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The Woman With Red Lips (Mafia Story)

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Pia Bianca Bianchi knows what has to be done to get her way. Manipulation, Lies, and deceit. The mafia being all she knows since the age of twelve. Her mother teaching her all she knows to be able to get what she desires. Bit what happens when a new mob boss has his eyes set on her. Beating at her own game, Tommaso Santos always gets what he wants. What he wants is... Pia Bianchi

Romance / Erotica
Kiara A. Jones
5.0 1 review
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Pia Bianca Bianchi

Pia's POV

From a young age I knew nothing of being normal. That wasn't who I was and I quickly learned that to make it in this world you needed to fight. I was only twelve when my mother killed my father.

She took over the gang and she had complete control. Never remarrying, she was never the type to bow down to a man. I had to learn to fend for myself and manipulate the situation the best way I knew how.


Bat your eyes

Chin up

Look seductive

I had to learn it all. My mother never took it easy on me, so whenever I failed a mission she beat me to a bloody pulp.

"You'll never amount to anything if you keep acting like that. Have I taught you nothing, you are nothing but a worthless piece of shit".

I had to learn never to show any signs of weakness. Weakness is what got you killed in my world. If I was to take over I needed to work and work my ass off I did. Every mission was like a new opportunity for me to show what I've learned.

As I grew older I became numb. Nothing could ever hurt me if I didnt show any emotion. Emotions were for pussies and I was not a pussy.

I fought with my bare hands learning to defend myself. It became addictive the way I was able to get whatever I wanted from a man. All I had to do was bat my eyes and lay myself bare for them.

The first time I felt ashamed but in this world there was no time for it. My mother made me realize that quickly and although she was never the motherly type I was grateful.

She taught me all I needed to know to survive. Now I was able to get anything I wanted. I was the best damn baiter in the gang and I knew it.

I was confident in my abilities and that was why I didn't need a man. I could fight my own damn battles, I wasn't the type to give up without a fight.

Eventually word got out about me. I was the bad bitch no one wanted to fuck with. I had no mercy and I wasn't afraid to show my authority. Being the best damn baiter led me to train other girls in the club we owned.

I trained them, taught them how to manipulate men. It was so easy to play with a man's mind, make him believe he had control.

In reality he didn't own shit. That was the beauty of it all. This was my life.... it was all I've ever known.

No one could control me. Not even my whore of a mother who only cared about pleasure. She never cared about me she only wanted me to do her dirty work.

As fucked up as I was I was still completely under her command. I worked for her and there was no way out...


"Girls tonight is a big night for us. Word on the street is a new gang is trying to take over Italy. I want you girls on your best behavior". Everyone was quiet as my mother spoke to us.

Tonight was going to be something big I could feel it....

"Pia I want you to do as we discussed. Try not to fuck this up alot is on the line" my mother snapped before leaving the room. With a roll of my eyes I directed to girls into positions.

"Girls get in your places. I want everyone to follow the plan we cannot afford to fuck shit up". The girls followed behind me and we entered the club.

The air smelled of sex and sweat. Our family had grown immensely and we had more on our side. If word on the street is that a new gang had arrived in Italy we had to be prepared. There have been several occasions of gangs trying to overthrow our spot.

Of course crossing the Bianchi family only costed your life. The girls got in there positions spreading out in the large club. I sat at my usual table at the back of the club.

This life was all I had ever known. Our gang now being run by females we ruled with an iron fist. I grabbed a cigarette lighting it up quickly while glancing around the club.

The white dress I wore did wonders to my figure. After having a drink I spotted a strange man entering the club with men behind him. His striking blue out stuck out to me.


A commotion erupted from the middle of the club. Guns were out and my girls were ready to attack at my command. The striking blue eyed man smirked at one of my girls thing he could defy her.

Having seen enough I strutted my way on the dance floor. The music had stopped and I now was face to face with the blue eyed man.

"What is it you want" I said seductively. I began walking around him and his men daring them to test my patience.

"Word on the street is you got alot of unfinished business with our family. I suggest telling your putanas to stand down wouldn't want any blood spilt" he said with a smirk. I couldn't help but laugh at his mockery.

"You think you can come up in my club and demand shit! I suggest telling your little madras off before I blow there fucking brains out all over my dress" I sneered.

I was started to get pissed my hands were itching to grab my gun on my hip. My girls didn't back down there guns out and ready to shoot. I was waiting for the perfect moment.

"Pia stand down"my mother yelled now making an entrance. She stood next to a dark haired man who appeared to be looking deep into my soul.

His dark eyes continued watching my every move. "Pia my office now"! My mother glared at me angrily before grabbing a fistful of my hair. She dragged me out the club, the dark haired man following behind us.

This was only the beginning...

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