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Somebody touched your dick?" Miles gasped. "What fucking universe did we just crash into?" "That's like pedophilia," Xavier said in disgust, "he doesn't even understand what happened!" "I do understand!" Mike said defensively. "He jerked my dong until baby juice came out! I just wanted to ask Iron for advice." "Hold on, I'm so confused," I looked at Colby for help since he seemed to be able to decode Mike's madness. "He's trying to say that Zev was teaching him the alphabet and somehow ended up... jerking him off." - After slaughtering half of the kids from their old mental institution, the five teenagers from 'My Kind of Crazy' end up in the last place they thought they'd be: prison. There's danger lurking in every corner with budding, unexpected romance in between. If you thought the other place was bad, welcome to hell. MY KIND OF CRAZY SEQUEL! Start date: 6/20/20 End date: 7/30/20

Romance / Humor
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My heart was beating erratically as the five of us stood in front of the prison. The building was huge and rundown. It looked old, dirty, and torn apart. I could practically feel the danger it held inside. Whatever was about to happen wouldn't be good.

I still wasn't completely sure how it was even legal to send us to this place. We were all seventeen and close to eighteen but there still has to be some law against that. It's in one of the amendments or something. None of us had any family that'd be willing to do shit about it so we were pretty much forced to suck it up and comply.

"Move your asses!" An officer barked, tugging Ian toward the building and forcing the rest of us to follow.

Draven definitely would've thrown a fit but by now they had prepared and had him sedated. I don't know what kind of drugs they gave him or what level of illegal it was but it made him oddly calm and giggly. It was weird seeing the beast in such a peaceful state compared to his usual murderous aura.

"Well, this is going to be fun," Xavier muttered under his breath.

I glanced up at him subtly. He was gorgeous. He looked slightly similar to Draven except he was kinder looking. He had the same dominating presence that demanded submission like a predator to its prey, but he had eyes a pale shade of blue. They looked soft and were so captivating. The hue contrasted with his dark skin and made the color stand out. His muscles were huge and bulging out of his shirt. He was sexy as fuck and it made my brain all fuzzy.

I couldn't help the deep attraction I had toward him. I'd never do anything about it so it didn't matter much but it was almost painful how badly I wanted him. I wouldn't do that to Ian. I already had to make up for being such a shitty friend when I avoided him because of the Nick situation.

Bros before hoes. I stuck by that. Ian was my bro and I wanted Xavier to be my hoe, but I'd bury that yearning deep inside my soul. I couldn't get with my best friend's ex no matter how much I wanted to. I already had to make it up to Ian for being such a bitch.

"Excuse me, sir, I need to pee," Mike complained as we were all guided inside.

"Good for you," the man grunted back and handed us off to a second man. This one was in a different uniform and looked like he worked here.

"Alright." He clapped his hands with a tired sigh. "Clothes off. I have to check to make sure you don't have any weapons."

"Can we do this individually?" Ian requested shyly.

"You lost all your rights the moment you walked through that door." The worker motioned toward the entrance. "The word privacy doesn't exist here. I suggest you all strip before it's done forcefully."

Thank god Draven had no idea what was going on because everyone in this building would be dead right now.

"Baby, I think you're beautiful," Draven slurred, smiling lazily at Ian before pulling his shirt off without a care in the world.

Ian's face burned red as everyone started to undress. He was incredibly insecure and it was weird to witness after being around so many shameless weirdos all the time. Nobody at St. Patrick's gave a shit about nudity, I sure didn't.

My mouth watered at the sight of Xavier's bare chest. He looked like a professional bodybuilder with a prominent definition to each of his muscles precisely. I silently begged myself not to get hard as I casually tugged my clothes off too.

"Now turn," the officer instructed as he inspected each of us thoroughly.

Ian was visibly uncomfortable, the rest of us casually complying. At least we were until the worker spoke.

"Spread your cheeks and cough."

Mike hooked his fingers into his mouth and pulled so that we could see all of his teeth while coughing like a lunatic.

"Wrong cheeks," he snickered.

"Oh oops." Mike turned around without hesitation, doing just as he said and displaying his dignity for all to see.

