In Love with Inaya

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"Why?" She asks, scared of his answer "Baby girl... When my eyes see something special, it becomes addicted to it" he replied his lips dangerously close to her ear. Her brain shouts 'wrong!' But her body isn't listening "But I won't let him kill you to save me" she said moving back after gaining little courage "I'm sorry Inaya... I Love you" then a gunshot was heard "Zafar!!!" She screamed as the tears came down fast and hot... Inaya Umar is a very emotional and quite clumsy girl... Her family has gone through quite a lot of heartbreak, but still stayed strong. She has problems with her dad because she isn't ready for marriage Zafar Uthman on the other hand is a very strong man.. Strong in the sense of his emotions.... He has a dark past that haunts him every night He meets Charming Inaya under a kisscam and has then been addicted to her Find out what life has in store for them.... ©Muibah 25|8|20

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


"OK, I won't be late" My brother, Aayan said.....

I'm Inaya Umar, a 20-year-old lady who just graduated from college two years ago and is now working in one of the biggest hospitals in Dubai. I have a naughty Sister named Inbihaj and of course, Aayan, my elder brother.

So... I'm now in my Crazy Best Friend, Jadwah Imran's house, she has been there for me since Grade six and I love her so much, Can't trade her for anything.

We are going shopping today at the Dubai Mall I've been waiting for 30 minutes now in front of her apartment and she isn't showing up, and after waiting some more, I called her to know if we are canceling going shopping and She picked up after a few rings.

"Hey B. I've been waiting, what is taking you so long? come down quick" I'm so exhausted from the hospital work and my neck feels sore. She isn't making my situation any better.

After waiting for about 30 minutes more, with me constantly checking the time on my wristwatch, she came down smiling sheepishly "Sorry" she said while I took in her attire.

She was always dressed so elegantly but something about how she looked felt extra special but I chose to keep mute about my observation and carry on. The faster we get this over with, the sooner I get to sleep. So... technically, it is a Win-Win situation.

"You kept me waiting for so long" I stated, faking anger. But I really don't like waiting for that long.

"Yes, I know and I'm really sorry, Please forgive me. I'm sorry" she was trying to use her cuteness on me, but luckily I've grown immune to it.

"You know that's not gonna work on me right?" I asked raising my eyebrow and smirking. My smirks always annoy her, she always felt that girls should smile and Boys could do whatever shit they wanted. She didn't care.

"Fine! I'll make it up to you, somehow" I smirked once more as she admitted defeat. Childish, I know right?

Time was already far spent so without wasting any more time I just said "You better" and walked past her. She just chuckled and followed behind.

I roared my car's engine to life and moaned at the pleasurable sound. I just loved the sound of my car's engine. It was a Cadillac CT6, Black in color. I bought it with my 3 months' salary... It has been my baby ever since.

We arrived at the mall and We bought a few things... No, let me rephrase that, I bought a few things,

At the end of the shopping, I ended up with just seven bags and Jadwah with eighteen.

Gosh! This girl is a case

"Your husband will try with you," I said on our way out. "He better be ready" she replied chuckling

Did I forget to mention she is a Fashion Diva?

So when we were in the car, she spoke up "Um... Inaya"


"Can you accompany me to a game tonight? We could have a sleepover if you want when we come back"

"OK..... But Aayan is coming to pick me up"

"You can ask him not to bother" she was saying everything nervously and suspiciously too, I didn't have a problem going with her to watch a game. But I feel she is hiding something from me. Something... that may be a boy.

"OK... Why do you want to watch a game? You are never interested" I could have sworn I saw her blushing

"Oh, ma gad!!!!! Is there a guy??" I screeched to her dismay and attracted a few heads turns. But I was too distracted to notice most of them, I was just focused on the new piece of information my bestie was about to tell me. It was overwhelming at least since her last...

"Well...." she started and I just cut her off squealing and then saying...

"I knew it, so that is why you took so long to dress up, and you didn't tell me, am I, not your bestie anymore, why would you hide something like this from me?"

"Calm your horses Inaya, I only just met him Two weeks ago and besides, you have been busy, we haven't had a proper chat, so I couldn't tell you"

"You have no excuse, I'll forgive you only when you tell me all the details, what's his name?" She blushed and said "Fazil".

Rolling my eyes I said "Fazil? That's a Weird name" she gasped as if I've just said something offensive to her, not as I did anyway. "Don't say that! So...Will you accompany me?"

"Yes, but don't just leave me alone, or go anywhere without my Knowledge, OK?"

"Yes Mummy"

"I'm not your Mum"

Come on let's go" Gosh! She is so ungrateful

"You're welcome," I said then started walking ahead of her "I didn't say Thank you"

"That's the point, You aren't even Grateful"

"I love you B."

"Love you more"

"We've got some Sismance going on Yo!"

"Sismance?" I asked arching my eyebrow.

"Ya, I couldn't think of anything better, if Bromance Is for boys, then Sismance should be for girls, Don't you think?"

"You... Might be right" I said laughing

We were able to get good seats and we arrived just in time

After about 45 minutes of playing, the players were on break now, I turned to talk to Jadwah, maybe we could talk about that boy she met but I didn't find her sitting beside me, instead, I found a boy, or rather a man about my brother's age and he was also looking at me, I froze and didn't know what to do or say, just then the Kiss cam came right on us.

I was totally freaking out now, With the crowd chanting "Kiss! Kiss!"

I'm a Muslim lady for crying out loud, I can't do this!

"Take deep breaths" I heard him say

My eyes widened at the thought of him actually wanting to Kiss me

"What the Heck!"

I stood up and ran through the crowd, Jadwah's gonna get it from me tonight, I mean... How could she???

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