Life is Just Not Kind

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I watch my beautiful wife walk down the aisle accompanied by her father when she freezes together with her father at the sound of moans coming from speakers in the room. I turn my head to see Mihlali having sex with Daniel. The surprise of there being a sextape of Hlali out there when she has never mentioned it to me. So many things are going on in my mind right now but none of them compare to what must be going on in Hlali’s. I turn around and she’s no longer there, Baya marches to the DJ, I am assuming to get him to stop the tape. I rush out with hopes to find Mihlali because I cannot begin to imagine how embarrassed she must feel by all of this.

“Has any of you seen which side my wife went?” I ask the people outside the hotel “She got into a car and drove off”

One of them responds, I sigh at the thought of Mihlali driving in the state she is in. Why can’t we find any peace? Everytime things are going well something happens. Are we not meant to have peace?


I’m startled by Bakho while I stand in front of the church helpless

“I don’t know what to do? She’s gone, how do I find her?”

I say helplessly

“Here, call someone. Anyone”

he says and then goes and questions the people outside the hotel and the drivers of the cars parked outside. We wanted a private ceremony but the press is lurking outside, Who wouldn’t want to attend the wedding of Mihlali Mbana and Bandile Tshawe

“They saying she took the red Porsche”

Bakho says as I end the call. I get onto my phone and trace it




What was meant to be the best day for my little has turned out to be a disaster. Knowing Bandile he is the only one who can find Mihlali better than any of us but we can’t just sit and do nothing ourselves so dad calls up his own people to try and find who could have been responsible in sabotaging my sister’s special day. My first thought was Khaya but he wouldn’t do that to Mihlali, he loves her and he has a lot to lose like the company and his family.

“uhhm can everyone please just calm down!”

Lara yells as there’s commotion after Bandile and Hlali have left, the commotion dies down

“What you people just saw right now happened 9 years ago and none of you have any right to judge her for it. She was young and in love with the wrong person who took advantage of her. Anyone who knows Mihlali knows she would never make a sextape let alone cheat on Bandile. That tape was taken without her consent and whoever is responsible for this will pay!”

Lara says, I won’t lie Mihlali is fortunate to have Lara as a friend. She walks down and everyone gets up and heads about their business, Yoza walks over to me and throws herself in my arms

“I’m worried about her”

She says, I let out a sigh

“You and me both but Bandile will find her”

I assure her and kiss her head

“I cannot begin to imagine what she must be going through right now”

she continues

“all I know is that she’s going to be fine, she’ll pull through from this. The first time we found out of the tapes existence she was crushed. I’d never seen her like that before but she pulled through”

I say

“I just hope that the wedding will still go on” I say, she looks up at me

“Bandile loves Hlali, the wedding will resume. Today”

She says, I pull her away from me

“Where’s Jay?”

She asks

“last time I checked he was with mom”

I say

“Yah but Mom left alone”

She says scanning the room with her eyes

“I’m certain he is safe wherever he is”

I say and then take her hand and lead us out of the hotel, we meet Baya

“Where’s Bandile? How is he?” I ask and he shrugs

“Bakho said he went looking for her. He’s crushed. Did you know about the tape?”

He asks and I shrug

“I knew, Daniel used it to threaten her to get back together with him 7 years ago”

I say and he nods

“Do you think he’s responsible for this now?” He asks and I shrug my shoulders

“I don’t know what to think. Daniel is married and he relocated years back. Whoever did this is out to get my sister”

I say gritting my teeth

“Whoever did this will pay, they won’t get away with this”

He says, his phone rings

“Talk to me”

He says walking away from us. I call my father and he tells me that they are in a room upstairs with the kids. We make our way to the room they are in.

“Uncle, Yoyo”

Jay says walking over to us excited and hugs us both

“Hey buddy”

I say

“hey champ”

Yoza says, I walk over to dad who is standing by the balcony answering calls

“How bad is the damage?”

I ask him

“Very bad, I just got word that an article was published about Lunga and the things he did to Sino. I don’t know how I’m going to tell your mother this. Whoever is behind this has a real score to settle with us. It doesn’t make any sense because we made sure to keep everything hidden”

He says and as I’m about to respond his phone rings and he answers it. He talks for a while and then cuts the call, he takes a deep breath and lets it out

“My sources tell me that Bandile’s ex was spotted inside the hotel hours before the tape was published”

He says

“Who? Qhawe?”

