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You can try your hardest, but your emotions can never be controlled nor can they be evaded forever. Mia loves one night stands, well that's because she's avoiding love at all costs. Mia lusts after her best friend and boss, Nick McCarthy, while he is secretly in love with her. Mia experiences strange feelings for Nick which causes an inner turmoil within her heart and mind. Since Mia can't seem to stray away from her emotions and her lustful need for her best friend, she suggests that they become friends with benefits and Nick uses this opportunity to make her fall in love with him. What will happen when Nick is exposed to Mia's troubled past? Will the perfectly fitted pair remain friends, fiends-with-spicy-benefits or will Mia finally stop avoiding her true feelings for her best friend who cannot - even though he tries his hardest - get over her? Find out in Evading Emotions. A fictional romance story of friendship, spicy benefits, lust, love, and jealousy.

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The hot guy stood by my apartment door, with a smirk playing on his lips. “You sure you don’t want any breakfast?” he purrs, his dimples digging into his lusciously soft cheeks as he pulled on his jeans. I knew his kind. I chose his kind voluntarily. As for breakfast, he was offering his luscious body to meet my morning cravings. “No, I’m good,” I lied, teasing him as I took out my black, silk robe and walked across the room in only my garter belt and stockings. He chuckled and shook his head as I made my way toward him. I bent over, my back to his front, as I retrieved his shirt from the floor. Passing it to him, I slid my hand over his chest and south his torso. Damn he was hot. His body was taut and firm in all the right places and damn did he have stamina. I bit my lip, and just as he was about to lean in to kiss me, I opened the apartment door, making my intention clear. “You are a tease.” he drawled, his gorgeous smile lighting up his mischievous face. He gave me a quick kiss on my cheek and left my apartment. I leaned against the shut door, sighing contently as I basked in thoughts of last night’s endeavours until my eye caught the clock. “Oh Shit!” I muttered as I ran in the direction of the bathroom.

“Thirty minutes late Mia.” my boss called out as he approached my desk as I was settling in. I looked up at him, trying to settle my heavy breaths. “Ran all the way here?” he asked. “Yeah” I managed, fanning my face with my hands. He leaned down and I moved my face closer to him. “Late night?” he whispered. “Went all night. You could say I had a really early morning.” I giggled. “And yet, you’re still late.” he smiled. “You should be glad I am your boss, otherwise your sexy ass would be fired.” “Oh I know, I know, that’s why I take full advantage.” I joked. My boss, who happens to be my best friend since college is a total hottie, and not the type that’s gay. Nick and I have a lot in common: we both love literature, that’s why we are in the publishing industry; we both love actions movies; and the main commonality is that we both have never been in a serious, faithful relationship. Life has been great though, just rocking up, getting rocked up –hard- and there are no strings attached. No feelings to be hurt. No losing your independence and conforming your life to suit the needs of another human being. Nick laughed as he made his way to his office and I buried my head in a manuscript, picking up where I had left off yesterday.

Lunch hour came quicker than I expected, I couldn’t take my eyes off the manuscript. It grabbed my entire attention, pulled at my emotions and gave me renewed sense of belonging in this world. It was a romance novel, and even though I am a sucker for happy endings, I know in reality, happy endings are just a fairy tale. The hustle of my colleagues moving around me snapped me out of my dream-like state, and I realised that it was lunch hour. I took out my lunch – left over pizza- and just as I was on my way to the staff kitchen to heat it up, I saw the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen standing by the printer. Just when I thought my last night’s superman was as good as it gets, this guy shoves him in mud and stomps all over him. His hair was dark, cut in an undercut fade. He had a slight stubble along his cheeks and his eyes shone with the hue of Mauritius’s blue sea – so captivating. He was lean and his black shirt was just as tight as his muscles were. I stood there a just gawked at him for what felt like an eternity until I realised where I was. “New guy?” I asked as Nick neared me. “Easy there lioness, he is way younger than you.” “How old do you think I am exactly?” I tapped my fingers on my desk, waiting for him to give the wrong answer so I could twist his ears. “No comment. But he is twenty-five and has a great resume for a guy his age. I wouldn’t want to lose him because he gets your panties wet.” “Soaked would be more like it” I gave him a devilish grin and Nick knew what that meant. I had to satisfy my cravings, one way or another.

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