Baron's Bearing [The Scots Rendezvous #4]

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Book 4 of The Scots Rendezvous series Karla Kuznetsov wanted to find herself. Always felt like her father favored her sister more than she was, she went away. With the determination to free herself, she traveled to Italy and find herself as the center of attention with her ballet skills. Little did she knows, she was being followed by someone that has been wanting her for himself. Scott Alan McBaran is the heir to McBaran Tech has found something that no one ever has seen before. Right now, he wanted to find that tech and he will do anything to get it. But, he cannot deny that he wanted more than just the tech when Scott first saw Karla at the wedding of his best friend. He was determined to get her and he always gets what he wanted. What happened when he met Karla at the ballet performance when she was reported missing for a year now? Will he is able to find the tech or will he find something more worth fighting for other than the tech itself as Karla has something more offer?

Romance / Adventure
Nikki Larousse
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Chapter 1: The Wedding

One year ago…

Karla Kuznetsov’s POV

When I was looking at my twin that just got married to the person that she loved the most in this world, it was thumping my heart. I wanted what Katrina has with Conall as well. I sighed when I was sipping on my champagne when my twin was talking with Conall and his friends. I saw only three of them.

One with blonde hair.

One with black hair.

And Conall himself was a brown hair.

I wondered who else would be their friend.

“Alone tonight?” Someone asked me as I was turning to look into a red-headed man with eyes that looked like it was almost red.

Something like garnet.

I smiled at him when he was regarding me with his wicked eyes. Sure, it was not like the 1900s were something uncanny as his garnet eyes were considered as something out of witchcraft. We were far advance now.

“And who wants to know?” I asked as I was looking at the handsome man. He smirked at me and I think my knees felt down. I was looking at him before he bowed at me as he took my hand and kissed the back of my hand.

“The name is Alan McBaran. And who is the fair lady that was in front of me right now, if I may ask?” He asked me as I was giggling at him. I shouldn’t do it but I did and I was happy to know that someone was paying attention to me.

“The name is Karla, my fair gentleman. Karla Kuznetsov,” I said as I was imitating the courtesy of the aristocratic in the 1800s.

“Well, that’s a lovely name. Say, are you from Russia?” He asked me before I was nodding at him as I was sipping on my champagne.

“Yes, and why do you ask?” I asked him before he gave me a charming smile.

“Maybe I will have something that I can call you in Russia that suits you. How about Kiska?”

“Kiska? Why Kiska?” I asked him as I was arching my eyebrow at him. If I know any better, Kiska means kitten.

“Maybe because your eyes are like cats and I want to make you my cat,’’ he said huskily before I was leaning closer to him.

“Is that so, handsome?” I said as I was smiling seductively at him. He smirked before my twin was calling for me.

“Karla, come on. I need you right now,” she said before I sighed. Alan chuckled.

“You have to go now,” he said before he tucked my hair behind my ear.

“Can I see you again?” I asked him before he was winking at me.

“We’ll see, Kiska,” he said before he was kissing the back of my hand again and I was breathing heavily before I was turning to look at my sister. Katrina arched her eyebrow at me.

“Who are you talking to?” My twin asked me as I was shaking my head. She was smirking at me with that knowing smile.

“I know that look. You want to get to know him!” She said as I was rolling my eyes at her.

“No, I was not. We’re just…talking,” I said as I was smiling at her. I was looking at the familiar man that I just get to know but he was not here. I sighed.

“See, you’re totally in love with him!”

“So not,” I said as I was shoving the champagne down my throat before I was choking on it. Katrina smirked before she was nudging at me.

“I told you he was handsome by the looks of it,” Katrina said before I felt my face was burning right now. I sighed before I was getting away from my twin.

“Where are you going?” Kat asked me before I was glancing over my shoulder.

“Away from you!” I said as I was smiling before I was getting a refill for my champagne for a third time that night.

And I woke up the next morning with a headache.

I was sighing when I know that Kat will be going away from her honeymoon and I was here, back at the mansion of Kuznetsov in Moscow. I was packing some stuff when my father was arrested.

Seeing how happy my twin was when she went on her honeymoon with her husband in Malta made me a little jealous inside of me. I don’t know about the other singles but I guess I just wanted someone to like me. Someone like who I met at their wedding. Someone like Alan McBaran.

His smooth talk, his handsome face, his polite gesture, and that sensual, kissable lips. Oh my god, I missed him so much. I don’t know what’s wrong but whenever I think about him, I would have jitters in my feet and my head felt lightweight.

“My Lord, what is wrong with me? I should get laid,” I said as I was cleaning up the basement of my dad’s. He has gone to the prison for good and Katrina asked me to clean the basement before the government learned about our family secrets and other stuff that we don’t want them to know.

“How refreshing, I’m alone cleaning the basement and all I think about was him,” I said breathlessly as I took all the boxes into the van that was ready to escort them to our secret storage.

I closed the door and hit the van before Mr. Volkov’s men drove it out of my sight, out of our estate. I breathed out as I relieved everything finally done. The only thing left was to keep the basement tidy and neat.

“Do you need a hand or can you handle it?” A voice startled me as I was shrieking. I looked around the dark, murky basement as I don’t know where it came from.

“Who’s there?” I asked as I was looking. Nothing but only blackness until someone stepped out of the darkness and revealed himself.

“Alan? But how? How do you get here? How do you find me?” I asked as I went to step in front of him and touch him. I don’t know what to say or do. The only thing that I did just to make sure that I don’t hallucinate was touching his face.

“Kiska, I missed you so I have my ways to get to your house,” he said as he looked at me. I giggled as I took in his expensive cologne.

“Me too, I missed you. I just wondering about you and puff, you’re here,” I said as I was looking into his soul. I don’t what draws me to him like a moth to a flame but I just looked at his lips before I licked my lips.

“Kiska, don’t do that. You made me want to kiss you,” he said breathlessly. Our hot breaths mingled as he was restraining himself.

“Then, why don’t you?” I said before he went to come crashing his lips on mine. It was heaven and suddenly I had a vision of us together, tangled in sheets and doing all the dirty things. I moaned and before I know it, I pushed him away.

“Kiska, what’s wrong?” He asked concerned.

“Nothing, nothing. I just need to breathe,” I said as I was breathing hard.

“Karla, we’re ready to go,” Mr. Volkov’s voice coming inside the room and I looked to my side, Alan was gone, like a shadow that he came and now he’s gone again.

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