A Deal Of A Lifetime

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Wanda Hunt is the personal assistant of the owner and CEO of Burrows Enterprises. When the board of directors gets involved in Raymond's life due to his refusal to settle down and get married, he offers her a deal of a lifetime. One year of marriage to show the companies investors that he can handle a married life with a woman, then she is free and will be paid ten million dollars at the end of the contract. Can she keep her heart from falling in love with this very powerful and handsome man?

Romance / Adventure
Christy Cisson
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Back To Work

I pull the doors open to the unique building that has been my life for the last seven years. It is a huge glass skyscraper that towers over every one around it and was built by senior (as I called him) when he started this business over twenty years ago. I graduated college with a masters in business management and then I answered an add in the paper to work for Raymond Burrow’s III who was a very nice older man and was running the company up till about seven month ago. He retired and the company was handed over to his oldest son who is one of the biggest playboys in Georgia. Raymond IV is symbol of everything a woman would want, handsome, sexy as hell, a stud in bed according to the rumors, extremely rich and of course owns his own huge building. Women flock in and out of his office about daily but it is never the same one two days in a row. I just keep my head down and try my best to ignore what goes on in that penthouse sized office. It stretches the entire length of the top floor of the building. The entrance waiting room where my huge white desk sits that is bigger than I really need, it has the front closed in, stretches around fifteen feet long and then the rest is his office that has a bedroom in it, shower, his own personal bathroom and then of course the top of the line furniture that cost more than I could make in three years.

My heels click on the gloss polished black tiles as I walk towards the front desk where Steven works as the head of security. He has been here since the doors open and a very joyful fifty-five year old man with salt and pepper hair that has just started peaking through over the last four years. He looks up and smiles at me like he does every day “Good morning Miss Hunt. Did you enjoy your vacation?”

This is my first day back from my week long vacation that I just came back off of. Ray had approved it before he retired so his son was livid when I would not move it. I had everything set up for him before I left that Friday that should have carried him over the last week but it was not like that at all. While I was out in the middle of the ocean enjoying my Alaskan cruise that has taken me four years to save up to go on, he was calling me asking me to do this and that. Finally, I just cut my phone off and enjoyed being out in the middle of all the ice and natural wonders of that beautiful cruise.

Looking up into his soft brown eyes I smile back “Yes I did Steven. How many years have I asked you to call me Wanda?”

His smile makes the wrinkles beside his eyes come to life “Everyday mam. I will give you the same answer as I always give you, if I see you outside this business I will but when you are standing on these tiles, you are Miss Hunt.”

I laugh softly as he hands me paperwork that is waiting for me at his desk “I am so glad you are back, it has been a mess around here with you being gone.”

“I thought so, that man could not find a paper if it was staring him in his face, I had to cut my phone off just to enjoy my cruise. When I finally did turn it back on, I had fifty messages from him.” Looking towards the elevator I take a deep breath “He is going to give the grief over not talking to him for five days. I know what is waiting for me up there and I really don’t want to go.”

Turning towards the elevator, I scan my card and punch the button that only a few are allowed to push unless he gives his word to Steven for them to be allowed up there to see him. As the box takes me up to the top floor, I flip through the papers in my hands. There are papers that need to be handled immediately and then others that I can do as the day goes on. The ding comes that I have not wanted to hear today and I step out into the high end office that has been my home for the entire time I have been here. Walking over to the desk, I see papers scattered all over it, empty coffee cups plastered on about every corner, food stuck to the desk and my computer not turned off like it should have been. Bristling with anger, I call down to the cleaning crew and ask them to come up immediately and fix this. I set the papers in my chair and start getting the scattered papers picked up and seeing what in the world they are. Sorting them out, filing what should have been done with ease by the replacement he had for the week I grunt with irritation. Shortly the cleaning crew shows up and gets the white desk back the way it should have been. “Why was this not done on Friday?” asking with a scowl.

“Mr. Burrows would not let us up here all last week. Told us we could handle it when you returned. We are so sorry Miss Hunt.”

“It is fine, I will deal with him here shortly about this.”

He snorts and then leaves. I know why he did due to I am the only one in the building that will give him a piece of my mind and don’t care how it effects him. It is in my contract that I can not be fired unless Ray allows it, that did not go over well with his son at all either. Ray loved how organized I was, the way I could handle all the pressure and make sure everything was done by the end of the day. Before his son took over, he did a contract with me to make sure his hotheaded son would not get rid of me and gave me a raise. We have butted heads a ton but he has learned that I stand my ground when I am right and don’t back down. It took about three weeks for me to show him that I knew exactly what I was doing and could do everything he wanted done. After that he backed off some and allows me to work the way his dad allowed me to. The door to his office clicks and I sigh as I know exactly what is coming. Him being mad at me trying to enjoy my vacation and not talking to him when he needed me.

“Wanda, my office NOW!” he hisses out his teeth. I pick up the papers from my chair and put them on my now cleaned off desk. He stares at it and I click my heels a little harder on the floor as I walk into the war zone that I know is going to blow sky high.
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