Life is Just Not Kind

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“Baya what are you doing here?”

I ask as he walks in, he sighs and goes straight to the lounge. I follow behind him

“What’s wrong?”

I ask following him, Bandile is still sleeping and Jay is visiting his cousins Bandile’s nephews and Sethu is playing somewhere around the house. She’s turning 4 this year while Jay is turning 7. I will be turning 29 and Bandile will be turning 35 years old and my man still knows how to put it down, last night or rather this morning we had mind blowing orgasms hence he is still sleeping around 10

“Where’s Bards?”

He asks

“Still sleeping, why? You worrying me”

I say and he sighs

“I’d ask but then I think I already know. Have you seen your sister? She’s not answering my calls or texts”

He says

“What did you do?”

I ask him

“Hlali please”

He says in a pleading tone

“No Bayanda. What did you do to my sister?”

I ask and he sighs

“I promise I didn’t do anything Hlali”

“Bayanda I am going to ask you this one last time or else I am telling your brother about you and my sister”

I threaten

“Hlali you can’t do that please”

He pleads

“It’s bad enough that I’m keeping this from him Bayanda. Just tell me what you did”

He sighs

“I was the one that brought Unathi back 3 years ago, I provided her with all the resources and everything she needed. I tried to get her not to go through with everything but it was already too late. I’m sorry, I never meant to humiliate you like that”

He says, you ever get that moment where someone tells you something that probably shouldn’t hurt you now since it happened years ago but instead it just hurts a lot? My chest tightens up and I struggle to breathe. I take

small deep breaths in and out trying to process what Bayanda is telling me right now, he’s still talking going on about how sorry he is and how Ise found out but I can’t hear him because of the pain I am feeling at this very moment

“Repeat what you just said”




It’s been an amazing fruitful 3 years. I gave birth on the

6th June to 2 beautiful children, both boys who look a lot like their father and a little bit like me. All they have is my eyes and probably lips but either than that they are Biko’s children alone I swear. The love between my husband and I can only grow, after all these years he still knows how to make me blush and our sex has only gotten better. My duties at work have increased a lot I won’t lie and it’s a little strenuous on my marriage but we making it work, hard as it is most times but my husband is loving and supportive. I had a 20 hour shift last night and I’m going in again tonight, I’m woken up by my husband kissing my neck, I let out a moan


I say

“Morning Sthandwa sam”

He says, I only just got into bed about 2 hours ago I think. It’s Saturday morning


I mumble

“I didn’t hear you come in”

He says getting under the covers and towering over me “I only got back now”

I mumble, the way I am so tired and so sleepy “I missed you last night”

He says kissing my lips slowly and unrushed. He breaks it, he’s grinding on my cookie with his hard dick

“Not now babe, I’m so tired”

I say and he lets out a sigh returning to his side of the bed

“Do you realise we haven’t had sex in over 2 months?” He says, I turn and lay on my side facing him

“I’m sorry Rato Laka, it’s just been hectic at work” I say but he sits up, I sigh and sit up

“Biko please, I promise you when I wake up I’ll make up for all the lost times”

I say and then yawn

“Don’t bother”

He says and gets up, I sigh and slide back down. I didn’t realise it had been that long, I guess I’ve been too buried in my work and besides, it’s not like we never have any sex at all. We still have quickies in the shower or in the office when he brings me lunch. Argh he’s being a little dramatic. As soon as I close my eyes I drift off to sleep

“Shhhh Tlaka you’ll wake mommy up”

I hear Hloni whispering after something has fallen, I decide to keep quiet not to alarm them

“you go and give dad the laptop while I look for the charger”

Ntlaka says, I decide to peek a little just to see what they doing. My boys are always willing to help and when you send one of them they go together, I still haven’t figured out why they do that but I’m not complaining. I love how close they are, even when they were younger when one was crying the other would console the one that’s crying. I watch Ntlaka trying to pull out the charger from the socket and get out of bed quickly out of fear. Mama bear instinct I guess

“Let mommy help”

I say walking over to him


He says happily turning to me, I kneel in front of him and hug him

“Morning my baby”

I say

“It’s in the afternoon mommy”

He says and I chuckle, the curtains are still closed. He pulls away from me

“Ok, afternoon”

I say switching off the plug and then pulling the plug from the socket

“Where’s daddy?”

