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The office chair squeaked, our arousal scented the air around us. Our grunts and moans echoed through the empty office until we both reached our peaks, smiling as we came down from our high. My sea-blue-eyed guy was better than I had ever expected, making me think about making him my boy toy. I knew better, but damn I wanted him. Every guy I meet seems to outdo the one before, but I seriously doubt anyone could top him. Maybe I’ll suggest it to him, heck I don’t even know his name. I just called him over and ravished his mouth with my tongue…as well as other parts of his body. He looked way better naked. I wish he could work shirtless and I would just sit there and drool the entire day. I stood, pulling my skirt down and grabbed my panties from my desk before shoving it into my carry-on purse.


Jealousy and hurt soared through me as I watched Mia climb out of the chair, pulling her skirt over her bare bottom. The unobtainable girl, that’s who she was – well in the sense of a long term relationship, otherwise she was pretty easy from what I’ve heard. I was madly in love with her from the get-go but quickly found out that she never ever wanted a serious relationship. The boner tenting my pants had a mind of its own as it didn’t register the heartache of watching her fuck someone else. I remember her perky breasts straining against her pink , illicitly deep blouse the first time I saw her talking to the lecturer in college – more like flirting with him as she bent over his desk, inches away from his face, exposing the top of her soft mounds. Clearly she caught his attention as he beamed at her before staring at her breasts and whispering something in her ear that made her smile and bite down on her full, pink lips. That should have been my cue to forget her forever, but her black curls, soft lips, c-cup breasts; gorgeous ass and everything else drew me to her. But the one thing that really caught my attention was the dimples that dented her cheeks when she smiled. I was genuinely surprised when she took the seat next to me, flipping her long curly hair over her shoulder and dazzling me with her smile. “Hi, I’m Mia.”, she said, offering me her small, delicate hand to shake my calloused one. Clearing my throat as my pants suddenly became uncomfortable; I took her hand in mine and roughly squeaked my name. Our friendship blossomed quickly as I learnt her love for literature was greater than mine and after getting to know her- really know her, that’s when I fell in love. It felt weird though, it usually the other way around – the girl falling for the playboy, but honestly I couldn’t resist. I won’t lie; I had my fair share of girls. I was the well-known play boy and she, the notorious play girl, but no matter what or whom I fucked, nothing seemed to satisfy the urge to have her and even if I could have her, I knew I couldn’t share her and that right there was what was stopping me from ever trying.

I watched as the new guy, named Jason, held her by her hips, kissed her neck, making her giggle in the most sultry way before walking out the office door. Mia took out her lipstick from her bag, seating her round ass on her cubicle desk as she gazed in her hand mirror, neatening up her hair and applying a new coat of red lipstick , which made her look hotter than hell, as she pouted at her reflection. If she didn’t look or seem so happy with the array of miscellaneous men she banged, I would have thought there was some deeper meaning to her actions. I knew one thing though, she never spoke of her past- before I met her that is and I never tried to pry. But what I wouldn’t do to find out if there was anything I could do to make her mine.


The lipstick on my lips looked fresh and I pouted at my refection. A soft squeak from Nick’s office door made me look in that direction and I saw blur movement through in the slightly ajar door. Shit! This is so going to HR and this time Nick won’t be able to save me. “Who’s there?” I asked aloud. No one answered so I crept slowly towards Nick’s office and pushed the door open. Nick was at his desk, headphones plugged in his ears. “Mia? You’re still here?” he asked, pulling out a headphone from his ear and I suspected he feigned his reaction upon my arrival. “Yeah, just finishing up some stuff.” I lied. “What about you?” I asked curiously, hoping he didn’t see or hear anything that just happened a few minutes ago. “Oh, just watching some porn. Wi-Fi is having bad signals at the apartment.”, he says nervously and that’s when I knew he was lying. Nick never ever admitted to watching porn, he always dismissed the idea, stating that he didn’t need porn when he could get a girl on his arm on his every beck and call – which was true. Well if he was going to pretend he didn’t see anything, I very well could ignore it too, even though my body heated more dangerously at the thought of Nick watching me. I don’t usually like being watched, but Nick has been in my many, many sexual fantasies but I never allowed it to seep into reality. I loved his friendship and lust was definitely not more important than friendship- that’s what I said to myself over and over again. I had a feeling that Nick actually didn’t like being a playboy. I saw how much he adored his parents that were drowning in love, even after thirty five years of marriage and he did admit that one day he would like to experience that. If that what he was looking for, then it was definitely not me and I didn’t want to lose the one friend that actually didn’t call me a slut behind my back in exchange for endless orgasms – as per the gossip of my fellow fake girlfriends. “Okay. I’ll let you go back to… you know.” I said, gesturing to his computer as I turned on my heels.

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