Life is Just Not Kind

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When I wake up I’m in a hospital bed and my head is pounding painfully. The last time I ever fainted was when I was pregnant with Isipho so right now I’d really like to believe anything but that. I cannot possibly be pregnant, at least not now. I spot my husband standing by the window looking out, I clear my throat and he turns instantly. He smiles and I can’t help but smile

“Sthandwa sam”

He says walking over to me

“What happened?”

I ask him and he sits beside me

“Doctor said your pressure is too high, I think it’s because of what Bayanda may have told you and also because you 3 months pregnant”

He says, I sigh heavily unable to hide my disappointment

“You just have to knock me up don’t you”

I say and he chuckles

“I guess my sperms are that strong”

He says and I chuckle rolling my eyes

“That is not all”

He says and I frown

“It’s triplets”

He says. If you asked me what a jaw dropping moment was, it would definitely be this moment right here. What am I going to do with 5 children? Guys I am not Sinokuhle Mtwa, I can’t do that whole thing of mothering a lot of children. I grew up in a big family and honestly I only ever wanted 2 kids.


I ask because I feel as though my ears are deceiving me. I cannot possibly be pregnant with 3 children! Is my womb even big enough?

“Doctor said she’s going to keep you here for a while until you and the kids are out of danger”

He says, I hear everything he is saying but my mind is on the whole being pregnant with 3 kids. How the hell will I handle 3 kids? Isi was a job on her own and now there’s more coming?

“Sthandwa sam please don’t cry”

He pleads holding my hand tightly

“We going to manage”

He assures me

“How are we going to handle 3 infants Bandile?”

I ask crying and sobbing as reality starts to kick in

“Bhabha please, we can do this. I will be with you every step of the way”

He says with so much assurance I almost believe him. He kisses my hand and just then the doctor walks in, her expression switches up to concerned almost instantly

“Is everything ok?”

She asks and I shrug

“Either than the fact that I’m pregnant with triplets. I don’t know”

I say sobbing and she chuckles

“Mrs Tshawe you need to take it easy. You can’t stress in your condition”

She says and I sigh

“I can’t not stress, how will I carry three children in my womb?”

I ask

“You won’t be carrying any if you continue to stress. My job here is to ensure that you are able to carry and give birth to 3 beautiful babies so please Mrs Tshawe”

She says and then walks over to me “How are you feeling?”

She asks me all these questions and then tells my husband that he can’t stay because a nurse will be back to give me pills to calm me down and the pills will put me to sleep.




The first time I met Bayanda was when I was still in primary, back then I was a little kid who didn’t care about guys or whatsoever and I was cool like that. He used to come around at home since he was Biko’s friend and all but still nothing until we spent some time at the gatherings Biko used to host at his flat and those Hlali hosted with Bandile but even then there was nothing although I slowly grew to like him and his arrogance. I don’t know if I’m the only one but there’s always something about a bad boy with an annoying attitude and that was the case with Baya, something attracted me to him. Til date I can’t explain what it is. My twin and some of our cousins in our final year in highschool decided to go out to the club and that’s where I met him, he saved me from an old school mate and since then things between us weren’t the same again until Hlali’s wedding. After my sister’s wedding we started seeing each other and as much as I knew he was a bad boy and a player I didn’t mind it. I’ve always been the closest to Hlali than my other siblings so she was the first one to find out and she warned me about him and told me to becareful but

honestly if we understood the matters of the heart then none of us would experience this thing called heartbreak right? Last night Baya fetched me from campus and I spent the night at his place, things between us have been great honestly. I lost my virginity to him, I know you probably thinking I’m stupid and naïve but it happened and I had no regrets until today. You probably won’t believe me but Baya is a different person with me, he treats me like a queen something I never thought him capable of but he treats me right and I am happy or rather I was happy with him

It’s Saturday morning, I wake up and he’s not beside me. I slide out of bed and head downstairs calling out his name but he’s not around. I return upstairs and go wash my face and find a sticky note saying he went to get us breakfast, I take the note and put it in the bin then return to the room, his phone goes off with multiple texts coming through.

Unknown: “You better answer my calls Bayanda!”

Unknown: “Bayanda answer my calls dammit!”

Unknown: “Surely you don’t want your brother finding out about what you did on his wedding day”

Unknown: “I’m getting out today, I need you to fetch me”

Unknown: “If you don’t fetch me I’ll tell your brother about your involvement in sabotaging his wedding!”

Unknown: “BAYANDA dammit!”

Unknown: “Answer me else Bandile will know how much you paid for everything”

You ever been so confused you don’t even know how to react? Khaya did his research, I did my very own, dad’s people did their research but nothing ever led to Bayanda. It doesn’t make any sense why he would sabotage his own brother’s wedding. What did my sister ever do to him for him to go through such measures? I’m startled by his arms wrapping around me and him kissing my neck

“Morning beautiful”

He says, his touch alone is enough to make me want to hurl whatever little contents I have from last night’s meal

“Did somebody call me?”

He asks turning me around to face him, his face drops the minute he sees my facial expression

“Baby what’s wrong? What’s going on?”

He asks suddenly sounding concerned


I ask and he frowns confused

“What are you talking about?”

He asks, I hand him his phone

“What did my sister ever do to you huh? Hlali’s only sin was loving your brother, why would you do that to her? To your own niece and nephew?”

