Life is Just Not Kind

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I think what sucks the most about being back here is having to explain my 3 year old son that understands very little Xhosa. I’m happy to say that everything of ours from New York has arrived and Lara is helping me move in and unpack everything around the house. Jay is at my parents house while I sort this out because I wouldn’t be able to get anything done with him around. Lara is telling me about Bandile’s drama at their house

“imagine how pissed he would be to learn that I live 2 streets away from your house”

I say and she laughs

“You say that now but you didn’t see how hurt he was Hlali. Put the guy out of his misery and just call him”

She says and I shake my head no

“And say what Lara? Bandile is happy isn’t he? I don’t want to ruin that for him and his girlfriend”

She chuckles

“Argh we all know that you are not over him as much as he isn’t over you Mihlali. Anyway, tell me about New York’s dating pool”

She says and I laugh

“Believe it or not I never got to dating. With Jay and work. I just never found the time, I did go on dates but argh I was never interested in any of them so I ended up getting myself a B.O.B”

I say proudly and she laughs

“You mean to tell me all those hotties you met, you never got any? 3 Years Mihlali without sex?”

She asks laughing, I join her

“As I said. Battery Operated Boyfriend. No stress, no drama nothing, just pleasure all the way”

I say and she laughs even harder

“when and how did you use it with Jay?”

She asks and chuckle

“After he turned a year he had his own room and used it when everyone was sleeping, play some porno on my laptop with earphones and get it down”

“that is sad”

She says in stitches

“You left Bandile’s dick for a dildo”

She says and I frown

“That was so unnecessary”

I say but she doesn’t care about how annoyed I am because she is having the time of her life making fun of me

“Anyway, mom got Jay into daycare”

I say

“Will he cope? With the Xhosa and all?”

I chuckle

“I have no idea, he’s learning everyday hey”

I say impressed, he’s better than when we first arrived. It’s only been 4 days and he’s already making progress

“that’s good at least. So what about work?” She asks

“I can only start next month. I got an offer to be the CEO at my old job”

I say

“Hlali that is amazing news babe. Wow dude!”

She says and pulls me into a hug

“What happened to the rest of the squad anyway?”

I ask and she shrugs

“Bontle moved to Joburg, work and stuff. Sean moved to the states, T also moved to Joburg he and Bontle got back together and T popped the question last year so they still planning the wedding”

She says

“that’s amazing, you should give me their numbers ey. It’s been a while, at least Vuyo and Phiwo are still around”

I say and she nods

“that friendship ended though”

I frown


She shrugs

“Phiwo may have slept with Vuyo’s boyfriend so yeah. Friendship ended”




Between work and long unending shifts and always on call, I only ever get to do my shopping during the week. With Yandisa home, food finishes quickly. I’m convinced he gets stoned but I don’t have any proof either than the food that finishes quickly because between mom and me, food lasts. Ok I’ve only been back for a month but food lasts cause we both don’t eat much. I’m at the mall running my errands and here to buy the list of things Yandisa asked me to get.

“Yandisa I can’t find this thing of yours here”

I say talking to him on the phone, I’m searching for this specific sauce he asked me to get

“That’s because you won’t get it at a mall Yoyo. It’s on a stand by the robots, trust me it’s very good”

He says and I sigh

“How about I send you money and you get it yourself instead. I’m on call remember?”

I say and she sighs

“fine. I’ll get it myself then”

He says annoyed. I drop the call and go pay for the things I managed to get at Checkers. I take the plastic bags to my car in the parking, I place them on the floor and search for my car keys


A voice I haven’t heard in 3 years says behind me. My God what is he doing here?! I turn around, my god he is still as Yummy as the last time I saw him just a little older and very clean and sexy!!!

“Biko, hi”

I say forcing a smile

“A hug at least?”

He says and opens his arms for me, I snuggle in and then we break the hug. He still smells amazing

“I didn’t know you were back”

He says

“It’s been a month. I should go”

I say unlocking the boot

“Not so fast Yonela, you just left! No calls, no nothing” I sigh

“I guess you know how it feels when someone ghosts you for no reason”

I mumble but clearly he heard me

“Oh so you did it out of revenge? Wow how mature”

He says

“Biko I didn’t do it out of revenge. I’m sorry, but I should really take these home. I’m on call and…”

He nods

“I get it, you don’t want to talk to me. You don’t have to make excuses”

He says, I take out my work badge and show it to him

“I’m not making excuses”

Just then my phone rings and it’s the hospital

“I have to go Biko. Bye”

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