Life is Just Not Kind

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She looks up at me, I’m stunned to see her here tonight looking as hot as she does. My eyes go all the way down to her feet and back up to her adorable face. Every little inch of me right now is telling me to let her go, she has a boyfriend, I’m not right for her, she deserves better than me, my eyes land on her lips

“Fuck this”

I say and cup her face and kiss her hungrily, her lips are just as I remember them to be. Juicy and plumpy. My other hand travels down to her thigh, I push her against the wall as our kiss gets super heated, her hands travel up my hair and then all the way to my back. I break it breathing heavily and so is she

“We shouldn’t”

She says trying to catch her breath

“Yeah, you right. We shouldn’t”

I say but still don’t move an inch

“I should return to my sister”

She says after a while of comfortable silence just looking into each other’s eyes, she looks down and I slip my hand under her chin making her look up at me, I plant a slow kiss on her lips then pull on her lower lip a little then break the kiss

“I’ll see you around”

I say and then go straight to my office. The only reason I even came out here was because I saw Imange’s live story on Instagram and I needed to see Isenathi in order to believe that she was really here. I turn to look behind me and she’s walking out the passage. I get to the back and then go up the stairs all the way to the office. I scan my badge and get inside, my manager is on the phone with Lord knows who but judging by the conversation it’s about the stock. When he’s done he turns to me

“Everything ok?”

I ask and he nods

“Yes sir, a delivery of some alcohol will be delayed a little bit”

He says

“Still haven’t found the person stealing from us?”

I ask and he shakes his head no

“What am I paying you for then? Either you check with our delivery guy or the supplier or the people that pack up the alcohol. Just find this person for me”

I say annoyed and he nods “I’m sorry sir, I’ll get it done”

He says and excuses himself, my phone rings and it’s one of my friend’s who were supposed to be here about an hour ago

“Siya talk to me?”

I say

“We in the VIP area, where you at? There’s these pretty ass chicks we met when we got here. There’s even twins”

He says and for some reason I jump out of my chair “I’ll be there now”

I say and cut the call, I don’t know why I jumped at the mention of twins, I own the hottest hippest club around here and there’s probably another set of twins but I’m hoping it’s not the ones I think he’s talking about. As I open the door I meet Ise being stopped by a bodyguard

“Let her through”

I say and she walks up to me

“I thought you said we shouldn’t”

I say and she wraps her hands around my neck

“I couldn’t stay away”

She says and I lean in to kiss her, she doesn’t push me off her. I pick her up and fumble our way up the stairs to the office

“Don’t drop me”

she says between our heated kiss

“When have I ever?”

I whisper, I open the door and walk in making my way to the table. I place her on it and then go down to her neck leaving a trail of wet kisses all the way to her boobs, she lets out soft moans. FUCK I missed that sound! She takes my t-shirt off while kissing me with so much hunger and lust, I now realise just how much she’s missed me. In no time our clothes are off and I’m kneeling down sucking her cake and fucking her with my tongue taking her to a whole other level, her moans increase as she watches me lustfully eating her up. I missed her smell and having her at my mercy right now means everything to me. I insert a finger and work it inside of her hitting a certain spot that makes her unable to hold herself. I move my finger inside of her while flickering my tongue over her clit sending her all the way until she lets go screaming my name


she lets out and I chuckle licking her clean

“You like that?”

she nods


She says trying to catch her breath, I go up to her face and kiss her while still fingering her. I lover my briefs and position myself at her entrance


She mumbles in my lips

“We’ll get the morning after”

I say kissing her neck and she pushes me off her

“Condom Bayanda!”

She says sternly. I move away from her and take out a condom from my wallet then return to her while inserting it in my dick. I attack her with a kiss as she is about to say something, she is still very much wet when I insert my finger and add a second on making her back arch. I squeeze her tight ass bringing her up to the edge of the table and going in slowly making her gasp in my mouth


She lets out a muffled moan when I push all of me in. I pump into her slowly hitting that one spot inside of her that makes her gasp every time

“I missed you Isenathi”

I say squeezing her butt cheeks, and she rolls her head back

“I missed you too”

She says holding onto the edges of the table, I pump in slowly and pick her up to place her on the pool table in the office and start pumping onto her faster wrapping her one leg around my waist and pinning her hands up above her head with my one hand while my other hand

squeezes her thigh tightly with my fingers digging into her thighs. She lets out moans that increase with each of my strokes, she meets my strokes halfway moaning louder and louder as we both reaching our peek

“Cum with me Ise”




he parts my lips and then licks me from the bottom up


I let out a moan, he sucks on my clit while inserting his middle finger inside me I let out a moan.


