Life is Just Not Kind

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Mihlali being here changes everything. You know how you think you over someone and then hearing that they are here around and suddenly you not? Her aunty didn’t tell me where she lives but there’s one person who knows everything about Mihlali. I drive to Lara and Troy’s house, they live in Llandudno. A nice quiet neighbourhood, I park inside the yard and the yard and head to the front door. I knock and Lara opens

“Bandile, I didn’t know you were coming. Where’s Qhawe?”

She asks moving aside

“Mihlali is back in town?”

I ask her and she freezes

“She is?”

She asks

“Lara cut the crap. You and Mihlali are best friends, there’s no way she could have came back and didn’t tell you”

I say and she sighs

“She asked me not to tell you. How did you even find out?”

She asks and I raise an eyebrow

“seriously? That’s all you going to ask me Lara? Where is she huh?”

I ask and shrugs

“I can’t tell you even if I wanted to Bandile. I made a promise to her”

I shake my head

“Wow Lara. And I’m assuming Troy knew?”

She nods slowly

“Look, she asked us not to say anything. Besides you have Qhawe, Mihlali being back shouldn’t matter right?” I shoot her look

“are you hearing yourself right now? You know how much I love Mihlali Lara, just because she left 3 years ago doesn’t mean I forgot her”

She takes a deep breath and lets it out, Troy walks in “I didn’t know you were coming over. Hey”

He greets with his hand held out but retracts it when he sees I’m not budging

“I’m guessing this is about Mihlali being back in town” He says, I chuckle

“You knew and you didn’t think to tell me she was coming back”

“B come down. We are sorry but Mihlali asked us not to say anything. She said she would meet you when she’s ready to and we had to respect that”

Lara offers me water but I shake my head no

“No thanks, I thought you guys were my friends b…”

“That is not fair. Mihlali is my best friend! She asked me to keep it from you and I respected her wishes. She will see you when she is ready to see you Bandile”

Lara says

“She up’d and left Lara! We didn’t fight or anything like that, she just up’d and left”

She sighs

“I understand she broke your heart, I was there but Bandile she was as hurt too by how everything played out. I can promise you that she will give you all the answers you looking for when you guys meet up”

She says assuring

“Tell her not to bother. I don’t want to see her”

I say and walk out to my car and drive back home. I find Qhawe in the kitchen making something to eat

“Everything ok?”

She asks, I grab a bottle of water from the fridge and gulp it down

“Babe talk to me please”

She says walking over to me, I sigh

“Mihlali is back”

I say, she goes silent for a while. I never quiet told her what happened on the basis of I wasn’t ready to talk about it

“Ok? Have you seen her?”

She asks and I shake my head no

“Her aunt told me when I was at her grandfather’s house to pay my respects”

I sit on the bar chairs and lean in on the counter

“I’d be lying if I said I got over her Que. I guess I just supressed the memories of her a…”

“and now that she’s back you guys would like to pick up where you left off?”

She asks and I shake my head no and take her hand into mine

“Of cause not. I’m mad at her for showing up out of the blue but Que I love you and our relationship. You are who I am with and want to be with”




We spend the day at my grandparents house talking and laughing. The whole family is here, uncle Thando and his family landed in the afternoon so it’s been nothing

but catching up between all of us. Jay is the only one his age, my poor baby but at least everyone likes him and keeps up with his energy. I won’t lie it was a little overwhelming for him at first to get used to everyone considering in New York it was always just him, Mari and I but he pulled through and knows everyone in the family. It’s late when mom and dad ask that we go and spend the night at their house while we get my house set up and who am I to say no?

We get to my parents house, it’s my parents, the twins and I, Jay can’t tell the difference between the twins it’s quiet funny. He’s fast asleep, he’s had a very busy day.

“You’ll be sleeping in your old room”

Mom says and I nod as we walk to my old room, I place him inside the covers and then we walk out

“I’m really happy you back home baby”

Mom says and I smile

“I’m happy to be home”

I say

“And what about Bandile?”

I sigh

“Eish Mah, I’d really like to not speak about him”

I say

“Mihlali he is Junior’s father. He has the right to know”

She says

“I understand that mom but Bandile has built himself a life in my absence. He has a girlfriend whom he seems to love, I can’t just rock up on some ‘hey, meet your son’”

I say and she chuckles

“Yes you can because you keeping this from him is only going to complicate things Mihlali”

I breathe out

“Mom I am really tired, can we have this conversation tomorrow”

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