Life is Just Not Kind

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“Surely you not going on with the wedding after that”

Mom says as I walk in my room

“I love Mihlali and that tape changes nothing”

I say defensively

“Bandile there’s a sextape out there with her in it. How could you continue with this wedding? She’s clearly not who we thought she is or rather who she painted herself out to be. She’s another Kim Kardashian…”

She doesn’t continue when I snap

“You will not speak of Mihlali like that ever again! You are my mother and I love and respect you but Mihlali is going to be my wife whether you like it or not and I would like you to respect her. And also I’d like for you to understand the situation before judging her for it. She has a past like we all do, she didn’t know that Daniel was recording him and she was as shocked the first time she found out about the tape. Mihlali is the victim here mother”

I defend and she sighs

“Mihlali is not what you think she is, she never pretended to be anything she wasn’t. Yes she was wrong for not telling me about the tape but it’s her past, a past she was never ready to talk about mother and I would

like for you to treat her with nothing less than the respect you had for her before that tape surfaced”

I say and she nods slowly


She says

“Thank you now I’d like to fix myself and get ready to marry the love of my life”

I say and she slowly gets up

“Bandile you are my son and I love and care about you. I don’t want you to find yourself divorcing because Mihlali is not who we all thought she is”

She says, I shake my head no

“There won’t be any divorce anytime soon. Mihlali loves me as much as I love her”

I say and she nods, she hugs me and then walks out. My brothers come in and we talk a little about what happened, I’m shook by Baya being supportive of me continuing to marry Hlali even after the sextape.

“I got word that your ex, Unathi was spotted here in the hotel hours before the wedding”

Bakho says

“What would she be doing here?”

I ask and he shrugs

“I don’t know but we have people working hard to find out what she was doing here. Apparently she was spotted talking to the DJ”

Bakho adds


Baya exclaims

“I’m going to kill that bitch!”

He adds

“You not killing anyone Bayanda”

I say

“Don’t tell me you still have a soft spot for even after what she did. She probably leaked that tape Bandile, we all know she’s had a thing for you and she is very much capable of doing something like this”

He says

“I’m just saying lets give her the benefit of the doubt ok”

I say and Baya shakes his head

“You are unbelievable do you know that! This bitch took advantage of you when you lost your memory Bandile, she cheated on you, she came back and tried to worm her way into your money and you still believe there’s good in her? How stupid can you be Bandile? You confuse me sometimes”




“What is he doing here?”

I ask the minute Khaya walks into my room with mom

“Hello Mihlali”

He says

“What are you doing here? This is all your fault!”

I say storming over to him, mom stops me

“Here him out Hlali”

Mom pleads, I fold my arms

“What do you want?”

I ask

“Your father asked me here, you think I wanted to see you look like this for someone else?”

he says and I roll my eyes

“you probably won’t believe me and that’s all you but I’m not that desperate to be with you that I would sabotage you like that. When I heard about what happened I called in some people and I found out that you may have been hacked when I came to update your server”

he says

“how do I know that you didn’t do it?” I ask and he shrugs

“Because Mihlali I had all this information for years now and I still hadn’t done anything with it so why would I suddenly feel the need to use it now? On your wedding day even? I care about you Mihlalikazi and I wouldn’t go through such measures to get you because that would only make you hate me instead”

He says, I raise an eyebrow

“Anyway, my guys are still looking into who exactly is responsible. We got an address but we found the apartment empty. We waiting for dna for the things we found in the flat and they should be out before the end of today. Go and marry the man of your dreams, by the end of today you will have a file of everyone involved in trying to sabotage your wedding day. I would however like to offer my guys as security for you wedding”

He says

“NO! How do I know that I can trust you?”

