Life is Just Not Kind

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“You should go home”

She says brushing my head the minute I wake up


I say raising my head to look up at her

“You should go home, I’ll be fine”

She repeats

“You tired and our kids need one of us home”

She says

“Bhabha don’t push me away”

I say and she chuckles

“I would never, not when I need you the most. Go home and take care of our children. Tomorrow they going to school and it’s going to be Jay’s classmates birthday, you have to get a gift”

She says and I sigh

“I’m going to be fine, Jay on the other hand will be crushed if you don’t show up with a gift for his classmate”

She says and I smile kissing her hand. The kind of mother Mihlali still amazes me til date, as busy as we

both are she makes it a point that our kids never feel it or feel our absence. She makes it a point that we attend everything that requires our attendance at Jay’s school and I forever grateful for having her as the mother of my children and my wife.

“You’re amazing do you know that?”

I say and she raises an eyebrow confused

“You just an amazing person that’s all. Thank you for being the mother of our kids and being my wife”

I say and she smiles

“Thank you for being my husband and an amazing father to our children”

She says and I smile and kiss her hand again

“I’ll leave but I’ll be back tomorrow with the kids”

I say and she shakes her head no

“I don’t want them to see me here. Keep them at my parents or your mother’s place but don’t bring them here”

She says

“Why? You know how much they love you, they won’t sleep well until they know and are certain their mother is ok”

I say and she smiles

“I’ll videocall them if I have to but I don’t want them here”

She says sternly and I sigh

“I know you don’t understand but Bandile the last thing I want is my children having an image of me in hospital. Isi already watched me fainting and hitting my head. Please just do this for me”

she pleads and I nod

“And forgive your brother, it’s no use crying over spilt milk. We dealt with everything 3 years ago and I just want us to move on from it already”

She says and I shake my head no

“I can’t do that Hlali”

I say

“Chocky please”

I shake my head no

“You too good for your own, I can’t forgive Bayanda for what he did Mihlali at least not now!”

I say and she lets out a heavy sigh “he’s your brother” She argues

“I don’t have a brother that betrays me the way he did, a brother that humiliates my wife like he did. A brother

that disrespects me like that. He ruined your reputation, you almost lost your job Mihlali”

“But I didn’t”

She cuts in and I roll my eyes

“I’m sorry Sthandwa sam but Bayanda is dead to me and we are done discussing this”

I say and kiss her forehead

“Bye, I’ll bring you your phone tomorrow and everything else I think you’ll need”

I say and she nods

“Bye Sthandwa sam”

I say and kiss her lips


She says after breaking the kiss. I walk out of her hospital room, I love my wife too much to just drop this.




After telling Yoza everything from how I even came about to date Bayanda all the way to learning about what he did to my sister she was quite speechless but she advised me that I tell Hlali what happened because if

roles were reversed I would want to know too and I she had a point. I call Hlali but it rings unanswered until eventually I give up and go to their house and come to learn that Bandile rushed Hlali to the hospital. It’s a little frustrating that Bandile hasn’t said anything to any of our family members about Hlali landing in Hospital. What could have even caused her to lend in hospital? I need to warn them that Unathi has been released or will be released. My phone rings and when I check the screen it’s Mange.


I answer and she’s in tears

“Imange what’s wrong?”

I ask and she just cries even more which only scares me. This is what I hate about life, one sister is in hospital and the other calls you crying you.

“Mange please talk to me”

I plead

“I had a miscarriage”

She says and I can’t help but gasp in shock, Ima was pregnant? What the hell?

“Haibo Mange what do you mean”

She just sobs, I sigh

“Mntaka mama how? What happened?”

I ask unable to hide the concern and worry in my voice “Where’s Yandisa?”

I ask but she only sobs, I’ve never been good at this whole comforting a person business and Mange is one to show emotion and express it at all costs. How do you comfort you twin that just miscarried and yet you didn’t even know was pregnant?

“I’m coming”

I assure her and drop the call. I request something to take me to the airport. With Biko I’m certain Hlali will find out anyway. I’m lucky enough to get a flight that’s leaving in 30 minutes. After a few minutes on the plane I land in Joburg and then call Mange asking where she is and she tells me she’s in the hospital and tells me the name of the hospital. I request and have the uber take me to the hospital. I text her and she tells me her room number, I make my way to the room she is in and Yandisa is sitting by the window.


