Life is Just Not Kind

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I sit in front of the mirror applying a little bit of make-up for my meeting with a client, Chad sits up on the bed and watches me intently

“This particular client must be special”

He starts off and I frown looking at him through the mirror, he chuckles

“You never spend this much time on make up. By now you usually done”

He says and I sigh

“Honey I don’t want to fight with you, not now please” I say and he nods

“I wasn’t looking to fight, I was just saying. Over the last 6 months you’ve changed, I don’t know what it is. Did you meet someone that night you went out with your sister?”

he asks and I turn to him

“I don’t know what you talking about Chad”

I say and he shakes his head no chuckling bitterly

“You can be honest with me or you can continue to lie through your teeth Isenathi, which is which?”

He asks walking over to me, I get up off the chair and turn to face him

“Chad there is nothing going on” I say and he nods

“Fine, then you shouldn’t have a problem unlocking your phone for me”

He says and I frown

“What? NO! Why?”

I ask and he laughs sarcastically

“You think I’m stupid don’t you? We meet your ex at Legends and suddenly you in the mood for going out with your sister? Oh how can I forget, you dress different ever since that day and lets not forget how you suddenly changed your password. I am not stupid Isenathi. Be honest with me and save us both the misery”

He says

“How do you know that guy is my ex?”

I ask and he chuckles

“Of everything I just said right now, you worried about me knowing that the guy we met is your ex? Wow! You unbelievable”

He says turning away from me. Yes he’s right, ever since that night Baya and I hooked up and we’ve been hooking

up ever since. Don’t judge me we all have that one ex that’s like a drug you can’t seem to get over. I hate that Bayanda makes me so weak, I hate that I am still in love with him and I what I hate even more is the fact that this conversation doesn’t hurt me as much as it should, for some reason I have no regrets and I show no remorse. But then again I’ve always had a control of my emotions and apart from Hlali, Baya is the second person to get me in touch with my emotions

“Chad I’m sorry”

I say and he chuckles

“No you not! You not sorry, what are you sorry for?”

He asks and I shrug


I ask and he nods

“I’m sorry for stringing you along, it was wrong of me. I should have told you about Baya from the get go but I was avoiding this. He’s that ex I told you about, the one I seemingly still can’t seem to get over and I am sorry for hurting you the way I did”

I say and he runs his hands on his face

“Did you ever love me at all?”

He asks and I nod

“I did but not as much as I love him”

I say and he chuckles

“I hope I never see you again” He says getting dressed “Chad please”

I say trying to sound at least sympathetic and remorseful “I hope he makes you happy!” He says

“Chad please don’t leave like this” I say running to the door to stop him “Why do you care?” He asks

“Believe it or not I do care about you Chad. You angry and you hurt right now, you can’t drive in this state”

I say and he looks at me squinting his eyes at me “Why?”

He asks, I raise an eyebrow “Why did you cheat on me?”

He asks in a very sad tone that actually breaks my heart. I shrug

“I didn’t plan to, it just happened. I thought I hated him, convincing myself that I hated him was easier than to admit to loving him after what he did”

I let out a sigh

“You’re an amazing person Chad and I never wanted to do this to you but it happened and I hate myself for hurting you like this. I wish I could have been honest with you and I won’t lie I did try to come clean with you so many times but I never could because of this, seeing you like this and how much I would have been hurting you. I now realise that I was procrastinating the inevitable”

I say and he nods

“May I leave now?”

He asks, I move aside for him to open the door

“I hope he makes you happy and he gives you everything I never could”

He says and then walks out. I never thought things would go this way. I really messed up our perfect relationship but the thing with Chad is that our relationship was too perfect, with him I felt like I was settling, he’s a great guy in all aspects but unlike Baya he wasn’t as adventurous and the money issue was a problem in our relationship, he never let me do anything nice for him and he always had a problem with me bailing him out but with Baya it was always different.

Baya gave me the love I knew I deserved, he introduced me to so many things such that I tried getting Chad into half the things I did with Baya but money was always a problem. My phone rings just as i’m leaving the house

“Miss Mtwa”

He says

“Mr Tshawe, how may I help you?”

I ask

“Just checking up on you that’s all. What would you like for breakfast?”

He asks and I giggle

“Surprise me”

I say and he chuckles

“I look forward to seeing you”

He says and then we end the call. I don’t know why he chose to hold our meeting at his club. When I walk in it’s empty and there’s a table set for 2 in the middle, there’s roses on the floor, there’s candles and just a beautiful setup I did not expect. I walk in further trying to understand what the heck is going on here

“Miss Mtwa”

He says coming out of no where

“Bayanda what is this?”