"Well, I'll never be able to unsee that," Xavier sighed and turned around. I followed in unison, keeping my eyes on the ceiling this time uncomfortably.

"Damn your ass is fat," Draven whistled, smacking Ian's behind with the sound of a loud slap following.

"Draven!" He hissed and swatted his hands away furiously.

"What?" He teased, "Am I not allowed to compliment my boyfriend?"

I've gotta say, drugged up Draven was my favorite version. He was far more enjoyable to be around than the animalistic Draven that was ready to attack everybody at any given second.

"Not right now you aren't!" Ian glared at him, face burning red with mortification.

"You have to admit that your ass is pretty fat," Mike pointed out.

"Don't make me tell you again!" The man shouted all of a sudden. I stiffened, nervously complying and Ian doing the same. I refused to make eye contact with Xavier.

"Alright, put these clothes on and follow me." He tossed some orange prison wear to each of us and I internally groaned. Orange wasn't my color.

"Yes sir!" Mike saluted at him and marched over toward the door.

I quickly pulled the hideous clothes on, forcing my eyes away from Xavier's mouthwatering form. Ian and Draven were bickering next to me but I was hyper-focused on Xavier's presence heating my skin.

"This is weird, huh?" He spoke up as I tied the string of my pants to secure the baggy cloth around my thin waist.

"What part?" I laughed bitterly, "Being in prison at seventeen? Draven not trying to kill everyone? Seeing Mike's asshole?"

He chuckled, pulling his shirt over his head and I swooned at the way his muscles flexed under the lighting. He was too attractive to be real.

"I'm going to go with all of the above. The Draven thing might be the weirdest part though." He looked over my shoulder to see the man giving his boyfriend a loopy smile, still completely naked and trying to grope Ian.

"I have to agree with you on that one," I snickered as Draven roughly palmed Ian through his pants, who was desperately shoving him away with loud protests.

"Hey," Xavier spoke softly all of a sudden. "Do you want to bunk with me?"

My stomach did a thing this where it tried to explode and I struggled to come up with a response.

Ian and Draven would share a cellar, so that left me with Xavier and Mike. No way in hell was I going to share a cell with Mike. But bunking with Xavier also meant I'd be around him constantly, which would make my already developing feelings increase tenfold. There was no good option.

"Sure." My body betrayed me.

He grinned at me and my stomach tried to erupt again. "Cool."

I could feel his burning gaze as I shakily finished dressing. My fingers were fumbling with the fabric, my mind going haywire and a wave of unfamiliar insecurity washing over me. Standing next to a literal god-like him put my frail body to shame.

"You put your shirt on backward." His tantalizing blue eyes racked down my body and I blushed. Hard.

"O-Oh," I stuttered awkwardly and went to pull it off but he stopped me. I practically melted into a puddle as his big hands pulled the fabric over my head, turning it around and pulling it back on. He moved my limbs around to his liking as he completed his task, running his hands over my sides to smoothen the wrinkles.

"All better," He remarked casually, turning around to follow the man ushering us out of the room.

What the fuck was that??

A giddy smile took over my lips as I watched Xavier confidently stride out of the room. His posture upright and personality exuding confidence. So sexy.

I turned, first instinct being to squeal and gush to my best friend about what just happened. Then I remembered that I was a horrible person and how it wasn't right for me to be feeling like this in the first place, never mind tell Ian about it.

My grin fell. Not only was I being delusional, thinking that I had any chance with Xavier in the first place, but a dickwad who deserved a trophy for being the world's worst friend.

"Daddy's going to spank you again when we get some alone time," Draven purred into Ian's ear who looked like he would pass out from all the embarrassment.

"I. Hate. You." He groaned, shoving Draven away successfully because of how high he was. "If you don't stop then I'm withholding sex."

"Like anyone would pass up having sex with Daddy Draven." Mike rolled his eyes.

"You guys are actually the worst," Ian complained.

"Let's go!" The worker's voice boomed, startling me. We followed him out of the room. Not like we had a choice anyway.

I tried to choke down my nerves as we were brought down a dirty looking hallway. Thick bars were separating other guys from us. They were all sending sinister glares or nasty smirks our way. It was terrifying.

