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Just a short love story of a girl....❤️ Hope you guys will like it.... Cover pic belongs to their respective owner , I found it @google... This is original story and its my first time writing a story.....❤️

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People say that when you meet your certain someone, you just know that he or she is my soulmate. At first I thought it was just a cliche sayings people have been listening and saying for a long time, but it proved wrong when I first saw him, I know, cliche right, but I am not kidding, when I first saw him I thought how can someone be so cheerful and full of energy all the time. Being very shy and introvert person, I dare not to approach him.... but I found him very interesting, believe me or not, but he had the aura that made everyone around him happy. I know it's not possible, that's what I thought too, but believe me its true. He was not very handsome or hunk type guy, just a simple boy with a beautiful smile, but believe me he was very handsome for me.

First time I talked to him was when he asked me if he can sit next to me, at first I was just staring at his very dark black eyes, then when he asked me again, I just nodded dumbfounded. By third class, he had told me lots of things about him even though I didn't asked. Funny stories about him that made me smile unconsciously .

From that day we sat next to each other in almost all classes and all that time he would just talk non stop, sometimes it makes me wonder how can someone talk so much but I liked it. Reluctantly I also told him a few things about me like, I like books with Pride and Prejudice being my fav, fav. Movie and that I believe in equality. We became very close friends you can say as sometimes he would just call me at night to talk nonsense and even though I find it annoying it make me feel calm and happy.

I know we were good friends but I want to be his girlfriend, I know its sudden, but being with him almost all the time made me fall for him. I was terrified of of confessing and you know its society crap that boy must propose first, but to change it I prepared myself. And I got that golden chance on his birthday...

He invited me to his birthday party, at first I didn't want to go, but I thought it would be good moment to confess. So for his birthday party, first time I went shopping with my own will otherwise other time mom just have to drag me with her. I choose a pretty and simple red frock with simple shoes nothing much.

On his birthday, I reached party 30 mins after the party had started because I was getting cold feet, I didn't want to confess because negative thoughts filled my mind that what if he just see me as his friend or what if I ruin his birthday party and his mood. But what is love without a little pain and I was ready to take risk on our friendship if it can result in him & me being us..

So I reached the party and it was a very nice party with few friends and family and that made me smile because he values our friendship. I got him a very awesome book that he wanted to read and because I was bad at picking gift. He showed me his house and I loved his room because the view from there was so beautiful, moonlight and trees made it so nice to look.

We were standing silently just admiring the view for a long time. I looked at him and he was so handsome in the moonlight and at that point all my fear ran away as I decided to confess. I turned towards him and said " I want to say something, but please promise me that our friendship will not be affected".

He turned towards me and said " Nothing can ruin our friendship, just say it".

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and said "You make me smile, You make me feel myself. Being with you make me happiest.. and I don't know when exactly but your stupid talks made me fell for you!! I.. I LOVE YOU "

At that moment i was so scared but suddenly he hugged me and said "Damn, I wanted to say it first "and he smiled his beautiful smile and said "Stupid, I LOVE YOU TOO"

He kissed my forehead and continued "Why do you think I keep calling you and talking to you so late at night because I liked you from the first day I sat next to you ."

I am so lucky that I met my soulmate in this lifetime.... ❤️

And that was from where our story began........

Hope it will be forever ..........

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