I ask and he chuckles


He says, please come”

He says leading me to the table. He opens the chair for me and then I sit, he goes to his side. We eat over light conversation and business and then after he takes my hand into his

“8 Years ago I fucked up everything. I conspired against your sister and I have lived to regret what I did everyday of those days and through all that I lost you, the one good thing that was going for me and I messed it up. I can never pay enough a price for what I did but then I’d also be an idiot if I let you slip right out of my hands again”

He says, I watch him intently. He gets off the chair and comes to kneel in front of me

“Isenathi I could ruin anything and everything but I’d be a fool to ruin us again”

He says and then takes out a ring

“I never stopped loving you, in the mist of everything you were always on my mind. I know that if you said yes to me it would cause a lot of trouble between you and your family but I’m asking you anyway because I love you Isenathi Mtwa and you deserve love, the kind of love I can give you”

He says

“Will you marry me?”




Life has had it’s fair share of ups and down’s, I almost made the biggest mistake of my life and almost ruined our home but by Gods grace I didn’t. Yoza is the best thing to ever happen to me, yes there were days were things weren’t easy but we stuck it through and today we have 4 amazing kids. Looking back I would have never imagined I’d be a father to 4 children and an uncle to 3 amazing kids, if you were to ask if there’s anything I’d do differently, my answer would be no because then doing things differently would mean I don’t get things the way they are and honestly I love how everything turned out. Yes life is no walk in the park but we all stuck it through and today we are here, alive and surviving.

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Biko/daddy. Happy birthday to you”

I am woken up by my wife and kids singing me a happy birthday. It’s been so busy with me taking over our parents businesses with my sisters while handling my job that I even forgot it’s my birthday today. I sit up and Yoza is kneeling ontop of the bed with cake that has

candles on it and the kids beside her and the girls on top of me.

“You guys, you didn’t have to”

I say and they chuckle

“Happy birthday Rato Laka”

She says holding the cake out to me

“Daddy make a wish”

Kholo says and I chuckle

“Will you help me blow it?”

I ask the kids

“The girls will do it, we too old”

Ntlaka say and we all laugh

“oh… ok, my babies lets blow the candles and have some cake alone”

I say and they laugh

“Fine we’ll blow the candles with you”

Hloni says and we all blow the candles together then I cut the cake and we all share it. When we don’t the kids take everything downstairs and Yoza locks the door after them and takes off her silk gown revealing a sexy red lace matching underwear set, I lick my lips at the sight of my amazing wife

“I left your phone downstairs so that we don’t get disturbed”

She says walking slowly to the bed, my dick is throbbing with excitement. After 4 kids and she still looks as sexy as the day I met her.

“I’m ok with that, come here”

I say getting up but she pushes me on the bed

“Be patient”

She says and I chuckle

“I can’t”

I say pointing at my dick and she licks her lips and kneels down in front of me then takes me into her mouth. After an amazing session with my wife, we take a shower and then we both get ready for work. When we get downstairs there’s balloons written ‘Happy birthday’, the kids each give me gifts but one gift that stuck through is the one from my wife.

“Lerato Laka”

She starts off and I smile, we in the kitchen around the table having breakfast

“We made vows to each other and you stuck by through each and every one of them, we are here today because of you. Your patience for me, your love for me, your tenacity, your persistence, your trust in me”

She takes a deep breath

“Sthandwa sam you came into my life and you showed me things I never seen before, made me experience a life I never imagined I’d experience and lets not forget the beautiful kids you gave me. Happy birthday my love”

She says and then hands me an envelope

“Is it money?”

Yolo asks and we all laugh

“Thank you my love”

I lean in to kiss her then we break it

“Open it daddy”

Kholo says, I open the envelope and there’s a note.

“Read it to yourself”

Yoza warns and I chuckle I read it to myself

“No way!”

I exclaim and she nods, the paper is written ‘I lost my virginity in the sky and now I’d like to try it in a moving boat. You game?’

“What is it?”

Ntlaka asks pulling the envelope, he opens it and a key falls out

“there’s a key, what’s if for?”

Hloni asks looking at Yoza

“I may have bought your dad a little something”

She says with a naughty smile that sends me over the edge

“Is it a house?”

