Black Swan

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Hey my name is Sky blackwood, I live with my abusive uncle in Coldwater main. Im that quite, shy type that just tries to bleed in with my surroundings, i hate attention cause it never ends well with me, but...What happens when the abusive girl meets the bad ass bad boy? Will he be just another jerk and reject her or will he be her handsome dark prince? Come and find out! WARNING❗ MATURE CONTENT VIOLENT SCENES & UPSETTING LANGUAGE Read at your own risk, enjoy😘 WARNING SLOW UPDATES

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Chapter 1: The meeting

Hey my name is sky blackwood, im 17 years old, I've got dark green eyes and waist long black hair. I live with my uncle, my family left me when I was really young , my uncle says its cause they didn't love me and I was a disgrace to the family name and everything which it stands for and I dont want to believe it but hearing it everyday for the past 13 years it kinda gets stuck, like when you keep hearing someone say the same thing for so long you start too wonder if maybe what they say is true cause why would they say it otherwise . I dont want to believe it but I do, I mean no-one loves me not my family not my uncle, plus all the friends I had left me just like everybody else. The only reason why my uncle keeps me around is cause he treats me like his personal punching bag. I use too pray too any god that was listening too help me or atleast give me some small comfort but that never happend and if I did have some sort of reprieve from my suck ass life I'd get a double beating when my uncle finds out, I know sucks to be me right, anyway, I live in Coldwater main its not too bad here, but living with my uncle and also going to school here is hell the kids are rude and judgemental plus they all mental( lol get it ;). As soon as I'm old enough and have a place to go study I'm gone.

I woke up too my alarm srilling in my ear, I got up and saw it was 5:00AM I always get up this early so I can get breakfast done and get ready before school and most importantly so I'm out of the house so my uncle doesnt deside too give me another pounding when he wakes up. I quickly showered and got dressed in black skinny jeans that were a bit too loose seeing as my shitty uncle is a cock sucking ass and doesn't allow me too eat only when he sees fit, anyway, I also put on a white tee and a dark black jacket over with my black boots, I did my hair in a messy ponytail and went downstairs to get started on breakfast. I was almost done when I felt my uncles breath on my neck making the hairs stand up and giving me the chills, you know the one's where you feel creeped out and scared shitless, those where the chills I was feeling. He grabbed my wrist and pushed me forward so my face was on the counter and my arms were behide my back in a deathly sore grip that he held.

"Hey you little slut why tha fuck is my food not done you worthless piece of crap. Didnt I tell you I want my shit done before I wake UP!" He screamed in my ear making me cower more into the table if that was even possible. "ANSWER ME YOU LITTLE SHIT!" He yelled again making me wimper. Y-yes uncle y-you did, i-im s-s-sorry uncle i w-was al-lmost d-done im s-sorr-sorry ple... " Stop stuttering you annoying little cunt are you stupid as well as worthless no fucking wonder no-one wants you!." He screamed and through me onto the hard floor then started kicking me in my stomach and my Face while yelling and cursing me, he then stopped and picked me up and slammed me hard on the wall and punched me in my face and stomach again, he kept on kicking and punching till I started to see black spots in my vision and it continued too grow bigger and it was like a big dark blanket starting to cover my entire body and making me feel absolutely nothing and I glady accepted it and passed out.

I woke up cold and feeling like my entire body was breaking I realized I was still in the kitchen were I passed out my uncle must've kept on pounding on me after I blacked out " bastard " i whispered. Slowly I started getting up and limping towards my bedroom so I could see the damage done. After about 10 minutes I finaly reached my bedroom and went into the bathroom to see how I looked, but before I got there I spotted my alarm clock and saw the time. "shit, fuck I'm late.. uhh bastard" I said to no-one.

I quickly went to wash my face, as I looked up in the mirror I gasped as I saw the person starring at me. My one eye was swollen shut and had dark purple bruising around it and my other eye was also bruised but not as bad as the previous one my cheeks were red and my lip had a nasty gash on it. "No way will I be able to cover this up with makeup" I muttered to myself. I desided to stop looking cause I was only making myself more depressed and needed to get to school.

I arrived at school 15 minutes later, I already missed half of first period and knew I was ganna be in trouble I just hope no-one would notice me slip in, it's not like they take note of me anyway, I thought to myself as I opened the door. Quess it must be the universe laughing at me cause nothing is going my way today, as I opened the door it made this horribly, loud screeching noise and everyone and I mean everyone turned too look at me. I felt like I just wanted to sink deep into the earth and never return, lucky I had on shades so they couldn't see my eyes.

"Nice of you too join us Miss Blackwood, do tell us what was so important that you missed half of my class I would really love to know" Miss Doon said while looking at me. Miss Doon was in her late forties with dark brown hairwith faint traces if grey, she was short and plump with serious light brown eyes. I looked at her and said the most idiotic thing ever "I'm sorry I overslept" agh I'm such an idiot I overslept? , really thats the best I could do I mentally facepalmed myself. Miss Doon just stared at me and said "well then you'll just have to go to detention after school seeing as you would rather sleep than study, and take of those glasses this isn't the beach for goodness sake!" I started panicking I can't take it off if I do they'll see and then ask questions and if they ask questions my uncle will murder me and cut me up into tiny pieces and eat me for dinner! So I did the one thing i never thought I'd say to a teacher "N-no I dont want and you can't make me do shit you old cow!" The while class gasped and a few started laughing as they saw the teacher's cheeks begin to grow red. I cant believe I said that I'm so stupid! "EXCUSE ME? Get out of my classroom your to spend whole day for the next few days in detention now MOVE!" She yelled.

I walked back out the door and down the corridor to the detention class. I can't believe I've got detention for the next few day my day really isn't going that great I thought miserably to myself. I reached the class room and opened the door a bit too rough and it opened so fast that it slammed into the wall, and just like last time everyone turned and stared at me but this time it was worse, cause this time it was my schools bad ass bad boys all staring at me and at that moment I just wanted to die.

Hey lovelies so this is my very first writing a book took me forever to actually get the courage to write one if my stories and post it. Aah👻 but anyways i hope u enjoyed it and please comment and vote tell me what u like anyway bye for now🤗👊

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