The Green Eyed Man

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Chapter Nine

“That man sounds like a real asshole, he had everything, he had enough money to go and live his life with the girl he loved and blew it because he couldn’t stand up to his mates”, Marty drunkenly slurred.

Billy took a large gulp of his drink and placed the glass down on the bar.

“He couldn’t face it. He couldn’t face to see the years of power just seep away into the hands of another man. A man who he trusted with everything and who gave nothing back. That one last hunting session he said was to prove he was always the man around the place. That’s what money and power does to you, it grabs a hold of you and doesn’t let go. It was his house. His making. His craft.” Billy carried on. “Yes, he loved Summer. The week she gave him was the best week of his life. Real emotions came to him for once and she was the reason for that. But he could never get rid of the pull that power gave him. He had to prove he was the man and that he was the reason everyone around him was so successful. He regretted agreeing to the hunting session. He knew he had more to live for than just power”.

Billy was clearly quite emotional at the end of his story and exhaled deeply as he stared at the ceiling. He closed his eyes and felt so deeply regretful over everything he had ever done. All of it was a lie to himself. And as he opened his eyes Marty was gone. He looked to his left and the barman was gone. He looked all around the pub; it was all gone. He was sat on the bridge where he said he’d meet Summer at all those years ago. The story he played around in his head finally had an ending. He finally understood his wrongdoings. He had come to this bridge every day since he had last seen her. Every time playing the story back to himself over and over again trying to find answers. He finally had them. He felt at peace now. He forgave himself. And with that, he inhaled deeply, swivelled around on the bridge and fell. The papers he was clutching vanished into thin air. His story was over. He hit the water. His hair got caught up in the current, it parted like loose string. As he floated further down the river more and more of his hair ceased to cover his face. As it did so, it revealed a scar above his right eye.

The doorbell rang at the Grand Palace as there was another party occurring. As per any party at the Grand Palace it was full of glitz and glamour. The champagne was being served and the girls were out in full force. The occasion wasn’t to be missed by anyone wealthy enough to attend. It was packed to the rafters once more.

The party paused as the doors at the top of the large staircase opened. Everyone looked in anticipation for the host to appear. The doors were fully open and out stepped Digby and Charlie, girls wrapped around either arm. They made their way down the staircase with great swagger and as they reached the bottom, Commissioner Terrence was waiting and uttered the words,

“Shall we talk business Mr Morris?”

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