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Raman Kumar Bhalla is ruthless, cold, and heartless and considers all the women as gold-diggers. No one dares to speak against him except a girl. He swore to teach that girl a lesson. Will he teach a lesson or learn about love? Ishita Iyer is a beautiful girl but now called Vidya Krishnan. She has disguised herself by wearing an ugly wig, rimmed glasses to hide her eyes, and wore braces. She wears over-sized clothes to avoid showing her curves. She looks like an ugly nerd as she doesn't want to draw attention. On the run from a mysterious stalker whom she has never met or done wrong. She feels she is free but is she free or past is right behind her? Who is Ishita Iyer? Why is she called Vidya Krishnan now? Why is she in disguise? How will she escape from the evil clutches of Raman Kumar Bhalla? How will Raman react when he sees the original Ishita Iyer? Will he feel betrayed? Will Raman be able to solve the mystery of Ishita before her past catches her up? Twist of fate is when she was waiting for her love, it didn't find her. When he believed in love, he was betrayed & back-stabbed by his closed ones. Now, when they both are determined to stay away from Love, but Love finds its way. Will Raman and Ishita fall in love? Please follow Raman & Ishita's journey to find out the answers.

Romance / Mystery
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Right or Wrong?

Ishita Iyer:


It set out to be my alarm clock. And at 6:30 it starts to sing a robotic melody. The first time I hear the alarm, while still sleeping, sounds like:

“W-w! Wa-wa! Wake-wake-wake up! Wake up!” …

When I wake up and I start to be lucid, the alarm sounds more like:

“Ti-ti! Tic-tic! Tic-tic-tic! Tic-tic!” and repeats the same rhythm for like 1 minute. After 1 minute it stops, but after 10 minutes starts again when you were just about to take off to your dreamland.

I hate the alarm clock! Especially when you rarely slept a wink last night. I shut my phone off as hard as I possibly could. Great way to start a day!!! I muttered sarcastically.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ishita Iyer, but, now I’m known as or called as Vidya Krishnan.

I’m currently staying with my childhood best friend Mihika, who shifted to Delhi when she got a job in the Fashion Industry. With Mihika’s help, I was able to move without any trouble. Nobody in my family or my friends knew that I’m staying with her and I’m sure, hope & pray that nobody will figure that out too.

I quickly put on my track pants and got ready for jogging. My health is weak and I’m working hard, really hard to regain my strength so keeping fit is very essential. It’s been 6 months since I moved in with Mihika. I was on complete bed rest for the first 3 months. I owe Mihika a lot as she was the one who took care of me like a baby. I’m currently working in a bookstore as I had to take care of my needs without troubling Mihika. I’m trying to find a desk job as it is not a good idea for me to be in the public eye as I’m scared that someone will identify me.

Mihika works as a fashion designer and she helped me with my complete makeover. It’s very hard for anyone to recognize me as I have changed my eye color from black to chocolate brown using the lens. I’m using thick-rimmed glasses to avoid recognizing my eye lens. I have blonde straight hair and now I’m covering that using a curly black wig. I’m wearing braces to avoid showing off my dimples. I don’t want to look attractive nor want to be recognized by anyone. I always use over-sized clothes to hide my curves. I can’t take the risk of getting caught right now, as I have to figure out the mystery of my life.

I know you must be wondering who am I running from? The answer is I don’t know. Someone is behind my life and I have no clue who that is. Who is behind my life? Why does he or she want to kill me?

I was always a focused person who hates attention. A few months back, my health deteriorated. My parents assumed that I was psychologically affected, god knows why they thought I’m mentally unstable when on earth there could be a million reasons why I could be sick? And guess what, they started to look at me differently. Since I’m a doctor myself, I started to think straight, and very soon I understood that someone is behind my life. You must be wondering how I figured that someone behind my life? Simple, the doctors at home were not able to figure out anything as my reports came clean. How is it even possible unless someone is playing with me? I secretly collected my blood samples and send them to my friend Mihika who got it tested here in Delhi. Soon we found out traces of a dangerous chemical mixed in my blood, which is why I was behaving strangely. It is also called as a slow poison.

Talk about shocked, I was not able to think straight and decided that I have to move away for a while. I immediately moved to Delhi and covered my tracks so that nobody can trace. This is my long story in short. After jogging for about 45 minutes, I reached my apartment and Mihika was awake.

“Good morning,” Said Mihika with a bright smile

“Good morning, so what’s for breakfast?” I asked smiling

“I made Pancakes. Ishita, hmmm…we need to talk” Said a nervous Mihika. She was fiddling her fingers which indeed shows that the matter is a bit serious.

“What is it? Mihku, from when did you start thinking twice before speaking to me?” I asked confused.

“hmm, Ishita... Since you were looking for an office job for a while, I came to know through one of my friends that there is an opening for a secretary position at the Bhalla Corporation. And the job is to assist the CEO.” Said Mihika in a go, before she could continue I cut her off

“Mihku, you know very well…” I started, only to be cut off by Mihika

“Ishita, just think about it once. We did a complete makeover for you and even I can barely recognize you. It’s just a secretary position and I’m positive that nobody will recognize you” Convinced Mihika

“I know Mihku, but being a secretary to one of the topmost millionaires in Delhi comes with a lot of risks like getting exposed to media, attending balls, etc.. You know I can’t afford to get caught now” I was starting to get panic at the mere idea of being caught.

“Listen Ishita, All that I’m asking you is to give it a try. You can always refuse to attend any function if you are not comfortable. Moreover, being a secretary to a topmost millionaire comes with its own benefits” Explained Mihika, which is also a matter of fact.

“Why are you insisting this the best Mihku? I heard Mr. Bhalla is a playboy, not that I’m worried he would develop a romantic interest in me. I don’t know why I feel uncomfortable to even apply for this position for an eligible bachelor of India.” I said, biting my lips, as I wondered why I’m feeling uneasy to even apply for the job.

“Are you scared Ishita? Are you scared that you will fall for him? I agree he is a playboy, but he won’t come near you because of your makeover and moreover, he hates women and doesn’t do relationships. So you need not worry about getting exposed or falling into unwanted trouble” Pressed Mihika with an evil smirk. Ishita’s stomach clenched with an unknown fear.

What is that little devil Mihika is planning? Why is she insisting to apply for this job? This is so not Mihika. Why the hell is she smirking evilly? Only Ishita knows that Mihika’s smirk has evil intentions. Oh god, this is so not good, thought Ishita

“Oh Please... I don’t even know how he looks like, Mihika. And I don’t have time for this so-called love” I shrugged

“Babe, this job has its own benefits. You can use Mr. Bhalla’s contacts to figure out our mystery. All I’m asking from you is to just think about it. For me, please... “Pleaded Mihika with a very cute pout.

Mihika is so right. I need to solve the mystery soon. I can’t be hiding forever. I need to get back to my duties very soon. What’s wrong with trying? If I don’t like it, I can quit at any time. Right? Thought Ishita

“Okay, I will do it,” I said in an unsure voice. Mihika squealed in happiness and hugged me tightly.

“Thanks, babe, I know you will accept it. Listen, I will forward your profile to my friend and he will fix up the interview and let us know” Said Mihika with a big glorious smile. Ishita just nodded her head as she didn’t trust her voice.

I don’t know why, but I really feel weird and my stomach is clenching with an unknown fear. But I can always quit the job if I don’t like it. Can’t I? But why do I feel that I’m going to regret this decision later? Let me just hope everything turns to be fine. Am I taking the right or the wrong decision? Right or wrong? I battled with my inner thoughts and started to get ready for a new day.

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