Life is Just Not Kind

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“Aaaaaahhh….oooooohhhhhh… Don’t stop”

I moan as my husband grinds on me moving his waist in circles hitting a spot so damn good. I’d blame pregnancy for my sexual addiction but my husband knows how to pipe me down and the best part is that I have no other sex to compare it to and I think that’s what makes it all the more the best sex ever, but then again it’s the only one I have ever experienced. I cum and then he cums after me then he rests on me

“Lerato Laka”

I say and he chuckles

“My name has never sounded any sexier”

He says and that alone makes me blush

“you love me”

I say and he chuckles

“that obvious huh?”

He says and I brush his hair

“yes, very obvious”

I say and he chuckles

“let me get off before I crush our babies”

He says and then pulls out slowly, he gets up and goes to the bathroom and comes back with the warm towel. I open up and he wipes me clean then takes the towel back to the bathroom

“What are your plans today?”

He asks

“I’m meeting Hlali, the wedding planner is coming over”

I say

“I’m coming with you, I’ll chill with Bandile and Jay”

He says

“you really love kids huh?”

I say and he nods

“I can’t wait for our own, they going to be the cutest little things ever”

He says with a look I’ve never seen before, Biko’s excitement over this pregnancy is what makes me fall in love with my pregnancy more than anything. Yes the morning sicknesses are the worst but my husband makes it bearable and worth it.

“You really excited over this pregnancy huh?” It’s not even a question, he nods

“You have no idea, I can’t wait to feel them kick but more than anything I can’t wait to meet them”

He says and kisses my tummy “Morning daddy’s little angels”

He says and starts talking to my tummy as if he’s talking to actually people making that cute voice people make when they talk to babies.

“I don’t think they can hear you” I say and he laughs

“They can hear me, I’m their father. Wait when they born and I’m the only one who can get them to quiet down”




I’m woken up by Hlali trying to break free from my arms wrapped around her.

“Chocky Sethu’s awake”

She says in her sleepy voice

“Sleep, I’ll go to her”

I say unwrapping my arms around her and getting off the bed to attend to our little princess. I’d be lying if I said

it’s been an easy ride, I feel like we paying for Mihlali not having morning sicknesses and every sickness that comes with pregnancy because Sethu cries a lot, she cries to an extent where you just don’t know what to do anymore. Doctors say it’s normal for her to cry, she’s a baby after all but she’s too much. Some days are better than others I’ll say. Hlali says Jay was never this troublesome but this one is too much, my mother has moved in with us to help us out with Sethu.

Mihlali hasn’t been as easy to deal with either, I guess she was so used to handling Jay alone that she feels the need to do things alone even with this one, I try my best to take the load off her but she never seems to let me do much to help out. I check her nappy and she’s only peed, I change her diaper and then pick her up and rock her back and forth trying to calm her down and she does

“Everything ok?”

Hlali whispers walking into the nursery

“We fine”

I say and she leans by the door watching me hum a lullaby to Sethu

“The minute you put her back she’s going to cry”

She says and I chuckle

“She loves being held, just like her mother”

I say and she giggles

“Do you blame us when your arms are so warm and snuggly?”

She responds and I chuckle, she walks over to us and peeks at Sethu who is sleeping in my arms sucking her fist

“She’s so peaceful when she’s sleeping”

Hlali says and I nod, I place her back into her cot and Hlali hands me her bottle. I put it into her pouted lips pulling her hand away and she starts sucking her bottle like her life depends on it

“What’s the time?”

I ask

“3am. Not what you signed up for huh?”

She says and I chuckle

“definitely what I signed up for. I wouldn’t have her any other way”

I say and Hlali leans on my shoulder

“put her dummy in, she’ll sleep through the rest of the morning”

She says when Sethu has stopped sucking on the bottle. I switch it for her pacifier and she begins to suck on it again. We walk out slowly and carefully not to disturb her. When we get into the room I quickly go and pee then come back and join my fiancé in bed


I say


I brush her upper arm with my fingers drawing sweet nothings

“Thank you for our babies”

I say and she places her hand on my cheek

“even if the little one is troublesome?”

She asks and I chuckle

“yep, I adore her as troublesome as she is. She’s going to be a daddy’s little girl”

I say proudly and she giggles “she’s going to be a brat” She says and I laugh

“my baby is not going to be a brat tshini. What time is Zonke coming?”

I ask

“at 1pm”

She says, I lean in to kiss her and she responds. With Sihle crying every 2 minutes we barely have time for sex so we only ever do it when we certain she will be asleep for long and as much as we possibly can.




You ever feel like you’ve been sleeping for far too long and you suddenly get all suspicious because you just not used to sleeping this long? That’s how it feels right now. I wake up and stretch my hand to the pedestal and check the time and it’s just after 10. Bandile is not beside me and the baby monitor is nowhere in sight. I wonder where everyone is. I get up and go check Sethu’s necessary and she’s not there, I go downstairs and I find them on the couch. Sethu’s is laying on Bandile’s naked chest while he watches tv with Jay sitting on the other couch.

“For a second I was worried”

I say

“Morning mommy”

Jay says walking over to me, he hugs me tightly

“morning my baby, where grandma?”

I ask

“She’s in the garden with nana”

He says, I walk over to Bandile and kiss his forehead

“morning sleepy head, how did you sleep?”

He asks, I sit by his feet

“I sleep like a baby thank you. Why didn’t you wake me?”

I ask

“You needed the rest, why isn’t he in school?” I ask pointing at Jay

“our teachers went for a work shop”

He says and I nod

“that’s nice, how come I wasn’t told?”

I ask

“they sent an email yesterday”

Bandile responds and I just nod

“How long has she been sleeping?”

I ask

“an hour or so”

He say

“I don’t like that she’s so used to being held”

I say and he chuckles

“Let my daughter be, I enjoy holding her”

He says and I roll my eyes. Jay loves being around his little sister. When we came back home with her he

wanted to hold her and kiss her all over her face and just showered her with so much love it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I think Bandile must have given him a pep talk because he’s so protective of her, he loves her so much and he’s not jealous of the attention she gets from us.

“morning Tshawe’s”

I turn my head and it’s Biko and Yoza walking in. Pregnancy looks beautiful on her, she’s glowing and has gained a bit of weight in all the right places. Her bump is a little visible, carrying twins and all.

“Hello beautiful, hey bro”

I respond, Bandile sits up

“Hey guys, let me go and put this one to sleep”

He says getting up

“put her in the spare room here downstairs neh Chocky”

I remind and he rolls his eyes at me

“I know Miss Mbana”

He says and walks to the spare room

“how is he enjoying being a father?”

Yoza asks and I laugh

“He’s loving every second of it”

I say

“That’s cute”

Yoza says

“How’s pregnancy?”

I ask and she sighs

“The morning sicknesses are the worst, nothing works”

She complains and I laugh

“you’ll learn to use a condom next time you have sex”

I say and they both laugh, Biko is too busy playing with Jay. They get up

“Where to?”

I ask

“we going outside to play”

Biko responds with so much energy and life. They walks out of the sliding door that leads to the pool side. We laugh at how excited they were

“He’s going to make a great father” I say and Yoza smiles

“Yes he will, he’s so excited by this pregnancy. He’s so supportive, he eats whatever I and what I don’t eat he also doesn’t eat. According to him it’s solidarity, standing together in pregnancy”

She says and I laugh and so does she

“he amazes me every single day Mihlali, he makes me fall in love with him every day”

She says and the smile on her twinkly eyes is as convincing

“That’s the cutest thing, you changed him or rather he needed you to unleash this version of him”

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