She exclaims as I walk in, I rush to her and hug her tightly. She starts to cry all over again, I let her cry until she has calmed down. When she is calm enough I break the hug and sit on the chair beside the bed

“Hi Ise”

Yandisa says

“Hey Yandi, how are you?”

I ask and he shrugs

“I’ll give you 2 space”

He says and walks out

“Mange what happened?”

I ask and she shrugs

“I don’t know. I didn’t even know I was pregnant until I got here and I was told I had a miscarriage”

She says, I take her hand into mine and kiss it

“I’m sorry”

I say

“Have you guys told anyone else?”

I ask her and she shakes her head no

“You can’t tell anyone yourself Ise please. Mom and Dad would force me come and study in Cape Town if they found out”

She says and I sigh

“Mange you guys need family now more than anything”

I say and she shakes her head

“We have you and he has his friend. You can’t tell anyone Ise please”




After Bandile’s departure yesterday I was brought food from the restaurant and pills. When I wake up the next day Bandile is sitting beside my bed

“Hey you”

I say and he smiles


He says coldly

“Everything ok?”

I ask him because with the way he is looking at me right now I don’t know what to think

“Why didn’t you tell me that Bayanda was seeing your sister?”

he asks and I bite the inside of my lip

“I can explain”

I say and he lets out a chuckle in disbelief

“I thought we agreed on not keeping secrets anymore Mihlali”

He says with clear disappointment in his voice

“It’s immoral and wrong Mihlali! Bayanda is 11 years older than Isenathi, he’s a player for heavens sake and he’s only going to break her heart”

He says and gets up to pace around the room

“They begged me not to tell anyone Bandile, I couldn’t do that to my little sister”

I explain

“What about your husband Mihlali huh? What about keeping this from me?”

He asks and I sigh

“I am your family Mihlali! You didn’t tell me because you knew that it’s wrong”

He yells

“No, I didn’t tell you because I knew you would react like this. It’s not like they even related Bandile”

I say and he chuckles bitterly

“You must think life is some white people movie! We are married which makes them inlaws Mihlali! They are related because of our union dammit”

He says and I keep quiet, he takes a deep breath and then turns to me

“Unathi has been released from prison and nobody she’s gone MIA”

He says and I gasp covering my mouth “My people are working to find her” He says and I still don’t respond.

“The kids are at my parents house and I’ve tightened up security”

He says and I nod. He walks over to me

“I’m sorry for yelling at you but Mihlali you can’t keep doing this, keeping things from me. I am your husband, I understand you love and care about your siblings but I am your family too or I matter less to you than they do?” he asks and I quickly shake my head no

“Of cause not Bandile. You mean a lot to me, you my husband. I love you a lot. I didn’t do this as some kind of betrayal, my sister begged me not to tell anyone and I was respecting her wishes”

I say with a sigh

“I am sorry Bandile and it will never happen again”

I say and he takes my hand into his and kisses it

“We have bigger things to worry about. Your brother beat up Bayanda into a pulp, he’s in hospital”

He says unbothered

“Oh my God Bandile, is he ok?”

I ask and he shrugs

“He’s still alive. Our biggest problem at the moment is finding Unathi and making sure that our kids and yourself are safe”

He says and I sigh

“I’m in a hospital bed, I don’t think there’s anywhere safer than here for me”

I say and he rolls his eyes

“I have a guard outside your door making sure that no-one that shouldn’t visit you will try shiit”

He say and I roll my eyes

“don’t you think that’s a little dramatic?”

I ask and he shrugs

“Your safety is everything to me Mihlali!”

He says

“I appreciate it Bandile a lot”

I say bringing his hand to my lips to place a kiss on it. He smiles

“The house is empty and cold without you and the kids”

He says and I blush

“I’ll be out of here in good time”

Just then a nurse walks in and helps me to go and shower then we come back and my husband is on the phone with our kids judging by the conversation. He hands me the phone after I finish getting dressed

“Hello my babies”

I greet and they respond all happy, they still in their pj’s “Mommy”

They say and I smile, the thought of something happening to me and them growing without me is enough motivation for me to want to get out of here quicker

“How are you mommy?”

