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A Beautiful Tomorrow

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Meet Areum Bora Young. A timid girl, born in Manhattan New York she lives with her mother and father and her deranged cat Min Min. Since she was a little girl she dreamed of becoming a singer. She hoped to perform and be recognized by the world but her shyness holds her back. One day she and her bestfriends decide to create a band earning them recognition from a company. But what happens when Areums talent gets recognized by there manager and she is offered a contract to become a solo artist. Will Areum be able to save her relationship with her friends or will a price have to be paid?

Romance / Drama
Kiara A. Jones
Age Rating:

Becoming Mixed Colors

Areums POV

Being a singer has always been my dream...

To be up on that big stage with thousands of people cheering my name. Just the thought it made my heart beat faster than ever before. It was a dream I longed for, it was so precious to me that I was afraid it would be taken away.

From the moment I could talk I started singing. I would sing so much my parents would throw tantrums telling me to keep quiet. Once I got to singing there was no way to get me to stop.

A singer.

That was my dream. To be recognized by the world and for people to hear my songs. I wanted my dream to happen but something always held me back. Like a force stopping me from being able to carry out my dream.

I knew nothing was really stopping me. If anything it was myself that was stopping me. My stupid nerves always got the best of me and I hated it. I hated the way my hands got sweaty before I even stepped on stage. I hated the way sweat would pour down my face, and my body would go numb.

I wished I hadn't been this way. But I prayed within time things would get easier. At least that was what I had been hoping for. That was the reason behind me and my three childhood friends creating our own band.

My friend Anne played the guitar. She moved from Virginia when she was just five years old. We went to school together and we instantly created a bond like no other. Whenever I felt down she was always there to make things seem better. With her fire red hair she was a spitfire ready to take on anything.

For the majority of the time in middle school it had just been me and Anne. When we got to sixth grade we met Cianne, she was always loud with her mixed box braids swinging about. She transferred into our school and we all hit got along well.

Cianne played the piano. She always said her hands were magic fingers and she wasn't wrong. As soon as her hands touched a keyboard she could make anyone fall in love with her. We were all so close that it was hard to keep us apart.

We were a trio. We never thought our group could get any better than what it was. That was until Souline came to our school. We were in 8th grade when Souline had been the new girl. She had long brown hair that reached down her back that she rarely. She always called herself the hispanic belle of our group.

Souline had the voice of an angel. So when we created our group she became the lead singer. I did backup vocals which I didn't mind as I had always hated being front and center. My nerves always got the best of me and I didn't want to slow us down.

It was Ciannes idea to become a band. At first Anne was skeptical about joining but when we had our first practice ever she had warmed up to the idea. So everyday after school we would go and practice in Anne's basement.

And that was how we became the girl group Mixed Colors.


"Areum you need to hurry or you'll be late"! Rolling my eyes I slowly got off my bed doing a my usual morning stretch. I make my way into the bathroom almost scaring myself half to death when I see my reflection in the mirror.

I pull my mane of curls into a bun before hopping in the shower. I quickly wash up and pull my clothes on. Today was the first day of my junior year in highschool. I was feeling weary about it not knowing what to expect.

I put on like makeup just some mascara and some lip gloss. I grab my bag and phone making my way downstairs. The sudden smell of kimchi hits my nose.

I place my things by the door so I can easily grab them in my way out. "Something smells good" I say walking to the table to some white rice and kimchi already set on the table.

"Go and get the other things"! My mother yells. I shuffle my feet quickly to the kitchen grabbing the rest of side dishes.

We sit down at the table and pray before digging in. "Appa left for work already"? I ask shuffling some white rice and egg into my mouth.

"Ye we'll be home late so make sure you eat dinner". Nodding my head I continue eating my breakfast and checking the time to make sure I wasn't going to be late.

Once I finish eating I place my empty bowl into the sink. I grab my shoes by the dope before grabbing a light sweater since the weather was still quite warm.

"Omma I'm leaving now" I say grabbing my bag from the floor.

"Have a good day. And call me once you get home from school"! With one last nod I head out the door heading out into the warm air. Soon it would be fall and the trees would change color.

I silently walk to school humming a soft tune the whole way along.



Appa- dad

Omma- mom/ mommy

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