Hloni asks

“your mother got a boat”




Life has been unkind to me for a very long time. I lost my father at an early age, I later found out the man I adored was a rapist, a paedophile, a child molester, a killer because if it weren’t for him I would have had more siblings than I currently do, he put my mother through hell but she pulled through. I was blackmailed with a sextape I never even knew existed by a man I thought I loved and that very same sextape was used against me on the day of my marriage in front of everyone for the whole world to see, I was humiliated beyond words, embarrassed in front of the whole world but God gave me a man who loved me regardless of everything. God gave me the kind of man who saw the tape and instead of holding it against me, he held my hand and told me that it was our problem to deal with

and that he loved me either way and that he wanted to marry me still. I was given a man that loved me in a way I didn’t think I deserved to be loved, a man that was patient with me, a man that never not once counted my mistakes but helped me correct them and to keep moving, a man that always looked out for me always, a man who apologised to me in his death bed, a man I will live to love even beyond the grave. I’ll admit that when I lost my family things weren’t easy, life felt very cruel to me for that period of time and I believed that I didn’t deserve anything good, I wallowed myself in depression, I believed that I’d never find a man like Bandile, a man that would love me as my husband loved me but God had other plans. At some point in my life I believed that my soulmate was Bandile but he was taken away from me and it hurt like hell. A pain I never wanted to ever experience but things changed, yes I remain with the fear of losing the love of my life but the person I am with only ever shows me the kind of life I need. I can’t compare Khaya to Bandile because it wouldn’t be fair on either of them, each of them love me differently but in a way I needed to be loved. I’ll always love Bandile but I’ve been given a second chance on love with Khaya and he is probably my soulmate.


He says walking into the room wearing a suit


I say with a smile, he looks amazing and hot as always

“You look beautiful”

He says, I look at myself and I’m in a wedding dress

“What’s going on?”

I ask and he walks over to me

“May I have this dance?”

He says holding out his hand, I place my hand into his

“He’s a great guy”

He says as we dance in the room, there’s no music or whatsoever


I ask stupidly and he chuckles

“Khaya. If I were to lose you to anyone it would have been him”

He says, I look up at him and he’s smiling

“You not mad? I know how much you didn’t like him”

I say and he shakes his head no

“I didn’t like him because I knew he loved you, I feared that maybe he loved you more than I did and that some day you would wake up and see it. Khaya could do things for you that I never could. He took care of the people that wanted to see you fail while I never went that

far, it scared me that some day you would see him for who he is and you’d end up with him”

He says and I lay on his chest listening to his heartbeat

“I’m sorry”

I say

“What for?”

He asks

“I don’t know, moving on”

I say and he chuckles

“You need to stop holding onto me Bhabha. Life has seasons and my season with you is over. I love you ok, I will always love you”

He says and then I look up at him “I love you too Bandile”

I say and then he leans in to kiss me, it’s a slow unrushed kiss and it feels like a goodbye itself. I feel kisses all over my face


He says and I open my eyes

“You crying”

He says, I’m looking into Khaya’s face

“I was dreaming about Bandile”

I say and he nods and lays back resting on his elbow looking at me

“Wanna talk about it?”

He asks and I shrug

“This dream was different from the ones I normally have. The ones I normally have of him are memories of things that happened but this one was different. It felt like a goodbye”

I say, he rests his hand on my cheek and wipes the corner of my eye

“How are you?”

He asks and I shrug, I smile

“I’m ok”

I say with a smile and feeling this sudden weight being lifted off my heart. I won’t lie I have been having doubts about marrying Khaya but after this dream I think I am ready to marry Khaya

“Lets set a date”

I say and he looks at me stunned


He says and I smile

“Lets set a date for our wedding, lets start planning”

I say and he smiles and rolls over me and starts kissing me but that is disturbed by a phone call, I stretch out my hand to the pedestal breaking the kiss. It’s Ise

“It’s my sister”

I say

“Answer it”

He says


I answer

“Bayanda asked me to marry him”

Ise told me that she’s been seeing Baya, I know I’m expected to hate Bayanda for having had a hand in my humiliation but I’m not a hateful person. Bandile may have been mad at him when he died but he was going to forgive him because he is family. Yes I did hate him at some point but I ended up forgiving him because it didn’t help holding what happened against him. He’s not the one that killed Bandile and my kids, Unathi did and Khaya took care of her for me. Baya loves my sister and Ise loves him too

“I hope you said yes”

I say and she giggles

“Would you be ok with it?”

She asks and I laugh

“he makes you happy Ise and I want you to be happy”

I say and we continue chatting for a while before ending the call


I nod

“she just said yes to marriage”

I say and Khaya smiles

“You seem happy”

He says and I nod

“I am, I know I should hate Baya but I don’t. He and my sister love each other and I would hate myself if I stood between them being together. I don’t want to see my sister miserable and I know she loves him as much as he loves her”

I say and he smiles and kisses me

“I love you”




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