Life is Just Not Kind

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When I heard about the death of Bandile and the kids my

main concern was how Mihlali must have been doing,

many would think that it made me happy but it didn’t,

what kind of person would I be to be excited over

something so painful? I’ve always loved Mihlali, me

staying away was for the sake of their relationship and

because I knew Bandile didn’t like me around her and

Mihlali being loving and respectful of her husband I

didn’t want to put her in a position of having to

constantly explain. The death of Bandile didn’t mean I

could step in and take my place by her side or be her

shoulder to cry on, Mihlali needed all the love and

support she could get during that time, I didn’t visit her

with intentions of us getting together, no, I knew she

needed a friend and I wanted to be that friend. I knew I

couldn’t be that friend to her during the day when

everyone else was around so I only showed up after

hours. Me staying away didn’t mean I wasn’t interested,

I just decided to love her at a distance while keeping tabs

on her. I know I sound like a stalker and maybe I am,

who wouldn’t keep an eye on someone they love?

“So what do you think about Mihlali?”

I ask my daughter, we video calling. She’s in Varsity studying at Wits

“She’s amazing dad, she makes you happy”

She says and I smile

“So you like her?”

I ask and she giggles

“I love her dad. Why are you asking me this?” She asks and I chuckle

“Because I’m thinking of asking her to marry me tonight”

I respond and she clasps her mouth in shock “Too soon?”

I ask and she shakes her head

“No dad, it’s not. I mean wow! I’m happy for you, I hope she says yes. Wait where’s the ring?”

She asks and I laugh

“My jeweller is supposed to bring it in today” I say

“Dad I’m so excited and happy for you. Call me and tell me what she says”

She says and I chuckle

“You way too excited for my liking” I say and she giggles

“You deserve to be happy dad. Yes you not the best guy the is but you deserve love and happiness”

She says and I smile. A couple of years back Akhona found out in a not so friendly way about what I do on the side. She was taken by some member of our enemies but I got her in time before they could do anything to her. Her studying in Joburg wasn’t the most ideal thing to do but my daughter is as stubborn as I am.

“She already accepted you as you are”

She says and I chuckle

“Yeah… whatever princess, how’s school?”

I ask

“You know I never wanted to go to varsity. Why won’t you let me join your team?”

She says and I sigh

“Because Akhona it’s not safe and your mother would kill me. I’d hate myself if anything ever happened to you”

I say and she rolls her eyes

“School is fine”

She says and I raise an eyebrow at how she says it

“I won’t do anything I shouldn’t do dad don’t worry”

She says and rolling her eyes

“You better not or else I will fly to Joburg Akhona” She rolls her eyes

“I don’t doubt that you will dad. I have to go. I’ll be crossing fingers”

She says

“Thanks baby, bye”

I say and we cut the call

“Sir there’s a lady outside saying she has a delivery for you”

My assistant says

“let her in”

I say and then soon my jeweller comes in

“Mr Mnguni”

she says and I gesture her to sit down

“So I brought a couple of rings to choose from”

She says

“lets see them shall we?”

I say and she takes out a box and opens it placing it in front of me

“And they all in the size I gave you?” I ask and she nods

“yes sir, each and everyone of them”

She says as I pick up one I seem to like and look at it. She starts going into detail of the amount of diamonds on the ring

“So can you customize a necklace and earrings that go with it?”

she nods

“Of cause sir, we can do whatever you like with the very same diamond on the ring”

she says and I nod

“I like this one and I want you to make a necklace and earrings to match. The same cut and same diamond. I want my very own ring to have this front design, same rock and a normal band underneath”

I say and she writes everything down “When will you need it sir?” She asks

“I’ll keep you posted as to when I’ll need it but have it made and keep it in handy”

I say and she nods

“Will that be all sir?”

She asks

“When will your range of watches be arriving?”

I ask and she checks her phone

“Next week sir. I’ll send you and email of when they arrive”

she says and I nod

“Thank you again”

I say and she nods packing up everything

“Here is the box for that ring”

she says and I take it and return the ring to it’s box. We end our meeting, she was my last meeting for the day. I return home and take a shower, when I get out of the bathroom my phone is ringing. I look at the screen and it’s Mihlali calling

“Short cake”

I answer, she lets out a sigh

“Khaya you late”

She says and I chuckle

“Ouch, what happened to Gummie Bear?”