I ask after he’s unlocked his phone. His jaw drops

“Nathi I can explain”

He says trying to touch me but I move back

“Don’t touch me”

I say and he pulls his hand back, I shake my head

“I can’t believe you! I knew you’re a jerk but I never thought you were capable of doing such… I don’t even have the right word for what you did!”

I say and then walk past him

“Isenathi please just let me explain”

He says following behind me to his closet

“there’s nothing to explain here Bayanda! You fucked up your own brother’s wedding and my sister’s reputation!”

I say getting dressed quickly

“Nathi I didn’t mean to. Yes I was mad at Hlali and when I tried to pull out on the plan it was already too late”

He says and I chuckle bitterly

“You were mad at Hlali”

I repeat bitterly

“that doesn’t explain why you would hurt her the way you did Bayanda! The consequences of your actions put a target on my sister’s back dammit!”

I say and then grab my bag, he rushes out before me

“Isenathi please don’t leave, not like this”

He says locking the bedroom door, I step back shocked

“So you going to lock me here as if fucking up your brother’s wedding wasn’t enough huh?”

I say and he lets out a sigh

“Nathi please just let me explain and then I promise you can leave”

He says

“I don’t want to hear shit from you Bayanda! Open this fucking door so I can leave”

I yell the last part and he sighs and turns to open the door. I make my way downstairs while requesting an uber because I left my car at res. When I walk out of the yard the car is parked outside. I ask him to drop me off at Biko’s house. It’s around 10 or so, I want to go to Hlali but I need advice from Yoza first on how to handle this situation, I just hope she’s home. I call Biko on my way to his house telling him to prepare breakfast and that I’m

on my way to visit him and he doesn’t ask many questions. I’ve always been a closed off kid especially when it came to my emotions and my brother has never been able to read my emotions hence he’s the best person to go to. I get to his house and head in

“hey Bhuti”

I say meeting him at the door, we share a hug

“Hi mntase”

He says and then we break the hug and walk inside catching up

“You look like shiit”

He says and I laugh

“Wow thanks”

I say and he chuckles

“What? You look like you aint showered. Where were you?”

He asks and I shrug following behind him

“Went drinking with some friends and came back this morning. I left them at a friend’s flat and came over here instead, I need a shower”

I say and he laughs

“Yeah you do, you smell like a man”

He says and I roll my eyes

“You getting laid now?”

He asks and I laugh out loud

“Wow bhuti, we not having this conversation. Is Yoza around?”

I ask him

“Yeah she’s sleeping. It’s ok if you having sex as long as you using protection”

He says and I laugh walking out to take a shower in the spare room. Later Yoza comes down and joins the twins and I, their kids are the sweetest most adorable little things ever.

“Have you eaten?”

Yoza asks and I nod

“Your food is in the warmer”

I say and she nods

“Come help me in the kitchen”

She says

“Kids stay here we’ll be back ok”

She says and I nod and watch their cartoons. We walk to the kitchen together

“So what’s really going on? I know you Isenathi and you would never… what’s the word I’m looking for?”

She says thinking

“be crushed over marks?”

I ask and she nods

“Something like that. So what’s going on?”

She asks and I sit on the high chair while she takes out her plate

“I recently found out something about what happened at Hlali’s wedding but now I’m afraid that it will cause conflict”

I say

“Between who?”

She asks

“families I guess. I don’t know if I should tell Hlali or what”

I say

“Tell Hlali what?”

Biko asks walking in


I say quickly

“I’m not stupid Isenathi. What is it you hiding from Hlali?”

He asks with a stern voice and straight face

“Bayanda helped sabotage Hlali’s wedding. I didn’t get the whole story as to how but he was involved but I think he financed the people that ruined Hlali’s wedding”

I say

“he did what?”

Biko asks startling us both pissed AF! He storms out and Yoza and I both follow after him

“Biko where are you going?”




I watch her sleeping so peacefully like she wasn’t just crying a few minutes over being pregnant. It’s around 2pm now, I walk out and call mom to check on the kids and she tells me that Isipho refuses to eat I ask her to give her the phone and switch to videocall. Within seconds her face shows up on the screen

“hey princess”

I say and she looks at me

“Mommy woke up”

I say but she doesn’t react

“Sethu mommy is fine and I promise I will bring you and Jay to come and see her tomorrow ok?”

I say and she nods

“Please eat for mommy and daddy”

I plead and she nods

“I’ll call grandma and ask if you eating”

I say and she nods

“Where’s your plate? I want to see you eat my little princess so that you can grow and be beautiful like mommy. Don’t you want to grow up and look like mommy?”

I ask her

“I do”

She answers, it’s funny how we don’t take into consideration how kids feel about certain situations. I learn new things about my kids on a daily, like today I learnt that as a parent I should never take my kids emotions for granted on the basis of them being just kids because they feel a whole lot more than they let on

“Then please eat or else you won’t grow”

I say and I see her slowly eat fries, I’m assuming mom went to get her plate for her. She slowly eats while I chat

her up trying to distract her. As we had thought Sethu is a daddy’s little girl while Jay is more of mommy’s boy but he and I also get along. I chat her up until her plate is empty and she’s laughing. When we done she returns the phone to mom

“how is she?”

She asks

“She’s ok, doctors said her pressure is high” I say

“She’s too young to have a high pressure Bandile, what’s really going on?”

She asks, at this point I am not ready to tell anyone yet about Hlali’s pregnancy because I don’t want to overwhelm her with everyone checking on her

“She’s going to be fine, doctors are still running some tests. They said they would keep her here until it drops to normal”

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