I scream out, the sensation is too damn good to not moan. He flickers his tongue over my clit in a teasing way that makes me push his head in, he stops and laughs

“Be patient short cake”

He says and that alone sends a vibration all the way down to my clit, his horny voice still sends chills down my spine. He continues teasing me while working his finger inside of me faster hitting one same spot until I squirt all over the bed and his face. He licks his lips and then crawls up to me


He says, I flip us over


I say and he chuckles

“Never gets old”

He says as me being ontop of him, I bend down to kiss his lips and then make my way down to his neck


He groans, I move down to his chest leaving a trail of wet kisses moving backwards until I reach his bulge, he sits up a little resting on his elbows watching me intently. I lick my lips in anticipation of what I’m about to reveal the minute I pull down these briefs. I pull them down letting his bulge free all the way down and then circle my hand around him, he lets out a groan. I tighten my grip a little and then lick his tip slowly circling my tongue around his tip teasing him as much as he teased me. He lets out a groan

“I see what you doing”

He says and I batter my lashes trying to look all cute, he chuckles and lays back letting me do my thing. I take him all into my mouth with his dick hitting the back of my neck such that I gag, maybe I wasn’t so ready to take all of him in, I slowly move in and out of his shaft whirling my tongue around him making him feel a

sensation I know will push him over the edge. I continue moving in and out of him faster and sloppier gagging in between and swallowing his tip which I know makes him feel so good. I feel him slowly expanding in my mouth

“I’m going to cum”

He warns me and I increase my pace moving in and out faster letting him release in my mouth. i manage to swallow bits of him and then wipe the edges of my mouth


I say crawling up to him

“hey sexy”

He says breathlessly trying to catch his breath. I slowly lower myself onto his still very much hard shaft gasping as he fills me up inside. I slowly move my waist in circles and then bounce up and down a little making his eyes roll back in pleasure. I bounce and then twerk on him resting my hands on his chest, the pleasure you get from riding a hard shaft is different than the one you get when a guy is on top of you because you get to be in control. I take his hands and pin them above his head and then increase the pace making both of us tense up

“I’m going to cum”

I warn him moving faster bouncing up and down on his dick

“Cum for me”

He commands and I release violently collapsing ontop of him and he quickly flips us over so he is ontop

“Tired much?”

He asks and I shrug

“I can still go”

I say proudly and he chuckles and pulls out with his shaft stained with my juices. He flips me over to lie on my stomach and then parts my butt cheeks kneeling infront of my exposed cake and then he slowly pushes himself in and starts moving, he lays on top of me kissing my shoulder

“How was your day?”

He asks and I chuckle

“You going to ask me that now?”

I ask

“Yes, how was your day, we never got to that”

He says, I roll my eyes. He’s so annoying with what he’s doing and he has done it multiple times this thing of his starting a random conversation while pushing deep inside of me hitting that one spot that sends me over the edge.

“It was good, how was yours?”

I ask peeking over my shoulder as he moves inside of me, God the sensation feels amazing and the conversation is not enough of a distraction. He increases his pace

“It’s good now”

He responds pumping into me

“I’m going to cum again”

I warn him

“Cum for me baby”




“You sure you going to manage them Mah?”

I ask, Mrs Mtwa senior offered to take the kids for the today

“They my grandchildren, of cause I’ll manage. I raised Biko and the girls”

She says proudly, I chuckle

“Let mom take the kids so we can have some us time”

Biko says hugging me from behind and kissing my shoulder. Over the years I’ve climbed up the ladder at work and now run my own surgery and have days off,

like this weekend I’m off. After the girls I decided on contraceptives because my man keeps shooting doubles for some reason after we had agreed on 3 kids but life had other plans.

“Wow kids I’m still here”

His mother says and we both laugh

“Don’t bring me more grandkids, leave it to the twins now”

She says and we all laugh

“wow mom!”

Biko says

“Don’t worry Mah we done with that, your son keeps shooting doubles”

I say and they laugh

“That’s what we all say honey… Trust me”

Mom says sarcastically and we all laugh at her, this woman is something else. The kids come downstairs carrying their bags.

“Mommy is going to miss you”

I say to my babies

“We’ll miss you too mom”

Nthlonipho says hugging me

“We also want to say bye to mommy”

Kholo says and I chuckle as they all hug me tightly.

“Mom we not going to war, we just visiting grandma”

Ntlakanipho says breaking up the hug, we all laugh

“He has a point”

Biko says and we say our goodbyes before he accompanies them to the car. I go to the kitchen and wash the dishes left by the boys. I’m startled by Rato’s arms wrapping his arms around my waist and him kissing my neck

“We have the house to ourselves”

He says kissing my neck, I giggle

“What did you have in mind?”

I ask turning to him

“I can think of a few things we can do in this kitchen”

He says and I giggle biting my lower lip

“Show me”

I say and he picks me up and turns us around placing me on the kitchen counter.

“Hey beautiful”

He says and I smile as he kisses me passionately and hungrily. He trails kisses down to my neck making me

moan his name. Sex with my husband has only gotten better, Rato almost cheated on me 5 years ago because I was too focused on work instead of him but for some reason he never went through with it. It did however affect our relationship then but my pregnancy brought us back together and we’ve never been better since.

He takes my underwear off and then muffs me so good until I cum and then puts me down and flips me over to hit it doggy. I lay on the counter with my legs parted enough for him to go in. He positions himself at my entrance and slowly pushes into me, I gasp


I let out and he slowly moves his hand to my clit and works it with his finger making the sensation I’m feeling 10x better and more intense. He doesn’t make love to me, he fucks me like his life depends on it until we both release and then we continue on the floor. He lays on his back and slowly sits me on his dick, I slowly bounce up and down in him making us both feel all the right things in all the right places. I kneel and continue riding him, bouncing up and down and switching to moving my waist in circles and moving to twerking on him until I feel him tense up which is means he’s close to orgasm. I continue twerking on him until I cum and he cums after me.

“I love you”

I say collapsing on him

“I love you more”

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