"Look at that ass!" A gravelly voice whistled. He was definitely talking about Ian. I silently thanked God for inventing drugs that prevented Draven from being a pissed off, possessive bastard.

"Yup. And it's all mine." Draven grabbed a handful of Ian's ass, leaning down for a kiss but Ian smacked his face away from him.

"That's it! No sex for a week!" He whisper-yelled so that none of the inmates could hear it. But I did and rolled my eyes. Mike was right, no one in their right mind would pass up sex with Daddy Draven.

"Two to a cell." The worker unlocked a door and held it open. Draven dragged Ian toward it but the man held out a hand to stop them. "No way are you two staying together."

He yanked on Ian's arm and tried to shove Draven in but he didn't budge. He tried again but Draven blinked at him blankly for a second before breaking out into a fit of giggles.

"You two are staying together." The man's face flushed when he realized his strength couldn't compare to Draven's, but he pointed a finger at me and I almost had a heart attack.

"Please don't—"

I, on the other hand, was a munchkin compared to Draven, making it very easy for me to be pushed face-first into the filthy ground with a thud. The bars were locked behind us and I gulped at the sight of Draven standing over me. I doubted he would hurt me because Ian would be upset, but that didn't change the fact that he was intimidating as shit.

"What the hell man!" Xavier growled, "Don't fucking touch him like that!"

I stared at Xavier with heart eyes, a fuzzy feeling sprouting in my chest that was quickly filled with mortification when the man pulled out a taser. "I suggest you shut your damn mouth before I use this." He wagged the weapon in his face like he was taunting a dog with a piece of meat. "I don't know how they treated you freaks at St. Patrick's, but here? One bad look at these other guys and you'll die."

"Uh, I don't think you've met Draven." Mike piped up and eyed his scarily large stature. "I think we're good."

I frowned, studying Xavier who was pissed. He and Draven were close to the same size, he was maybe an inch shorter. Draven just had serious anger issues that riled him up way faster and made him seem scarier. Xavier was sweeter and giving. I liked that about him.

The guy snickered, "Take a look around you, boys. Everyone here thinks they're just as cool as you do. The only difference is that they've got some years on you, experience, and know how prison works. I advise losing the attitude before one of them decides to put you in your place."

Scanning the room, I realized that he was right. The prisoners appeared to be tall and muscular with ultra terrifying auras as well.

We're trapped in a building full of Draven's.

"It's only two to a room," The man grunted to Mike after forcing Ian and Xavier into the cell next to ours. I swallowed down the bit of jealousy that was prodding at the pit of my stomach.

It's fine. Everything's fine. He probably doesn't even have feelings for Ian anymore. They're just friends. Yeah. Friends.

"But I want to stay with my friends," Mike whined, trying to push past him and follow after Ian, but he didn't get to because the taser was whipped out and Mike shrieked before collapsing onto the ground. His limbs were convulsing, pained noises escaping his lips as I watched in mortification.

"Learn your fucking place, mutt." He snarled into Mike's ear, bending down to his height. "Just for that? I'm bunking you with Zev. You better watch your sorry ass."

I faced Draven with a sigh to see him with his face pressed against the bars. "Where's Ian?" He asked me.

"He's in the cell next to us."

He frowned, "I want to see him."

I 'awwed' internally. They were honestly couple goals.

"Me too." I agreed, "But we can't. We're locked in here and you're on way too many drugs to be able to bend these bars."

It took him a minute to process what I said before he pouted at me as if I was the one who got to grant or deny him access. "But I want to see him." He spoke in a small, soft voice.

"Draven," Ian called from next to us. We weren't able to see each other but we could easily talk. "I'm right here."

Draven perked up and ran to the edge of the bars, getting the closest he could to Ian. "I want to cuddle." He complained, "How are we supposed to cuddle?"

"We... we can't for a while." Ian murmured, sadness filling his voice.

"But I miss you. I want to hold you."

Ian sniffled loudly and I'm pretty sure he started to cry. "I miss you more."

"No," Draven shook his head even though Ian couldn't see him, "I miss you more."

This is going to be a long fucking night.

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