Jay asks

“I’m good my lovies and how are you guys? Are you taking care of your sister?”

I ask and he smiles

“Yes mom I’m taking care of her”

He says and I smile

“Isipho sam”

I say and she smiles

“Mommy wam”

She says and I giggle

“Are you being a good little girl?”

I ask her and she nods, Jay also nods

“Tomorrow you guys are going to school, did daddy buy you the present for your friend?”

I ask and Jay shrugs, I look up at Bandile who nods

“Siki handled it”

He says and I nod

“Daddy says he got it”

I say and he smiles

“Will daddy be taking us to school tomorrow?”

He asks and I shrug

“You guys want daddy to take you to school?”

I ask and they both nod

“Daddy are you taking the kids to school tomorrow?”

I ask he chuckles


“You’ll have to wake him up”

Jay says and we all laugh

“Fine I won’t drive you guys to school”

Bandile says and they both start to protest and apologising. I laugh and just enjoy the little moments I share with my kids. A delivery guy walks in with food for both Bandile and I. We end the call with the kids and then start to eat over light conversation

“Who else knows I’m here?”

I ask

“Your parents, haven’t they showed up?”

He asks and I shake my head, as if on cue mom walks in followed by dad

“How could you keep it from us that our daughter is in hospital? Do you know how it was having to hear it from Jay and Isi?”

Dad says while mom comes and hugs me tightly asking me a million questions about me landing up in here.

“I was the one that asked Bandile not to mention anything to any of you guys because I knew you guys would worry and panic”

I say and Mom shoots me a look

“Mom I’m pregnant”

I say and her jaw drops to the floor

“you pregnant?”

Dad asks and I smile and nod


Bandile adds and mom clasps her mouth in disbelief unable to hide her emotions


She asks and I nod, she bends to hug me tightly again

“Congratulations my love”

She says and then breaks the hug

“We going to be grand parents again”

She says turning to dad who nods with a smile, he comes over and hugs me tightly too. We then break the hug

“I’d like to keep this pregnancy between us for now”

I say and they nod

“This is a lot to take in”

Mom says overwhelmed with excitement, I smile at how happy they are.




I am woken up by Mihlali’s phone call


I answer half asleep

“Wake up and prepare for taking the kids to school”

She says and I chuckle

“What’s the time?”

I ask her and she giggles

“It is time for you to wake up and wash Bandile”

She says half scolding and I laugh

“Fine, how are you this morning?”

I ask

“I’m good thanks Chocky and how are you?”

She asks

“I feel like shiit, I feel asleep working last night”

I say and she giggles

“Miss me much?”

She says

“You have no idea. Babe let me take a shower neh and I’ll call you when I get to the kids”

I say

“Ok ke Chocky, have a great day”

She says

“It will be great when I see you”

I say and she giggles

“Just get ready mahn Bandile”

She says and cuts the call on me. I laugh going to shower, I’m an hour early and the kids prefer to be 30 minutes early so that they get enough time to play in school. Sethu attends daycare, Mihlali wants her to have

good social skills and hence she started early. Jay on the other hand is a good boy and he is smart for his own age and he loves school. When I finish everything I call in at work and inform my receptionist to transfer my meetings to conference calls instead because of my wife that is currently stuck in a hospital bed. I fetch the kids from Mom’s house and they are beyond excited it’s the most adorable thing. They attend different schools from Bakho’s kids. We drive to school singing along to Alvin and The chipmunks CD, the sad reality of being a parent, these little people take over everything in your life and are too permanent. We get to the robot and stop waiting for the lights to turn red, I dial Hlali’s number and put her on speaker turning off the music

“Sthandwa sam”

She says

“I’m driving the kids to school”

I report

“hello mommie’s babies”

She says all so excited and they respond each talking at the same time telling Hlali about their Sunday and everything else that happened in her absence. The robots turn green and I slowly drive when a truck comes out of nowhere and sends my car spinning off the road and tumbling over to the side of the road


Is the last scream I hear before I am knocked out.

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