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“What are the specials for today?” I ask the waiter as he detaches his eyes from Mia’s half exposed breasts. She is so going to get a spanking tonight. “We have the Pacific Rim Fish and Prawn curry that is served with rice and Salmon Fillet grilled or pouched in prawn sauce.” he rattles off as if he had repeated the sentence over a thousand times as his eyes finds its way back to Mia’s creamy breasts. Irritation makes me harshly tap my fingers on the table. “Okay. Give us a moment.” I say to him and I burn holes in his back as he walks away. My sight finds its way to the gorgeous specimen in front of me and I ogle her breast as well and since I had already seen her bare, I knew exactly what hid underneath the thin layer of material. Mia’s face scrunches as she looks at the menu, her eyes examining something closer. “What are you having?” I ask, as I sip on the crisp red liquid. “Well there isn’t much choice here. You know I’m not into seafood.” she says as she examines the menu all over again. “Then why did you suggest coming here?” “Well, you always take me to places that you know I love and it seems unfair so I suggested this restaurant because you literally die over seafood.”, she says as she rolls her eyes as if she can’t possibly understand why anyone would enjoy seafood. I smile. “It’s not too late to get out of here since you’re pouting like a five year old.” I point out and she glares at me. “I’m not pouting. I’m just really hungry.” she says. I scan my menu, looking for something she might enjoy. “Look at page three, there are lamb ribs.” I say and she spots it and smiles. “Nick.”, I hear a female call and I look around, spotting Susan walking towards the table, waving at me. Shit! “Hi guys.” she says and I eye Mia who is giving her daggers. “Hey.”, I greet, hoping that she just wanted to say hello. “I just wanted to thank you Nick for dinner the other night and I wanted you to know that I will look into your proposal.” Susan says and I mentally shoo her away. Mia looks at me with hurt in her eyes. “No problem Suz.” I say and thankfully she says goodbye as she makes her way to her own table across the room, seating herself with another man. “Mia, I…” I start before the waiter returns. “Ready to order Ma’am?’ he chippers, his sight finding the treasure on Mia’s chest again. “No thank you. I think I lost my appetite.” she says , gulping down her wine with her eyes strained on me before wiping her mouth with her napkin and scooting her chair back as she rises. “Sorry, put the drinks on my tab.” I say to him before following Mia to the car. “Mia it’s not what you’re thinking”, I state calmly. “I’m sure.” she scoffs. “What I am wondering though is when exactly did you take her out? I mean we spend almost every waking minute with each other so when did you squeeze her in your busy schedule?” she asks. “Last Friday…” I start but she cuts me off. “Oh! So while I was waiting for you, naked by the way, to surprise you, you decide to take out another woman. Let me tell you something Nick McCarthy, I may not have so much experience in serious fucking relationships but I do know that going out on a date with someone else, while in a relationship, is considered cheating!”, she accuses, her voice breaking as she wipes a stray tear. “I understand. That’s why it wasn’t a date. It was a business meeting.” I say calmly even though my mind was shot. “How convenient - a business meeting? Isn’t that what all men who cheat say when they get caught ‘Oh, I needed to shove my dick in her to conclude a business deal’ Do you think I’m that fucking stupid?” she almost shouts and I pull over in the nearest parking lot before turning to her. “I’m not lying Mia. She wrote a novel and I looked into it. It was really good so I met up with her to discuss publishing terms should she decide to publish with us.” I say as I brush her hair with my fingers. “Do you really expect me to believe that Nick. You could have told me if what you are saying is true. But since you didn’t, it really seems to me like you’re covering up an affair. You wanted a serious relationship with me Nick, not the other way around and now that I’m trying my hardest and developing stronger feelings for you, you do this? That’s low, even for you.” she whispers. I can handle Mia when she is angry, but not when she stares out the window looking heartbroken as tears well in her eyes. I mentally punch myself and promise to literally do it later. “I wanted to tell you. Everything between us was going so well. I just didn’t want to ruin It.”, I admit. “Well the truth finds its way out somehow Nick. You have already ruined it.”, she says as she shrugs off my hand when I try to swipe at her fallen tear. “Trust is everything Nick.”, she says and I know she is right, especially when everyone she had ever cared about broke her trust and I regret not informing her about the meeting with Susan. “Mia, I’m…” I start. “Take me to my apartment Nick. Right now! Maybe while I’m gone you could go back to Susan again.” she spits and it cuts me deep. I decide to do as she says, giving her time to calm down. I wasn’t lying and I was going to prove it to her.


It’s not supposed to hurt so bad. I should have known not to trust any person that has something dangling between their legs. Their blood flow seems to move in the opposite direction, going to their fucking hard on instead of their brain and no, they can’t seem to keep it in their pants, they have to flop it out and play with it. Argh, why would I think that Nick was any different? He was notorious playboy so why was I so stupid to think he would just give up the game for me? Not like it was hard though. I gave up the game for him and he cheated.

