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It’s the day before New Year’s Eve and thankfully Susan left this morning to celebrate with her family. I nearly trip over a hidden rock buried in the snow as I rub my icy hands together, making my way to my car. I start the car and blast the heater, before taking off my hideously thick fur coat and throw it in the backseat. I hear a muffled “Wait!” being shouted and I see Nick out on the patio waving his hands to signal me. He dips his head through the front door, saying something to someone before making his way to me, successfully avoiding the hidden rock that almost took me down. He indicated that I unlock the passenger door as he shuffled from foot to foot in the cold. He’s so darn cute. “Where are you going?” he asks as he fastens his seatbelt and I stop him mid-process. “I told you that I’m going out and I really don’t need you to come with me.” I say sternly, hiding the nervousness I felt. “I’m coming with you.” he argues, gently unclasping my hand from his seatbelt, successfully clipping it on. “No, you’re not. I have some personal errands I have to run.” I say, hoping he would understand and back out. “Come on Mia. I know all about tampons.” he huffs. So much for hopeful wishing. “Seriously Nick. I really can’t tag you along this time.” I plead. “Well, mum gave me orders so you know I can’t back out.” he says and I huff in defeat as I pull out of the driveway. Everyone knows not to get Nicholene mad.

I pull into the parking lot right in front of Dirty Secrets. “We’re going in there?” he asks, appalled. “Yup.”, I chipper, a complete contrast to my embarrassment. “Do I have to go in there? Can’t I wait in the car?” he practically begs and even though I want to let him stay in the car, he had forced his way into this special trip so he should deal with it. I’m not the only one that’s going to be embarrassed today. No way. “Should I tell your mum that you weren’t being a true gentleman by refusing to accompany me into the shop?” I ask sweetly. “I’m sure she wouldn’t want her son to go in there.” he says swallowing so hard I would think I had asked him to go into a haunted house. “Would you really tell her we came here?” I ask, cocking my eyebrow and loving that I made him squirm. “Fine!” he huffs as he gets out of the car.

The overhead bell dings as we enter Dirty Secrets, my cheeks reddening at the sight of an array of sex toys. I look behind me and see that I wasn’t the only one who was red-face. Nick was practically looking at the ceiling to avoid the sight. “How can I help you?” a petite blonde strolls to Nick. “I don’t want anything.” he squeaks. “She’s the one who needs assistance.” he says, pointing at me. I stifle my giggle. The petite blonde, whose name tag revealed her name to be Pixie, turns her attention to me with a smile that I’m sure, is reserved for her customers. “How can I help you Miss?” I glance at Nick, my body heating in embarrassment. “I’m looking for a vibrator.” I whisper nervously. Nick’s ears perk and his uneasiness morphs into a heated glare that turned me on. Stop imagining shit!, I tell myself, focusing on the task at hand. “Do you have a specific kind in mind?” The confused look I give Pixie makes it known that I had no idea about the different varieties of sex toys, so she strolls around explaining the benefits of each type. She gave me a few minutes to look around and decide as another customer enters the shop. Looking around, I inspected a pink vibrator, testing the speeds and intensity along my palms, shivering in anticipation.


I watched as Mia ran the pink vibrator along her palm and the sudden hard on that emerged was painful as I imagined my length in those palms instead of that stupid machine. Mia was lost in thought and a little moan escaped her lips and I swear I almost combusted. After realising her blunder she emerged from her daydream, her cheeks flush with embarrassment. She looked around to see if anyone had noticed that gorgeous moan from her gorgeous lips. She glanced in my direction and I feigned studying liquorice panties and my mouth watered at the sudden dark thoughts. Once Mia was certain no one had caught her moaning she hastily places the toy back on its shelf and analyses other items. “Why do you need a…?” I asked coolly even though it was imperative for me to know. “You can say it you know? Vi-bra-tor”, she enunciates and I blush. “Yeah that. What do you need it for? Don’t your little male bees swarm to taste your sweet nectar?” I say, jealousy coursing through me. “Not like it’s any of your business, but they haven’t. I’ve been keeping my nectar under lock and key for a while now.” She flips her hair to the side, her long, smooth neck enticing me to leave a dark purple mark at the base. I clear my throat, overwhelmed by the amount of one particular male organ that had been copied into machines; by the sudden need to have her right here and now with her new toy; and mostly by her declaration of new found celibacy. “That’s odd coming from you. You were always so….dissipated.” She laughs. “I still am but things have changed.” She says, looking a little forlorn. “Changed?” I ask, intrigued. “Yeah… I’ve been developing feelings for a particular someone, mostly lust and I guess my body doesn’t want anyone but him.” she shrugs nonchalantly as if she didn’t just drop the biggest bomb in the world. She has feelings for someone? I wanted to know more and didn’t at the same time. It was bad enough that she slept with other men before and that was okay, I guess, but feelings? No, no, no. She can’t belong to anyone else. Except me. She eyes me sceptically as I mull silently in thought, anger coursing through my veins. “Something wrong?” she asks, concerned, as she stands in front me. “Nothing.”, I say and even I don’t believe my own words. I calm myself, wanting to ask more questions, still unsure if I really wanted to know the answers. “That doesn’t explain why you’re getting a bright pink penis.” She laughs and the sound throws me off my anger parade as I bask in the delightful sound. If her soft moan was any indication of how she sounded in bed, her laugh and her orgasms would be fucking music to my ears. “Well since I can’t do anything about the guy I have feelings for, or can’t seem to enjoy sex with anyone but, I’m going to settle for one of these.” she says, waving a huge blue vibrator in her hand. I gulped as I looked at it, realising that it was two times the size of the average penis. She giggled when she saw my expression, shaking her head as she called for Pixie. She found the pink vibrator that she had toyed with earlier when Pixie neared her. “Are these waterproof?” Mia asked, batting her eyelashes as a flush hit her cheeks. “Of course.” Pixie smiled. “I’ll take it.” Mia squealed in delight and I groaned as the strain in my pants became unbearable at the thought of her using that lucky pink penis in the bathtub.

The entire way, my eyes burned holes in the black plastic bag that contained the pink vibrator, searing it with my eyes in jealousy. Images of Mia using it in her bed, in the bathtub, in the shower, on her couch, and on my bed almost made me jump out of the car. What I wouldn’t do to just watch her or maybe use if on her as I took her from behind. I rolled down the window, a gush of falling snow and cold wind hitting my face, trying to cool myself off. “What are you doing?” Mia gushed, hitting me on my arm. “It’s freezing.” she whimpers, a slight shiver running through her and all I wanted to do was to make her shiver as she screamed my name. Fuck this! I took a deep breath and rolled up my window, doing everything possible not to look at her gorgeous face. A few, unbearable, minutes later we pull into my parent’s driveway and I jump out of the car like my arse was on fire, stomping into the house and into my ensuite as I inflicted myself to self-pleasure that I knew would never ever be compared to being inside Mia.

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