Life is Just Not Kind

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I am woken up by Yoza giving me head, I don’t think there was ever a better way to wake up. I must say she is slowly improving and I am very much happy to have taught her the little I could. My eyes roll back as she focuses on my sensitive spot and massages my balls, I let out a groan and I feel her smile a little and takes me deeper that she gags on me


I whimper unintentionally because the sensation is too damn good

“if you don’t stop I won’t be held responsible for coming in your mouth”

I say in between groans and she pulls away to giggle batting her cute lashes at me looking ever so innocent

“Morning Lerato Laka”

She says crawling over to me

“Morning Sthandwa sam”

I say as she slowly pushes down on my shaft gasping and moaning until all of me is in

“A month ago I would have never imagined you would be riding me”

I say and she giggles

“you so annoying!”

She says balancing her hands on my chest moving slowly up and down

“shut up Bikokuhle”

She says and I chuckle shutting my mouth. She slowly moves up and down bouncing on my rock hard shaft letting out moans in between while I groan like a little bitch. Having sex with someone you love is different than any kind of sex you could ever have. I know I’m more experienced sexually than her but I wouldn’t have sex with anyone else but her, it literally feels like my first time every damn time with her. Our sex is that good and having her addicted to me makes it all the best! She slowly moves her waist in circles hitting a spot that sends her over the edge, she grinds on me hitting that one spot as her orgasm increases and so do her moans. She goes back to bouncing up and down faster bringing both of us to our peek. I flip us over so I’m on top of her

“Hey beautiful”

I say and she giggles

“hey handsome”

she says pulling me in for a hungry kiss and who am I to argue? I slowly move my waist wrapping her one leg around my waist pounding into her slowly and passionately making her lose all control. I move her

hands and pin them above her head and move faster sending us both over the edge again. I collapse ontop of her trying to catch my breath

“what a way to wake up”

I say happily, she runs her nails on my back. I don’t know about you but that is a major turn on for any guy! It feels amazing!

“I try”

She says shyly

“What time are we leaving?”

She asks

“our flight leaves at 10am”

I say

“So we still have time”

She says and I chuckle

“What have I done to you?”

I ask laughing and she giggles

“Introduce me into something really really nice”

She says and then giggles, I move from the crook of her neck to look at her face

“I’m scared of what I’ve turned you into”

I say and she pouts, I kiss her lips

“I love you anyway and I glad to be the one to pop that cherry”

I say proudly and she smiles,

“You so beautiful”

I say and she giggles

“We should shower, we still need to pack”

She says, I roll my eyes

“fine. Fix us a bath while I make a quick phone call”

I say and slowly pull out of her. I head to the bathroom and come back with a luke warm towel

“open up”

she giggles and opens her legs wide. I wipe her clean

“When we get back home we meeting a gynae and I’m getting on contraceptives”

she says and I laugh as she gets up to follow behind me

“Don’t laugh, I’m serious. We only just got married and we not ready for a child just yet”

She says

“that is a conversation for another day”

I say washing the towel as she pours water in the tub

“Biko I’m serious”

she says

“So am i. We will discuss it when we both sitting down”

I say and she sighs. I don’t respond and walk out to make that phonecall with our agent. The house is ready for us to move into and it’s child proof. I’m hoping that by the time we get home Yoza will be pregnant.





Biko and Yoza have been home for 2 weeks now, we threw them a house warming and they were happy to be back home. Since I’m close to giving birth I haven’t been leaving the house much so people that want to see me come to visit me at my place. Lara came with the kids and they are sleeping upstairs, Jay is attending a friend’s birthday party and Bandile is somewhere around the house. He’s been here 24/7 with my contractions and everything and I won’t lie I enjoy having him around because then I know I’m not alone and that I have him no matter what happens.

“How have the contractions been treating you?” Lara asks massaging my feet “some days are better than others”

I say

“At least you close, what did your doctor say?”

She says and I nod

“She’s on standby, I could give birth any time or any day now”

I say and she nods

“No wonder Bandile doesn’t leave your side”

We both laugh

“he missed out on Jay so who blames him? I also love having him this involved in my life and my pregnancy”

I say and she smiles

“that’s so cute. What time is Jay supposed to come back from the birthday?”

