Life is Just Not Kind

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“Why would Unathi go through all of this to break them up?”

I ask and dad shrugs

“I don’t want to believe that this is only about breaking up. I’ll have someone do a quick background search on this girl. Something tells me there’s more to her than we thought”

Dad says and I nod

“Let me make this call while you go back to your mother and wife”

He says and I head back to them. Yoza is busy playing with Sethu and Jay, I have no doubt that she will be a great mother

“How is pregnancy?”

Mom asks her and she looks up and smiles

“Some days are better than others”

She says and I chuckle

“More for her than for me. The things she eats are disgusting”

I say and she pouts

“What does she eat?”

Mom asks, I look at Yoza who gives me a death stare

“She mixes Mayonnaise with Avocado and spreads it on her bread and then adds chips to the whole thing. It’s disgusting”

I say and she rolls her eyes at me “It tastes nice to me”

She says defensively and mom laughs “Leave my daughter in law alone!” Mom says

“Yoza how do you eat that? It sounds disgusting” Ima says and I laugh together with mom, Yoza pouts “It tastes nice to me”

She says

“How did you even discover that?” Ise asks and she shrugs

“I don’t know, I just did I guess” She says with a shrug

“Blame your brother’s kids”

She says and I laugh walking over to her

“they not even here yet and already they being blamed for things they know nothing about”

I say kneeling in front of her, she’s pouting and looks super cute

“Bantu any news on Hlali?”

Mom asks the minute dad steps in, he lets out a heavy sigh

“Well somebody leaked everything that happened between you and Lunga”

He says and mom gasps in shock

“Wh-… What?”

She says and sits back down, dad rushes to her side

“Sthandwa sam”

He says with so much gentleness in his voice

“Breathe Sino”

He says and mom takes slow deep breaths

“Why would someone do this? Is this all my fault? Are they doing this to get back at me? Is this even about Mihlali and Bandile or this is about me for loving the wrong man?”

She says and dad pulls her to his arms and comforts her “Lets give them space”

I suggest and we all get out and go to the other room

“Is mom going to be ok?”

Ise asks and I nod

“She’ll be fine, she’s just worried that’s all”

I assure her

“Biko what exactly happened with mom and Mihlali’s father?”

Ima asks and I shrug

“He hurt her really bad”

I respond and Mange shakes her head no

“That response is not good enough Biko, what did he do. We are 16, we deserve to know”

She argues, I take a deep breath and let it out “Mihlali’s father was a paedophile” I start off and they gasp in shock “As in he molested kids?” Ise confirms and I nod

“Yes, he raped and molested the kids that were in his institution to get help. He didn’t stop there, when news came out of what he was doing he held mom captive at the institution and they declared mom mentally unstable. He also went on to kidnap aunty Saney and maybe if

mom hadn’t chose Aunty Saney’s life over hers then he would have raped aunty Saney but instead mom pleaded that he do whatever he was going to do to Saney to be done to her instead. He raped mom, he drugged her, she even had a miscarriage because of him and the drugs he gave her and maybe the rape too but he put mom through a lot”

I say

“How come mom never spoke about this? How come she never told us about this?”

Ise asks with visible sadness in her voice and face, I shrug my shoulders

“to protect you guys I guess, to start over without baggage from her past. I don’t know”

I say, Ise pulls Mange to her and holds her tightly. Ise is not one to show emotion as much as Mange does and I think that worries me at times. She does however get along well with Mihlali so maybe that’s who she turns to when life gets too much for her.

“What kind of a monster would do that to his own wife?”

Mange says in between her sobs

“He paid for his sins. Mom is happy with dad”

I say with hopes that those words will comfort them enough. I walk over to them and hug them brushing their backs

“Don’t worry about mom, she has us and she has dad. She’s going to be fine and so will Hlali”

I assure them, it’s easy to believe what I am telling them because my sister is stronger than anyone I know.




We park out in front of the hotel and head inside together hand in hand. I know that with Bandile by my side there’s nothing I cannot conquer. He holds my hand tightly as we make our way through the corridors of the hotel together like we just won the world war.


Lara says walking up to us, she pulls me into her arms and hugs me tightly

“I’m glad you’re ok”

She says, we break the hug

“Thank you friend”

I look at Bandile and smile

“I’m ok”

I assure her and she smiles

“So we can get your make up fixed and your dressed cleaned right?”

She asks and I chuckle


Bandile says desperately and we all laugh

“meet you at the alter then. You lets go”

She dictates, I don’t even argue and just follow her upstairs to a room we had booked into. When we open the door my parents are here. Mom rushes to me and pulls me into her arms

“I’m ok mom”

I assure her

“I was so worried about you”

She says and then pulls back from me

“We are going to find the person who did this and they are going to pay!”

She says holding me at arms length

“I’ll call the make up artist. We need to get this wedding going”

Lara says walking out, that is definitely her giving us time to talk

“How are you and Bandile?”

Dad asks

“He understands. I told him everything”

I say and they nod

“I had Khaya look into what happened”

Dad says, I frown

“Why him?”

I ask

“Because he’s the best there is. Haibo Hlali”

He says

“What if all this was done by him huh?” I ask and dad chuckles

“Why would he do all this? I get that something happened between you and him but this would be a bit too extreme even for him”

Dad says and I sigh

“Khaya could have done this as revenge for what Lunga did to him”

I say and he frowns confused “What? Khaya was Lunga’s victim?” I nod, he looks at mom and she nods “So you knew and you still hired him?”

Dad asks mom and she shrugs

“Dad trusted him honey so who was I to question him?”

Mom says

“That’s the problem, you too trusting Sinokuhle! FUCK!”

He says startling us both

“You’ll call me when you need me to walk you down. I have calls I need to make”

He says and walks out leaving us both confused

“What just happened?”

I ask mom and she sighs

“I shouldn’t have kept this from him and now he’s mad. I couldn’t go against my father’s death wish Hlali, he needs to understand”

Mom says and I shrug

“would you understand if tables were turned?” I ask and she sighs

“Someone leaked the news about your father”

She says, I gasp in shock


I say and fall back on the couch

“Your father has people working hard to find out who did all of this. And that is not all, Unathi was spotted in the hotel before the wedding”

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