I ask but she doesn’t respond

“I just got out of the shower, I promise I will be there now now”

I promise

“You’ll find me in bed”

She says annoyed and I laugh

“I’d love that so much”

I say and she giggles

“You such a pervert mahn! Bye Khaya”

She says and drops the call on me leaving me laughing. I lotion my body then wear a suit and take whatever is important then head out. I park in front of the yard and call her

“I’m outside”

I say


She says. 2 years ago Mihlali moved out of her house with Bandile and got herself something less big and enough for her and the triplets. She and I have been dating for a year now. I get out when I see her get out of the gate

“You look beautiful Kitty”

I say and she rolls her eyes

“Thank you, what was so important that you of all people was late?”

She asks

“Lets get in and I’ll tell you about it later”

I say and then open the door for her, she gets in and I close the door then get in my side. After a while of driving I park then go and open her side

“Where are we?”

She asks

“somewhere in Cape Town”

I say and she smacks my arm

“I’m serious”

She says

“I know you are. Shall we?”

I ask holding out my arm to her, she hooks her arm and then we walk inside the gate. As we walk the lights hanging in the trees beside the pavement into the park each light up

“This looks beautiful”

She says and I chuckle

“I know”

I say as we make our way into the park, there’s a gazebo set up with a table for two. It’s a beautiful setting, there’s lights hanging on trees looking like floating lintels and a flower bed around the gazebo

“Gummie this is beautiful”

she says clasping her mouth

“Not more than you”

I say and she blushes

“Come on”

I say and we step on the stairs and get to the table, I open the chair for her then go to my side

“is this why you were late?”

She asks and I chuckle


I say with a shrug and she shoots me a look. A waiter comes over and serves us then we eat over light conversations. It’s a 3 course meal and champagne so that we are able to drive. When we done eating a chatting a piano starts playing Jason Derulo’s will you marry me without the singing. I get up and kneel on one knee in front of her

“What are you doing?”

she asks

“Hlali I could bullshit you and promise you heaven and earth but we both know I am not that guy”

She giggles shaking her head

“I’ve fucked up many times in my life but being with you is definitely not one of my fuck ups. I’ve loved for quite some time now and you know it, me kneeling before you right now is not me asking you to forget your family, I’m not trying to compete with your late husband

for your love nor am I trying to replace him. I know you love him even in death and that’s ok with me”

I say and tears roll down her cheeks

“I am not a perfect man and you know it, you know the crimes I’ve committed but you loved me and accepted me still and this is why I kneel before you right now. Mihlali I want to love you and your children as you need to be. I’ve distanced myself from what I used to do for the sake of you and your children. All my enemies are taken care of which is why I am confident enough to kneel before you and ask you to marry me. I can’t promise you a happy ever after but I can promise you the love I know you deserve”

I say and she slowly nods


I ask and she nods


she says and then pulls me in to share a hug and a very long kiss. After the kiss she looks at me

“I’ll have to talk to my mother and mother in law first”

She says and I chuckle

“I know”




She says with a smile, ever since the death of my family she and I have gotten closer than I had ever imagined. She stepped up and became the mother in law I needed, the woman that raised Bandile so well and I can be proud to call my mother in law.

“Honey you young, you what? 34 years right? Bandile would have wanted you to go on with your life, he would have wanted you to be happy and Khaya makes you happy”

She says and I smile

“how long have you guys been dating”

She says and I giggle

“It’s been a year now, I never knew how to tell you. I’m sorry”

She laughs

“I knew you guys were dating I’ve just been waiting for you to tell me. I am happy for you Mihlali and you have my blessing”

she says, I get up and attack her with a hug

“You have come so far and if you are ready to get married again then you have my blessing and support”

She says and we break the hug as the triplets come down the stairs arguing for reasons known to them. This is the thing with siblings, they get along when parents aren’t around and the arguing is merely for attention only

“Mah I should get going”

I say and she laughs because she knows I’m running away from them. I say my goodbyes to them and then drive off to meet up with Lara, Kayla and Yoza over at Yoza’s house. I knock and let myself in, the little ones run to me and hug me tightly

“Hello my beautiful babies”

I say breaking the hug

“How are you guys? Where’s mommy and daddy?”

I ask

“Daddy is at work and mommy is with aunty Lara”

Yolo says, they daughters are Yololwethu and Khololwethu. They very adorable, they each take my hand dragging me

“Come see our new playhouse. Daddy built it for us”

Kholo says as they pull me to the lounge where Lara and Yoza seat

“Hey guys, I have to see this house and then I’ll be back”

I say as we pass them in the lunge going out the sliding door. They have a cute house outside, it’s small enough for the 2 of them

“It’s so cute”

I say and Yolo gets inside to show me how awesome their house is

“Did you guys thank daddy?” I ask and they nod

“Where’s Sethu and Thini?”

Kholo asks

“They went to see their grandmother”

I say we chat a bit before I return to my friends. We start catching up and then I drop the bomb on them of Khaya asking me for marriage and they are happy for me

“Are you ready to get married again?”

