”

He says and I shake my head no

“No, lets get this over and done with”

I say, at this point I don’t care about the pleasure everyone has told me about, I just want him to get what he wants and leave me alone. He shakes his head

“Sthandwa sam”

He says, his voice is so gentle and so calm

“I don’t ever want to hear you speaking like that again, I can pull out and we’ll try again some other time”

he says and I realise that I hurt his feelings with what I just said, I cup his face

“I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, it just hurts”

I say

“I’m sorry”

He leans in on my touch

“I hate seeing you in pain, we don’t have to do this” he says, I shake my head no

“No, it’s ok. You can move, it’s going to be nice right?”

I ask and he smiles

“I will try and make it as nice as I can, I promise”

He says, I look into his eyes and his words alone are convincing. I know I can trust him and trust his word. He slowly starts to move in and out, the pain is unbearable but I suck it in and take it like a big girl. He moves slowly in and out while his other hand rubs my clit, I let

out a moan because his hand on my clit makes this a little less painful

“How do you feel?”

he asks


I say

“Don’t stop please”

I plead and he doesn’t stop rubbing my clit while moving in and out kissing my neck distracting me from the pain I’m feeling down there. My God why was I not warn that sex was this painful and so damn amazing? I can’t help the moans living my mouth while he makes love to me and kissing and biting on my neck. What was once pain has now turned into pleasure.

“How does it feel?”

He asks me again, I don’t even respond when he pushes all the way in and hits a particular spot that makes my body arch off the bed and my breath hitch. He continues to hit that same spot until my muscles tense up and close in on his shaft and I cum violently shaking, he moves faster and releases inside of me without pulling out. He collapses on top of me, I brush his hair back

“Still alive?”

He asks

“shockingly I still am”

I respond and he chuckles

“How do you feel?”

He asks, I’m so tired and I’m trying so hard to catch my breath just as he is

“I feel sore down there and very tired” I say honestly

“I love you Mrs Mtwa junior”

He says and I feel my cheeks heat up “I love you too Mr Mtwa junior”

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