I ask and he sighs

“Mihlali I would never do anything to hurt you, why else do you think I’ve stayed away from you this long huh? If I wanted to hurt you then I would have hit you were I knew it would hurt the most but I’m not about that. I am offering my people to be your security to make sure that

something like what happened does not happen again and you can either accept my offer or leave it”





I start off and the smile on her face is priceless. I love how when I call her that it always makes her blush

“There’s so many times where you have asked why I love you and I’ve never been able to answer you that question because there’s just too many reasons as to why I love you. Like how when I say Bhabha your cheeks turn red and your eyes grow small and you look so adorable”

She giggles looking even cuter

“I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. You’ve made dozens of mistakes but never have I seen you as anything less than perfect Mihlali and that is because the amazing person you are outweighs all the mistakes you’ve made. I don’t care about today’s scandal, I care about you and it doesn’t make me look at you or see you as anything less than perfect. I love you so much Isi and Jays mom. I am forever grateful that the lord gave me you Mihlalikazi Siphiwokuhle Mbana and I cannot wait to officially call you my wife. You are my forever Mihlali, always have and I always will be”

I say and by the time I am done she is stained with tears. She sniffs trying to gather the strength to speak

“Chocky. I remember the first time I met you and we started talking, you said to me that you were not going to be my friend and that you wouldn’t settle for just friendship from me. I thought you was crazy”

She says and giggles, I laugh

“I had never met a man that blunt in my life, someone who knew what he wanted and would go through anything to get it, in my case me. You’ve never given up on me even when you should have you never did, you stuck by me through all my faults and if us standing here is not evident enough then I don’t know what is. The fact that we are continuing with this wedding is proof enough of the person you see me and I really would like to see myself in your eyes shame”

She says, I wipe the tear that managed to escape her eye

“Every morning I wake up next you I am reminded of how I am the luckiest woman alive, how our kids are the luckiest kids alive to have such an amazing man as a role model. It brings me great joy to know that Isi will grow up knowing her worth because you surpass the definition of how a husband should be according to society. Jay is fortunate to grow up with you as his father because whatever girl he ends up with will be the luckiest there is and there’s not better man I would have asked for than

you Tshawe. I love you Sthandwa and you are my forever, always have and always will be”

After all the vows and festivities we head out to the other hall for the wedding reception. Our friends and family make speeches about us and they all speak gracefully about each one of us. By Sunday late Hlali and I are Husband and Wife, we had our traditional wedding and it was beautiful and everything we could have imagined it and more. Obviously the press has been hounding us with questions because of what was leaked but they haven’t gotten anything out of us and Hlali is planning on making a statement later today before we leave for our honeymoon.

It’s Monday and tonight we are leaving for our honeymoon. I open the door and I am shook when I see Khaya stand on the other side of door

“What are you doing here?”

I ask him

“May I speak to you and your wife?”

He says, it’s in the morning. Hlali is preparing the kids to go to her parents house


I ask

“Because I have news on what happened at your wedding. Who is responsible”

He says

“Chocky where are you?”

Mihlali calls out

“I’m at the front door”

I respond, I step aside for Khaya to walk in. When I turn around Hlali is standing in the middle of the house wearing my a sports bra and bumshorts looking hella sexy!

“What are you doing here?”

She asks upon seeing Khaya

“I came to speak to you and your husband. I have everything I promised you”

He says, I frown looking at Hlali “I’ll explain later”

She says, I lead us to the lounge. Hlali sits next to me and I place my hand on her thigh with that territorial look. He chuckles and shakes his head


He hands me a file

“In there you will find that Unathi Lucwaba was the one responsible for what happened at your wedding. Apparently Unathi was one of the children your father molested at the hospital. When I came to your office to

update your server, it gave them access to whatever was stored on the server and they used it to their advantage to get information on you. Something about a book you wrote and was going to publish or something”

He says and I squeeze Hlali’s thigh

“I would suggest that next time you store personal files on your personal computer away from the work server because when the server is being updated it’s vulnerable to people that want to destroy or your company but don’t worry, the update we installed will help you to never find yourself in such a situation again. Hackers won’t be able to get to your information the next time you guys update”

He assures confidently

“Mommy Isi is crying”

Jay says walking in


he says with a wave at Khaya, he smiles “Hello little Guy”

He responds, Hlali walks over to Jay and takes his hand and they head upstairs. I can’t miss the way Khaya is checking Hlali out as she walks out with our son

“Thank you for your help”

I say bringing him back

“You welcome. Tell your wife I am sorry that I didn’t bring this sooner and that I am sorry that me updating their server put hers and everyone close to her’s life at risk”

He says and gets up

“Bandile you’re a lucky man, take care of your ex before she does more damage than she already has”

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