I shrug

“I don’t know but they supposed to come and drop him off”

I say and just then Bandile walks in

“Ladies, can I get you anything?”

He asks

“No we good, going somewhere?”

I ask

“I got a call from Buhle’s mother and she asked me to fetch Jay. Apparently their driver won’t be able to make it”

He says

“shame mahn, ok ke”

I say and he walks over and bends to kiss me “take care of my baby” He whispers and I giggle “bye Bandile”

I say and he takes his keys and walks out leaving me with my friend. We continue to catch up just talking about work and everything and also planning my wedding

“Phiwo called me the other day” I say and she frowns

“You kidding?”

I shake my head

“What did she want?”

She asks

“she said she read an article of my engagement and what not”

I say and she gasps dramatically, I laugh

“What the hell?”

She says and I both laugh

“I do…ahhh”

I don’t finish my sentence when a contraction hits cutting me off

“Friend are you ok?”

She asks, I’m about to nod when another one hits harder than the first one. I cry out

“Call the guard”

I say while dialling Bandile’s number. Lara runs out to the kitchen to call the guard

“Sthandwa sam?”

he answers

“I think the baby is coming”

I say

“Have you called the doctor?”

He ask, I cry out in pain feeling another contraction. Lara walks in

“Friend where’s the bag?”

She asks

“In my car”

I answer

“No I haven’t, call her and let her know”

I say and drop the call on him. She helps me stand and soon the guard storms in and helps me to the car while Lara goes to report to the nanny to look after the kids as they drive me to the hospital




“It’s great to have you back Dr Ngesi or should we call you Dr Mtwa?”

Dr Matu asks and I chuckle

“I’d like to remain Dr Ngesi please”

I say and she raises an eyebrow looking confused

“Why? I thought you were happy about being married?”

She says

“I am but I’d like to keep my identity here. Being Dr Mtwa will only bring me unnecessary attention”

I explain and she nods

“I guess I understand. What about your husband? Is he ok with you being Dr Ngesi?”

She asks and I shrug

“I guess we haven’t quite spoken about it yet. Changing everything just makes everything feel so surreal you know? I’ve already changed everything else and now changing my identity here at work is just… I don’t know, I’d like to keep one thing still the same”

I say and she nods

“I understand the change is overwhelming but this is something you and your husband need to discuss and you need to make him understand it so that you don’t hurt his feelings”

She says, I take a deep breath and let it out

“Everything is just all so overwhelming. When I came home everything had changed, we moved into a new home and just everything else. I don’t know it’s a lot”

I say and she laughs

“You will grow used to it with time”

She says and just then a knock comes through on my door

“Come in”

I shout out

“Hi Dr Ngesi, Dr Mahlanza is ready for you”

A nurse says

“Thank you I’m coming right now”

I say getting up and fixing myself up

“Dr Mahlanza?”

she asks and I nod

“yeah. I’ll see you later?”

I say and she nods as we part ways. I head to Dr Mahlanza’s office and knock before going in

“Mrs Mtwa”

he says

“Hey doc, how are you?”

I say sitting opposite him

“I’m good thanks and how are you? Congratulations by the way”

He says and I smile

“Thank you. I’m great, I don’t want to take too much of your time”

I say

“Well then get up on the bed and lets see”

He says. I take off my lab coat, jeans and underwear then wrap the sheet around my waist and climb on the examination bed and lay flat on my back and he rolls my t-shirt up a little to expose my stomach

“So how was your honeymoon?” he asks

“I lost my virginity”

I say and he laughs pouring the gel on my stomach

“I’m guessing you had loads of sex”

He says and I laugh


I giggle shyly. He moves the scan on my tummy and all the way down to my womb

“I don’t like the look on your face”

I say and he smiles

“I see two dots”

He says, I frown

“What do you mean you 2 do-ts?” I say slowly


He says and I turn my head to the screen and he zooms it in a little so the screen is clear

“You pregnant”

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