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What do you think happens when the most feared and dangerous mafia leader falls for a simple and middle class employee ? And on top of that....The employee have a lillte, joyful and irresistibly adorable daughter who is just 2 year old.... "Where do you think you are going?" "It's none of your business. Let me do my work as your employee and let my daughter and me live our lives peacefully" "Oh! You have a daughter. I would like to meet her." "Dream on." "Oh! Baby, why don't you just let me in your life. I'm not that bad you know." "Yeah, you are worse." "Thanks , but if know that why won't you let me have you." "Because unlike you I have many responsibilities. And I don't have time for someone like you." "Ohkay...Man, take a chill pill. Just remember that I will make you fall for me and that too hard. And yeah...you look hot it that. Now you may head to your department and hand me the files at sharp 5. Bye, see ya in evening ,babe."

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Chapter 1.

I am late for torturing my lil prisoners (note of sarcasm). I was walking in the hallway of my favorite place, my penthouse specially built for my prisoners. I made my way towards one of the cells, there laid a traitor who was selling my ammunitions for his profit and that too behind my back. I can't tolerate disrespect, underestimeting me and last is betrayal. I was not going to torture this son of a swine (dogs are loyal, man so no bitch) and have my hands dirty with his filthy blood. I called one of my trusted men and told him what to do with this piece of shit, "Kane, I want you to chop his fingers and feed them to Simba. Make sure to whip him with my favorite belt, one with the spikes. And lastly pour bleach on his body. And if you personally want to do anything you can enjoy yourself." Simba was my pet panther.I have many pets you will meet them after some time. Kane was friends with that bastard but it doesn't mean he will save him. He is more loyal to me. I took that boy in when his own father kicked him out just because he had cancer and that fuckin piece of crap didn't had money to treat his son because he was a drunkard. I took Kane in and paid for his operation from then he was like my lil brother. Kane is 19.

I was brought back when a scream echoed in the cell. I looked at bastard, his one finger was missing. I smirked. He was giving me that pathetic look. I looked at him with my cold eyes. He knew what was my next dialogue. "Don't you dare give me that look. You brought this on yourself. Your family is now in my mansion. I don't want those people to suffer because of you. So...May God have mercy on you because I won't. DRIP ( don't rest in peace)." I gave Kane a look and he nodded knowing that he would have to kill him.

I am Sia Rebecca Knight, I am 24. My dad is Daneil Knight an American and my mom is Neerja Knight an Indian. As you can assume they had a love marriage. I am their eldest daughter. I have 4 younger siblings. 3 brothers and 1 sister. The oldest of them is Charles, he is 17. Have interest in soccer and computers. He is my personal hacker. The next is Zach, he is 15. Have interest in business. Likes to spend time with me discussing about our company, Knights Empire. The next one is Chase, he is 10. He is more of a badass. Likes to interrupt in my mafia business and likes to pickup fights at school. Yeah you heard correct, I am the leader of the most feared mafia, Blood Fire. And the youngest is Riya, she is 4. The most loved person in our family. She was a pure soul and none of our family members wanted her to face the stress of both the Empires. She was so innocent and she said she want to become a doctor.

My Dad stepped down from the crown so now it was my responsibility to handle both empires. Charles already rejected for it because he was not in business and mafia both the things, so he decided to stay as my hacker. No one exept my men knew that the new boss of Knights Empire and Blood Fire was me. But they all knew I hold the power in both the things. My men called me Queen. They never dared to look me in my eye. They respected me not because they feared me but they trusted me with their families and their lives. It's because they all had a bad past and my family helped them. They were loyal to us. But not all people have a habit to stay loyal. Some are money thirty pigs. But their families were treated the same as they were before as they were not at the fault. My people knew not to disrespect me and piss me off.

I also have a habit of making my house in a zoo. Not kidding. There are many animals in my home. Not that my family mind. Because they knew how much I loved animals and they treated them as family members. So I had 1 lion, Mufasa, he was 7 years old. Then a panther, Simba, he was 8. A tiger, Rosa, she was 6. 2 horses, Storm and Snow. Storm was a black horse and Snow was a white horse. 3 dogs, Zain, a white husky puppy, 7 months old. Anna, a Labrador retriever, 3 years old. Jace, a German Shepherd, 2years old. So that's all. Maybe I can add more.

Now I was heading home. To my sweet family. No one calls me by my name except for my family. I reached home. I was welcomed by hugs and kisses on cheeks. It was usual. I was the only person who came late at night and got hugs and kisses. After my parents and bothers were done with it, my leg was hugged by none other than my lil sis. I picked her up and went to my bedroom. She was blabbering about how her day went in the daycare. It was my everyday routine to listen her blabbering. I was her favorite person. When I showered she would pick up pajamas for me and after changing we both went to dinning room. We sat and had our dinner like a normal family, everyone discussing about their day. We all laughed and enjoyed our dinner and went to sleep. Even though my parents gave us all siblings different rooms, every night one of my siblings would definitely come to my room for snuggling. And Riya was a daily member. She would sleep in her room but in midnight she would come for me and whisper in my ear " I wan cuddle." And snuggle in my body. Not that I complained. My room was the biggest of all because all my animals except for horses would sleep in my room. They all had separate pet houses in my room and they left my room in morning for their breakfast and then played in backyard till noon. And come back in house for having lunch with me. Now you know my biography.

That was all for today. Hope you all enjoy it. I will try to update soon. Till then take care guys.

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