The alarm on my bedside table rang and I shut it off before throwing it against the wall. I hadn’t slept the entire night and my heart betrayed me as I missed that idiot the whole time. I grabbed my phone, wanting to call in sick at work but I knew Nick would answer and I couldn’t have that. I could just abscond as well. Maybe quit. Argh, but that was too drastic. Why should I stop doing what I love just because of him? Fuck him! I would not let Nick or any other man ruin my life again. Never in a million years. So I jump out of bed and get ready for work.

Jason, the blue eyed hottie cornered me in the printing room. “Hey.” he drawls as he blocks the doorway as I try to exit. “Hey.”, I say sweetly as I try to move around him, but he blocks my way. “Excuse me, I need to get to my desk. “I say, as I unsuccessfully attempt to pass him again. “Sure. You can leave after I’ve tasted you again.” he coos as he grabs my behind. “Look, Jason? I’m really not in the mood today. Maybe next time.” I say. “But I’m in the mood. That skirt on you is fucking awesome.” he says as he pushes me against the printer. I shove his hand away and glare at him. I was not in the mood to fuck around. “I said no Jason. Let me get back to work before I take up your indecent behaviour with HR.”, I warn and mean every word of it. “Excuse me.”, a familiar voice booms in the small room. “I think the lady said no and I don’t I pay you to fuck around.” Nick enters the room and Jason cowers. “Apologise to the lady and get back to your desk. We will talk later.” Jason turns to me and offers his apologies that I know he doesn’t mean but I accept it anyway. Jason leaves the room and suddenly being with Nick alone became claustrophobic. What I wouldn’t do to go back to the good old days. That’s what you get for removing your hot friend from the friend zone – hurt and awkwardness, a very bad combination. “Mia, about last night...” he says looking lost like a kitten in a jungle. I put up my hand and he stops talking. “We’re at work Nick. I don’t wish to discuss our personal issues here or anywhere else. Just leave me alone and let me get on with my work”, I say and I leave him alone in the printing room as I make my way to my desk.

A bounded manuscript was placed dead centre on my desk. It was entitled ‘Giving back’ and the author was Susan Madie. I seated myself and started reading the inspiration novel. I huffed when I was done. It was really good. The woman was intelligent as much as she was beautiful and she had a flair for writing. Who knew? So that meant Nick was probably telling the truth. But he could also be fucking her and publishing her novel at the same time. It was time to face Nick and get the truth out of him.

I entered Nick’s office as Jason exited, looking forlorn. I shut the door behind me as I strode to his desk and threw the manuscript on his desk. He looked at me with hope in his eyes and that gutted me. Trust was hard for me and I knew better than to let my guard down. “What did you think?” he asks, gesturing to the manuscript. “It was good for an amateur.” I shrug. “I thought so too. She agreed to publish with us.” he says. “Do you believe me now?” he asks, cocking his eyebrow and damn did he look sexy in his buttoned down , powder blue suit. “Not really. You could still be fucking her.”, I accuse and he smirks. “I thought you’d say that.” He opens his desk drawer and slides over a page to me. I look at him questioningly, not making an attempt to take it. “It’s the minutes to our meeting. Judie was there too.” he says and I take the sheet of paper and analyse Judie’s - Nick’s secretary – notes. Instantly my nerves calm and I realise he had been telling the truth. “Okay.”, I say after a minute. “I believe you. But you should have told me.” I say. “I should have and for that I’m sorry.” he apologizes as he rises from his leather chair and stands behind me, running his hands down my arms and I shiver at the contact. “Just so you know, I could never have or want another woman other than you. I’ve loved you for so long and I’d be an idiot to ruin it. I almost did and I promise not to do it again.” he vows and the wall that I had reserved for him comes crumbling down. “Do you know that I know you more than I know myself? I know you fidget when you’re nervous. I know you tap your feet when you’re bored with a conversation or when you’re impatient. I know when you’re hungry because you get super irritable and I find it adorable.” he says as he runs his hand down my chest and cups my breasts, circling my hard nubs through the thin fabric with his thumb. “I know you hold your breath when you orgasm. I know your breath hitches when I suck on your breasts. I know your back arches when you need more contact on your core. I know that your legs spread wider when you need me to go deeper and I know that you pull on my hair when you want me to go harder.” he whispers in my ears and it heats up. “Please Nick. Not here.” I plead, whispering under my breath and he chuckles. “But I want to be right here.”, he tickles my ear as he reaches under my skirt and cups my lace covered core. I moan and I turn to him.

I bit his shoulder as we both soared together and right then and there I knew that I couldn’t do without him; that I couldn’t want or need someone else.; that I had fallen deeply and irrevocably in love with Nick McCarthy.

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