The Royal Secret

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Thatcher wanted a break from his life and found it in his best friend’s hometown. What he didn’t expect to find was Ana. Ana was content with her life and afraid to be loved, she was scared of rejection until she opens herself to Thatcher. Can Ana and Thatcher change the course of each other lives or will they get lost in the lies that binds them and the threats that consume them?

Romance / Erotica
Avery Law
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”Will you relax. No one will know who you are. My sister doesn't even know who you are. She knows you as my roommate and bat friend.”

”I know, but still. What if someone pokes around?”

”No one is going to poke around. It's a small town, and the only thing you have to worry about is women hitting on you.”

I know I'm ridiculous, but I need this getaway. My parents started talking about how I needed to be married to take the crown, and how in the next few months, balls were going to be held to introduce me to women they see fit to be my wife. In reality, I want a normal life. I didn't ask to be born onto a royal family, and I didn't ask for his responsibility.

”Your sister is picking us up from the airport right?”

”Yes, and don't mention we rode in first class, she’ll ask questions about how I can afford it.”

”So, you haven't told her anything?”

”Nothing, she can keep a secret, but she would also fuss about not having a grand place for us to stay in.”

”I’m sure her house is beautiful.”

”Did you tell anyone you were leaving?”

”I told my father I need time to think, and I would at least let them know I was safe.”

After a twelve-hour flight, I was thankful to be off the plane. First-class is nice, but I missed my private plane with a full bedroom.

I tried looking around for Drake's sister. I figured since they were twins, she would look similar to him.


”That's my sister.” Drake pointed to the girl that was yelling. His sister looked nothing like him, except for the dark hair. His sister was beautiful; I was stunned at how simple but Beautiful her features were.

”Thatch, this is my sister Ana Kat, Ana Kat, this my roommate, Thatcher.”

She stuck out her hand to shake mine.

”The name is Ana; he's the only dummy that calls me Ana Kat.”

”Thatcher, nice to meet you, Ana”

”Nice to meet you too. It's late, and I bet you guys are tired, so let's get going.”

We followed her out to the car. Drake took the front seat as I took the backseat, and I didn't mind. I got to observe Ana. I was intrigued by her. I have seen and been with some pretty girls, but none of them held a flame to Ana.

”How long are you guys staying?”

”Probably the whole summer.” Drake answered.

”Well I have the space for you guys to stay that long, I just have two rules. Clean up after yourself, and if you have girls over, be considerate of others when you're doing certain things.”

I chuckled and saw her glance at me in the rearview mirror.

”What's so funny?”

”Can you not say the word sex? You want us to be discrete when we have girls over for sex.”

Ana’s cheeks turned pink, and I thought she was adorable, and I was suddenly looking forward to embarrassing her a bit more.

The ride to her house was about forty-five minutes and during that ride, I found out that she owns a small business. She chose the company over schooling, unlike her brother. They came into money when their parents died and that’s how Drake afforded school, and she was able to start the business.

”Alright, Drake already has a room picked out, he uses the same room each time he stays so your room is located next to mine, right up the stairs.”

I followed her to the room I was staying in, while looking around. The house was an old farmhouse. It wasn't as small as I thought it would be, it had charm, and I could tell she was proud of it.

”And the bathroom is right here. It's an old house, so there aren't any private bathrooms, and I apologize for that.”

”This is fine, thanks for letting us stay.”

”You're welcome. Have a good night.”

”You too.”

I woke up early, thinking Ana was the same way as Drake and slept in, but I was surprised when I ran into her when she was coming out of the bathroom.

”I didn't wake you, did I?”

”No, I'm always up this early.”

”Ok, good. Umm Drake is probably still sleeping, and depending on how long you take to get ready; I should have breakfast ready.”

”You don’t have to cook. We can always grab something.”

”It’s not a problem. I went grocery shopping so you guys wouldn’t have to eat out all the time.”

”You didn’t have to do that either. Drake and I can pay you our share back.”

”No. If it really bothers you, you guys can do the next round of grocery shopping.”

”I’ll hold you to that.” Ana gave me a smile which made her even prettier than she was. I knew if I wasn’t careful, I could get into some trouble with her.

Ana wasn’t kidding, she had breakfast ready by the time I was down stairs. She cooked pancakes, bacon and eggs and she already had three plates made and ready to eaten.

“You really didn’t have to do all this for us.”

Even though I told her she didn’t have to I was thankful she did. I never had to cook so I never bothered to learn. I’m sure she would judge me if I told her.

“It’s not a problem.” She said with a smile.

“I knew I smelled food.” Drake came into the kitchen looking like he just rolled out of bed.

“What are you guys getting into today?”

”It’s a small town, so not a lot. You’ll have to drive into the city to do anything.”

”I was thinking I would show him around town have some lunch with some of my old friends.”

”Well I’ll probably be in the shop all day if you guys need anything.”

I wanted to invite her to hang out with us but I didn't was to over step, or seem weird.

”Oh and Drake, Sidney will be over tonight so be nice.”

Drake smiled at his sister,” I’ll be a perfect gentleman.”

Ana rolled her eyes and told us she would be back later before taking the biscuit to go.

”Who is Sidney, and does your sister not eat?”

”Sidney is her best friend, we grew up with and when we were in high school Sidney and I had a friends with benefit thing going on that Ana knows nothing about and we didn't end on good terms. As for my sister not eating, she's always been a picky eater.”

”Do we have to make sure you and Sidney are not in the same room?”

”No. I love getting under her skin.” he said with a smirk. ”Alright, Let's get ready and find you a girl tonight.”

This time I rolled my eyes at Drake. Finding a girl was the last thing I wanted to do.

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