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I couldn’t calm my hammering heart no matter how hard I tried. Nick had planned a surprise date and he chose my outfit – denim shorts and a black crop top. I haven’t worn this attire on a date since I was in my teens and it scared the shit out of me. What exactly did he have planned? But the surprise date wasn’t what was pinching my nerves. I’m going on a real date with Nick! Ohmigod. And it was the type of date I abstained from, the type that was continuous and didn’t lead to a one night stand because Nick was in love with me. I was utterly shocked when he declared his feelings, not that I should have been since I had already assumed his feelings for me, but him saying it out loud made it real and I honestly couldn’t handle real. I succumbed to his request to try out a serious relationship because I didn’t want to lose him and honestly, if I were to fall in love again, Nick would be the one who deserved it. But he didn’t deserve to be hurt and that was what kept me up at night.

Nick picked me up at noon. He looked dashing in his jeans and plain black T-shirt that accentuated his muscles in the perfect way. I couldn’t help but stare at him. He seemed nervous as he drove, glancing at me and smiling as he took in shallow breaths. I was nervous too and I know he noticed my fidgeting. At least I wasn’t the only one. We stopped by Bryant Park and Nick reached over to the back, grabbed a bouquet of sunflowers and red roses, handing it to me as he kissed my hand. My heart sped and suddenly I felt like crying from the sweetness of it all and the date hadn’t even truly begun yet. “You’re so beautiful.” he says and I blush like a school girl. “Don’t you dare get out of the car.”, he warns and I look at him in confusion as he exits the car, flashing his gorgeous behind and I slap it. He growls and I giggle. He runs over to my side of the door, opening it for me. “After you Ma’am.”, he gestures like I am royalty. “Pulling out all the stops I see.” “Of course.” he says as he grabs me and kisses me like he can’t help it. I relish it. He grabs some things from the boot and I notice that he has a picnic basket and a bottle of champagne with balloons tied on the cap. We walked through the busy crowd, spotting a place that had only a few wonderers nearby. He laid down a blanket and I sat between his legs, my back to his front as he nuzzled my neck, heating me in such a simple manner. He fed me grapes, cheese and crackers and popped open the bottle of champagne as we relaxed and spoke about anything and everything that we saw and noticed. A little girl walks by us as she holds onto her mother’s finger, pointing at the balloons. She asks Nick if she could have one. Nick smiles and gives her the bunch of colourful balloons and she skips away happily. “I’ll get you a bunch more.” he says as he pecks me on my lips and I frown because I wanted more. He laughs and gives me a full blown kiss that literally leaves me panting. “Greedy little thing.” he chastises. “I’ll always be greedy when it comes to you.” “You better stop stroking my ego before you regret it.” he teases. “I want to stroke something way better than your ego.” I flirt and he growls. “Later.”, he promises and he squeezes me in his arms.

I thought lovemaking was an absurd idea. I thought I knew what lovemaking was with Tom, but I was absolutely wrong. Nick savoured me in a way that made me feel like I was on top of the world. He took me slowly as he licked and suckled on every inch of my body like it was our first time together. I returned the favour, enjoying the taste and scent of him. We lay in bed, cuddled, as the scent of our lovemaking surrounded us. The sheets underneath us were crumpled and lumpy after all the tossing and turning, and usually it would make me highly uncomfortable but this time I let it be. I didn’t want the moment to end. It’s been two months since Nick and I have been ‘dating’ and to say that I didn’t enjoy it would be a complete and utter lie. Yeah, sometimes I panic and my thoughts of all this going wrong takes over but when I’m with him and he shows me how a girl is ought to be treated, all my worries disappear. Love for Nick was a far cry from what I was feeling for him. But I respected him and cared for him now more than ever. He made my heart flutter and no matter what happened in the past, I decided that shouldn’t hold me from my future. I called Aunt Hilda more often, never once asking about Tom or anyone else and somehow I came to terms with it all. Work was great and I drew the line on doing anything else at work beside my job. That however didn’t stop Nick from trying and almost convincing me to do other practical activities that involved a lot of muffled moaning and endless orgasms, but holding out ended up being more fruitful when we both came home. Home was basically Nick’s apartment and I bet mine was collecting dust. Nick wanted me to move in with him, but I didn’t want to let go of my space just yet and of course I hadn’t fallen inlove with him yet so it wouldn’t be fair to him. Tonight I had planned a surprise date night that would be held in his apartment and my skin tingled as I waited for him to arrive.

