Life is Just Not Kind

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“When would you like for us to get married?”

He asks as we lay in bed looking at the calendar

“After the baby is born”

I respond, he turns to me

“you due next November”

He says

“I know”

I say

“ok, wouldn’t that be too soon? Would have already lost the baby weight?”

He asks and I shrug

“I’m hoping so. I didn’t gain that much and I’m willing to put in all the work to get back into my weight before giving birth”

I say

“I don’t want you to over work yourself Bhabha, you’re allowed to let yourself go”

He says and I shake my head no

“Nope, I’m not letting myself go. I did that with Jay, I’m not going to do this with this one”

I say and he sighs

“ok, so what month were you thinking?”

He asks

“I was thinking your birthday” I say looking down

“that’s not even 2 months from now” he says

“I know but we can make it happen”

I say looking up at him, we sitting on the couch and my legs are resting on his lap while he gives me a foot massage. Jay is in school, Hlali took leave and I also took leave to work from home until the birth of our baby. We still don’t know the gender so we painted the nursery white and bought neutral colours. We want it to be a surprise. Biko and Yoza will be back at the end of this month which is next week. They decided on travelling the world instead of just going to one place, with the plane and all they have all the right to go everywhere and they are happy so that’s great.

“So you want to give birth while planning your wedding?”

He says slowly as if in disbelief

“Yep. I know the kind of weddings I want, I don’t need amabhaso”

I say

“It’s tradition, you can’t not have them”

He says

“fine but having them in December will be short notice”

I say

“Yeah it will, clearly you didn’t think all this through”

He says and I roll my eyes

“I’ve been talking to a planner since the day after you proposed and he assured me he can do it. I want an indoor wedding and this is what I want”

I say paging through my phone the ideas I got on pinterest, I hand it to him

“this looks nice”

He says

“I know right? The colours and everything is perfect”

I say

“Yeah it is but are you certain?”

He asks and I nod

“It’s what I want. Either your birthday or Valentines then”

I say

“Valentines would do better than my birthday, people are busy in January and people are broke”

he points out

“Which is great for people to not RSVP”

I joke and he laughs

“That’s mean”

“I was only joking. I just want a sentimental date and your birthday is pretty special plus you will never forget our anniversary”

I say and he laughs

“it’s been over 7 years now and I still haven’t forgotten the first time I saw you and the first time we started dating. Wouldn’t march be better? Since we met in March and started dating March 25th?”

He suggests handing back my phone

“ok, March 25 it will be”

I say and he kisses my swollen feet

“finally we agree to something”

He says


I say and he laughs

“I loves these beautiful swollen feet”

He says, the massage feels amazing. Am I not the luckiest woman alive?

“Mommy? Daddy”

Jay calls out walking in, his father turns to look at him

“Hey buddy, how was school?”

He asks as he walks towards us dragging his feet, he throws himself on the couch

“It was tiring. Buhle didn’t come to school”

He says with a heavy sigh, Buhle is the girl that gave him money last year. They’ve grown pretty close but I’m not worried cause Jay is a good kid

“Aaah, is she ok?”

I ask him

“How should I know? She didn’t come to school mom”

He says and I raise an eyebrow

“Sorry, it’s just that the other kids were teasing me saying that she’s my girlfriend”

he says and we both laugh

“So you stressed because other kids said your girl friend is your girlfriend?”

His father asks and he shrugs

“It’s annoying dad. Kids can be so childish!” He says, I look at Bandile who shrugs “What did you just say?”

I ask him and he shrugs

“The kids in school are so childish” He says and we both burst out laughing “Are you hungry?”

I ask him

“Yes I am, wheres nana?”

He asks and I shrug

“Check her room or the kitchen”

Bandile says and he gets off the couch and drags his feet and his bags to his room

“And what was that?”

I ask and Bandile shrugs in stitches “All that attitude is you”

He says and I raise an eyebrow

“What? NO! That’s not me at all” I say and he laughs

“He gets the attitude from you and you know it, I am not like that”

He says and we both laugh

“He’s so sassy. What’s that about?”




“Lerato Laka”

Yoza says walking out of the bathroom

“I love it when you call me that”

I say and she blushes

“So I was thinking we go and grab breakfast at the restaurant downstairs”

She says, I laying in bed watching her naked body as she applies lotion to her face. I love how far we have come together, how confident she’s become with her body since we got married. The Yoza I met would have never walked out of the bathroom naked as she is right now but we here now. She’s still the woman I fell in love with but she has slowly stepped out of her shell a little. I’ve even been able to get her to wear bumshorts in our time

away from home, the sex we’ve been having has been bomb AF and slowly but surely she is learning how to suck dick like a pro all thanks to the teachings I’ve given her and the porn we’ve watched a couple of times together. The first time we watched porn she was so uncomfortable but slowly we getting there and I couldn’t be happier. We are currently in Paris, we started around African countries and then moved to European countries and then next week we going to L.A and then New York before going back home and so far it has been amazing.

“come here”

I say sliding to the edge of the bed


She asks with a suspicious look

“it’s nothing, come here”

I say opening my arms for her, she walks over slowly with her hips swaying left and right. She stands in front of me and I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her tummy

“I love you”

I say and she looks down at me

“You know I love you too”

She says and I smile looking up at her

“I know, I just wanted to remind you”

I say and she blushes

“and I am reminded now can I go and finish up, they stop serving breakfast at 11”

She says, I look at my wrist watch

“It’s past 10 already. Pick us out something to wear”

I say and then she walks to the closet, I watch her perfect as she walks away

“Stop perving”

She says and I laugh, just then my phone rings. I get up to answer it


The person says

“Hi, this is Bikokuhle Mtwa and who is this?” I ask

“It’s Zandile sir, the house agent you requested. I am so sorry to get back to you so late, it’s been busy and been pretty hectic with work and all”

She says

“I understand but let it never happen again. So what do you have for me?”

I ask

“I emailed you a couple of houses to look at, your mother picked out a few that she liked and I also selected

a few which fit the description of what you said you were looking for”

She says

“I’ll check my emails now, thank you Zandile”

I say

“I’ll be waiting to hear from you Mr Mtwa”

She says

“Ok thank you Zandile”

I say and cut the call as the Mrs walks in

“And who were you talking to?”

she asks with a smile handing me my things, she’s wearing shorts, a summer hat and a vest with a long cardigan and sliders

“here you go”

She says handing me my things

“I was talking to nobody, you look beautiful as always”

I say and she gives me a suspicious look

“I promise you it was nobody. It was business”

I say and she nods sitting down besides me

“Get dressed or else we going to be late”

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