Kayla asks, when I got inside she was here with the girls. After Bandile’s funeral she moved to this side permanently, she doesn’t have any children

“Honestly I don’t know if I am but he said he’s willing to wait until I am. I’m just scared the same thing will happen you know? I’ve lost so much already and I’m scared to lose more people”

I say and Yoza places her hand on my knee

“Friend nothing will happen to Khaya, you just have to trust and believe that”

she says and I smile

“It’s sounds easier said than done. There’s always this fear looming over me Yoza, I’m always terrified that I’ll lose him or the kids again you know? My therapist says it’s normal”

I say with a sad sigh

“Honey you need to let go of the fear, fear only holds us back from living”

Lara says and I smile

“I have something to share with you guys”

Kayla starts off

“I am pregnant”




You know how you think and believe you over someone until you see them again and they look 10x hotter than the last time you saw them? Bayanda is older than me and he’s bad for me but the way I feel for him hasn’t changed. Over the years I tried not to think about him, I thought I could hate him but now that I see him today stand before me I can’t hate him, I want to hate him so badly but I can’t instead I realise that I never stopped

loving him. We say our goodbyes to him and then walk out

“You’ve been quiet ever since we saw that guy”

Chad says, you ever been so lost in thoughts that you barely hear what the next person is saying? That’s me right now


He calls out


I say

“Everything ok?”

I fake a smile and nod

“Yes everything is fine. Anyway Mange said she’ll land later today”

I say hoping to avoid the conversation which will probably cause us to argue. Chad is a loving good guy and good for me but you know there’s something about the guy you know is wrong for you. We get to Rocco Mamas and get a table for 2 then sit down and place our orders

“I’m sure you can’t wait to see your twin” He says and I chuckle

“I’m excited, she asked that I take her out later tonight” I say

“I thought you said you didn’t feel like going out” He says

“I know but Mange can be persistent and persuasive. I figured why not, she wants a girls night out”

I say and he nods

“I guess we’ll hang out tomorrow then?”

He asks and I nod. We eat and converse but my mind is with Bayanda, I had told my sister I didn’t want to go out and said I’d think about it and for some reason upon seeing Bayanda I do want to go out and hopefully I meet him at the club later. Chad and I have been together for 3 years now. Later on we go and fetch my twin at the airport and then he drops us off at my apartment.

“Mntaka Mah”

She says grabbing my phone out of my hands coming out of shower, i’m laying on the bed with my stomach stalking my ex. Is that normal?

“ha.ana Imange”

I say trying to get my phone back

“Bayanda Tshawe?”

she says looking at the screen, I catch her off guard and grab my phone back

“I thought you were done with him”

She says folding her arms

“I was… I am”

I say

“Which one is it really Ise?”

She asks and I shrug

“I thought I was over him Mange until I saw him today Legends”

I say and sigh throwing myself on the bed, she climbs ontop of me kneeling on the bed with her legs on either side of my lower abdomen

“I’m not Ntsika”

I say and she chuckles and moves her waist sitting on top of me, Ntsika is the guy she is currently banging without any strings attached.

“Of cause you not because he would have a boner right now”

She says and I laugh

“You such a horny bitch”

I say and she laughs and stops moving. She and Yandisa broke up a year ago, Yandisa got a job offer in the states and he chose to leave, well he did ask her to come with

her but she didn’t want to leave her life this side for a man or so she says.

“I’m assuming he is the reason for your sudden change of heart?”

She asks and I raise an eyebrow

“Deciding to go to the club, I’m assuming you want to go to his club?”

She asks and I shrug

“What about Chad?”

She asks and I shrug

“I love him sis”

I say and she chuckles

“but your heart is with Bayanda”

She says and I shrug

“Get dressed and lets go to Club Phoenix then”

She says, I look at her

“If my twin wants to be a good girl gone bad then I won’t stop her. Heck I’ll even help you keep it from Chad. You need closure or whatever it is but if seeing him again and maybe banging him will help you decide what you want then you have my support. We need to make you look


She say and I laugh. She picks out something for me to wear and does my make up then we head out. We grab dinner then drive to his club based on Florida road. We get in and make our to find my friends. We find them and join them, the vibe in the club is lit and I’m a little disappointed I haven’t seen him yet, I’m even thinking of leaving now.


Mange says showing me her phone, she had went live a while ago and Bayanda had viewed her story

“He’s on his way. Now come lets go and dance”

She says putting her phone in her bag and dragging me to the dance floor. We start dancing and enjoying ourselves until I excuse myself to go and pee, when I get out I bump into someone. I look up



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