I ask and he shakes his head no

“Unathi Lucwaba”




Never in my life have I ever been humiliated before. Seeing the tape being played live for everyone to see, I couldn’t stay there. I couldn’t tolerate the eyes, how everyone was suddenly going to look at me. My children. Daniel is my greatest mistake. Had I never met him then I wouldn’t be where I am right now, I could never forgive him for this. If it weren’t for him the tape

wouldn’t exist at all. Bandile… I couldn’t face him, how do I explain all of this to him? How do I face him? His mother and brothers, people probably think me as a hoe. I let the tears roll down my cheeks as I drive to Lord knows where. Everything plays out in my mind like a horror movie. My wedding was supposed to be the best day of my life but instead it’s turned out be the worst. I am in awe of what has happened, I hate myself for never telling Bandile when I had the chance, I guess at some point I just believed it was gone and never to resurface again. I had hope that my past would stay hidden for good but then in this world nothing ever stays hidden forever. I watch cars drive by and wish I could run myself into the next truck head on but I can’t, I have 2 kids that still need me. My 4 month old daughter that still drinks breast milk. I park the car on the side of the road, it’s empty, I get out and walk towards the cliff and just scream my lungs out going down on my knees letting the tears out. It hurts so much


I hear his voice, so gentle and so calm. How do I face him? I don’t respond

“I still want to marry you today if only you still want to marry me”

He says, those words; so simple and maybe meaningless to someone else but they mean everything to me

“I don’t plan on going to bed tonight without having changed your last name Mihlalikazi Siphiwokuhle Mbana”

He says with so much confidence in his tone. I slowly stand up

“Is the tape what you meant when you said Danile hurt you?”

He asks and I turn around and nod, my face is stained with tears. I probably look like a mess

“You look so beautiful”

He says and my cheeks heat up in the mist of my tears

“Even when my face is stained with tears and running mascara?”

I ask and he nods with a very kind smile, I walk over to him and he meets me half way. He cups my face

“Umhle Sthandwa sam kodwa”

It’s then that I notice he’s glossy eyes

“Have you been crying?”

I ask and he chuckles

“How could I not when my wife left me at the alter? I was more scared of losing you than what was playing on that screen”

He says, I frown confused

“I don’t care about the sextape Mihlali, it was years ago. I wasn’t in the picture when that was made and whoever is responsible for publishing it will pay”

He says with so much promise in his voice, I believe him because there’s so much coldness in his voice as he says the last part

“You still want to marry me?” I ask him and he nods “today please”

He says and I chuckle, he pulls me in for a kiss. Our kiss is different than our normal kiss, this one feels like we saying things we can’t say in words. He breaks it

“Sthandwa sam”

He says

“Lets go get married and leave South Africa”

He says, I raise an eyebrow confused

“We both need the break”

He says quickly upon seeing my current expression

“Our honeymoon silly”

He says and I giggle

“You need to be specific Mr Tshawe. How did you find me?”

I ask

“tracked the car”

He says and I roll my eyes

“Of cause”

I say and he chuckles

“Lets go back”

He says taking my hand pulling me to the car he came in

“How do I face everyone?”

I ask him

“WE will face this together Mihlali, part of marriage or any partnership is facing troubles together”

He says

“Can I tell you what happened?”

I say as we get into the car, he goes to his side

“if you ready”

He says

“I dated Daniel when I was in matric. Things between us were lovey dovey like any normal couple. I was happy and in love like any normal high school girl until I found out he was married. When I got with him I didn’t know he was married, he didn’t wear a ring let alone have a band line on his ring finger so I believed he was single

and in his house nothing said he was married until one night he got a call saying his wife was in hospital. That night I left and never looked back. He never stopped calling me and texting me until I changed numbers and even so he managed to get ahold of my new numbers and never stopped harassing me. One day he called me with another number and he started going on about how sorry he was and how he wanted to see me to explain and when that didn’t work he sent me the video threatening me with it that I get back with him or else he was going to publish it, I turned it against him and told him I would publish it myself and since he was better known than me he stood a greater chance of losing everything at the time if it came out”

I say and then take a deep breath and then let it out

“Fine things after that were never the same, I forwarded the video to my email only to find out I’d sent it to my mother”

I chuckle dryly while he laughs

“that was stupid”

He says and I roll my eyes

“Glad to know my misery is funny to you”

He chuckles

“That’s not true but who is that stupid to send a sextape to their mother? I thought you were smart”

He says and I punch his upper arm

“Ouch! Damn girl, you punch like a man”

He jokes and I laugh

“I’m happy to hear that laugh”

He says and I smile

“Mihlali this doesn’t change how I feel about you and I’m pretty sure my sex is way better than his will ever be”

He says and I we both laugh

“yes, yes it definitely is”

I say and he chuckles

“We going to handle this thing together although I do wish you had told me earlier but I understand your reasons. I love you Mihlali and this tape changes nothing. I still want to marry you and I still want to fuck you like there’s no tomorrow”

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