I glance at the clock that hung on the wall and huff in irritation. I sat on the pillow in front of the low table that had cold dinner. Nick was supposed to be here half an hour ago and he wasn’t answering his calls. I told him to be prompt and it’s not like he usually isn’t, it’s just that I was so excited to actually plan something for us. My excitement however flew out the window as another half hour passed before Nick stepped in. He smiled at me while I glared at him. “My Oh my, what did I do to deserve this type of gold star treatment?” he asks in awe as he stares at my naked body. “Well I was planning on having a naked feast, with me for dessert of course as well as a little game, but unfortunately dinner has gone cold due to your late arrival.”, I say sweetly with a tiny bite to my tone. “Oh I do apologize Miss. I got held up at a business meeting.” he says as he slowly strips out of his suit. I gulp in reaction, my mouth now dry as I watched him reveal his delicious body to me. The candle lit room illuminates his fair skin and makes him seem more sensual and desirable. He is hard and rigid, making my core tingle in anticipation. My irritation from moments before was long forgotten. “I forgive you. Now have a seat. I’ll warm up dinner.” I say as I rise from the floor and saunter towards him carrying our dinner plates. As I near him, he pulls me to him by my hips and squeezes my butt. “I think I’ll go straight to dessert.” he says before licking my neck and I shiver in his hold, his hard on brushing on my sensitive spot. This was the best idea I’ve ever had. I pull myself together. This was my date and it would go my way. “No can do Mr. I’m starving and I like my dessert last. After all it’s much, much sweeter that way.”, I coo and push away from him. He spanks my ass and the thrill of it makes me even hotter. I should dial down the heater. “So what’s the game?” he asks as he seats himself. “Just who can last longer. I plan on teasing you the entire night and I would expect you to do the same. The one who breaks and can not control themselves until we are humping like animals will lose. And just so you know, I don’t plan on losing.” I smirk. “Bring it on.” he dares.

We play round with our food and each other: Nick drops a little sauce on his chest, so I bend over and lick it off as he fondles with my breast. I pop a strawberry in my mouth and Nick kisses me as we share it. We were both so hot and bothered by the time we finished dinner, which was only half eaten. “Time for dessert.”, I say as I take the tub of melted ice cream and lather it on my skin. Nick stares , licking his lips as I perform a sultry assault and I know I’m winning. “Mia that’s unfair.”, he says, gulping. “My game. My rules.” I say, seductively. Nick lunges forward and dips his head to lick my chest, I push him away. “Nuh uh Mr big shot. You’re only getting ice cream during sex.” He growls and I see his will power breaking. “Only one taste.” he pleads and even though I want his hot tongue on my skin, I shake my head and he growls again before pushing me onto the carpet and taking me, licking the ice cream off like he was starved. Guess he could be since he hardly ate his dinner. “You taste much, much better than ice cream.” he says breathlessly as we both climax with me on my knees as he took me from behind. “Especially your sweet nectar.”, he says as he lowers his lips to my sweet core and we’re get lost in dreamland again, and again, and again.

“You are evil.” he says as we snuggle in bed. “Don’t pretend you don’t like it.” I say. “Oh I love it.” he whispers in my ear and I tense. I knew he sensed it. “Still not used to ‘love’ thing?” he asks and I could hear the hidden disappointment in his voice. “No not yet.” I sigh. “Do you think you could ever love me?” he asks and his insecurity makes me want to stab myself in the heart. “Don’t answer that.” he adds before I could respond. “Look Nick. I don’t know what love is. I don’t know what true love feels like. I mean I honestly have nothing to compare it to and even though I thought I had loved Tom, I still not sure if it was. Yes I do care for you. I respect you and I don’t want to lose you but I can’t promise that I will fall in love with you. I do have feeling for you. Feelings I can’t explain. I’m just not sure. Maybe I’m incapable and I know that I don’t deserve the love that you’re showering upon me. I’m just a little selfish to let you go.” I say before looking at Nick. He closed his eyes to hide the hurt he clearly felt as he snuggled me closer. ’Yeah I’m selfish too.”, he says as he kisses my forehead.

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