I ask him

“In the office. Aunty Ise is here”

He says and I nod folding the charger for him

“Let me wash and then I’ll come and join you guys ok?”

I say and he nods taking the charger and leaving our

room. I get up and walk to the pedestal to check my

phone and it’s after 1pm, I’ve been sleeping since 7am. I

make the bed and then go and take a quick shower then

brush my teeth then get out and wear Rato’s sweatpants

and his oversized t-shirt with my bunny slippers then

head downstairs.

“Morning sleepy head”

Ise says as I walk down the stairs

“Morning sis, how are you?”

I reach her in the lounge and sit on the couch

“Good sisi and how are you? You look tired”

She says and I chuckle

“Thanks Ise”

I say sarcastic and she chuckles

“not like that. How’s work?”

She asks and I shrug

“You don’t want to know, I got back this morning around 6 and I still have to go back tonight at 6. How’s school?”

I ask and she shrugs, she’s doing her 2nd year in Computer Science at UCT and her twin is studying Dentistry at UP. They are smart girls and they seem to be enjoying their courses, Ima comes back on long weekends while Ise comes back almost every weekend. Ima and Yandisa decided to do something with their feelings and date, they started dating at Mihlali’s wedding. Biko wasn’t so happy but he got over it and accepted their relationship, both of them are in Pretoria and they seem happy. The twins are now 19 years old

“School is school Yoza”

She says and I chuckle

“I take it it’s not so good?”

I ask and she shrugs

“I failed this other exam”

She says and buries her face in the palm of her hand

“Isenathi Mtwa is incapable of failing, what happened? What did you get?”

I ask because a fail to her is getting less than 80, she sighs

“I guess I was a little distracted. I got a 78”

She says and I gasp

“That’s a distinction mos, what distracted you?”

I ask and she shrugs

“I don’t want to talk about it”




Marriage life for Hlali and I hasn’t been any different than our normal relationship either than the love between us that has only increased over the years. How much meaning our vows mean to us both. We had Unathi arrested for publishing the sextape and the publishing of

the news about Hlali’s father and she’s been in prison ever since. Our kids are by far the most precious beings in our lives, Sethu has grown to look like her mother more than anything. Hlali has been on birth control ever since we got married. Jay is the best big brother to his little sister together with Lara’s kids and Biko’s. he’s such a little gentleman with a big heart. I am a proud father. Last year his female friend moved away to the Eastern Cape, he was so hurt but I think he’s over her now and he has other friends and a new female friend, a white friend to be exact, her name is Jade and she comes and sleeps over sometimes. They are cute kids. I wake up and make my way downstairs and am welcomed by Bayanda apologising for Hlali for sabotaging our wedding and him being the one that helped Unathi with everything.


He says slowly turning around

“What did I just hear you say Bayanda?”

I ask as I quickly rush downstairs, he gets up

“Bards please just listen to me”

He starts off and I throw in a punch, the rage that has overcome me is none like anything I have ever felt before. To find out that it was my very own brother that betrayed me like that, the very same brother that humiliated my wife and I the way he did? How do I

move past hearing all of this? I punch him again and the second punch lends him on the floor


Hlali calls out but I can’t hear her, I am deafened by the anger. I kick while he lays on the floor apologising but sorry won’t change anything. It may have happened 3 years ago but the pain is fresh all over again

“Bandile stop please”

She says trying to pull me away but I don’t budge, I kick him continuously until she comes in front of me and pushes me away. I stumble back a little

“Mihlali get out of my way”

I say breathing heavily trying to catch my breath

“Bandile he’s your brother. You don’t want to do this”

She says with her hands on my chest

“Mihlali move”

I say gritting my teeth in anger, she shakes her head no

“I can’t do that, he’s your brother Bandile. Bayanda get out of my house”

She says but still fully focused on me, I watch my brother try and get up

“Mihlali I don’t want to hurt you”

I say

“You’ll never hurt me Bandile”

She says cupping my cheeks which are burning hot with anger. Baya finally manages to stand up on his own feet

“I’m sorry”

He says


She yells and he limps running out

“Sthandwa sam look at me please”

She says turning my face to hers


She pleads and I look into her innocent looking eyes that remind me of my daughter and I feel myself slowly soften

“Go and get our daughter in the play room and I’ll serve you guys breakfast ok?”

She says, I don’t respond. She stands on her tip toes and pulls me in for a kiss which I don’t respond to at first but I eventually do


We are disturbed by a tiny little voice, she pulls away from me and blushes while I chuckle. Sethu is standing

near the staircase with her hands covering her eyes. We look at each other and then at her then laugh. I walk over to our daughter

“You and mommy were kissing. Yuck!” She says and we laugh, I pick her up

“Because mommy and daddy are married and that’s how…”

“Ok, lets go and have breakfast”

Hlali says cutting me off, I laugh

“Daddy finish your sentence”

She says impatiently and we laugh at her

“NO! You are too young to hear what daddy was going to say”

Hlali says and I laugh, she rolls her eyes and pouts. We get into the kitchen and I place her on the counter in front of me while Hlali finishes dishing up for us. She takes the plate and turns around when she stumbles a little

“Are you ok?”

I ask

“I’m fine, I just have a little headache that’s all”

She says and the plate leaves her hand and she follows. I quickly put Sethu on the floor and rush to Mihlali but she’s already hit the floor. I pick her up

“Sethu bring me daddy’s car keys on the table in the lounge, hurry baby”

I say and she runs out

“Hlali. Bhabha”

I say walking to the front door, Sethu meets me by the door and I tell her which button to click. I open the door and place Mihlali on the car seat then open the door for Sethu

“Daddy what’s wrong with mommy?”

She asks with so much concern

“I don’t know baby, we’ll find out at the hospital”

I say and then close the door. I get into the drivers seat and start the car and drive us out, I report to the guard to tell the house keeper to look after the house while we gone. I park at the hospital and I pick up Hlali and such inside with her after locking the car with Sethu right behind me. They put her on a bed and drive her out. We sit in the waiting area. Sethu plays with her teddy bear quietly beside me

“Mommy is going to be fine”

I assure her, a doctor shows up and calls my surname

“Sit here, I’ll be back right now”

I tell her and she nods, I kiss her forehead and go and answer the doctor’s questions. She tells me that they will run some tests and get back to me. I return to my daughter searching for my phone in my pockets but I left it at home. I return to sit next to my daughter

“I miss Jay”

She says and I smile

“We’ll call him when we know how mommy is doing ok? How about we get you something to eat”

I suggest and she shakes her head no

“I’m not hungry”

She says and I sigh sadly

“We have to eat for mommy ok?”

I say and she nods


I walk to the receptionist

“Hi, I’m Bandile Tshawe. I own the restaurant across the road. Could you please land me a phone, I want to order food for my daughter. I will pay you”

I offer and she hands me a phone

“You don’t have to pay me anything either than a lunch date”

She says with a friendly smile

“I’ll have them deliver you the lunch of your choice”

I say and she smiles shyly, I walk away from her to my daughter and order her something to eat and ask them to deliver it to me at the hospital and to also organise me a phone. I return the phone and thank her

“Someone from the restaurant will be here, you can place your order then”

I say to her and she smiles

“Thank you Mr Tshawe”

she says, I roll my eyes and return to my daughter. After 30 minutes or so food is brought for us and a phone. While Sethu eats, I dial my mother’s number since I know it by head


She answers

“Hey Mah, Hlali fainted today and she may have hit her head on the tiles”

I say and she gasps

“Oh my God Bandile, is she ok? Where’s Isipho?”

She asks with so much concern

“Isi is here with me, she says she misses Jay” I say and she chuckles

“Should I send someone to come and fetch her in the mean time?”

Mom asks, I look at Sethu who is playing with her fries

“Please, I got her something to eat but I don’t think she’ll eat in this environment so when she gets there please get Jay to convince her to eat”

I say

“Of cause son. Keep me posted neh”

She says

“I will”

We end the call and I return to Sethu. We sit and wait until someone comes to fetch her and it’s Lukho with the kids. They all leave while I wait for the doctor who finally comes back after 2 hours or so.

“How is she? Can I see her?”

I say

“Sir your wife is fine, we may go and see her”

She says

“What happened to her? What could have caused her to faint?”

I ask

“Sir your wife’s pressure is a little too high”

He says as we walk into the room she is in. She’s sleeping

“She’s ok, we just put her to sleep that’s all. As I was saying, Mrs Tshawe is pregnant and that is why she fainted”

She says, I can’t even help the smile that spreads on my lips

“She’s 12 weeks pregnant sir, congratulations”

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