The Eye Of Ezra

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Ezra Mae Quinn lives in a world that's divided. One side known as the fire nation while the other the water nation. It is said when on becomes of age at the peak of sixteen only then will you truly know of where you belong. Ezra has lived in an orphanage since she was five years old until her mother decides to take her back.

Romance / Drama
Kiara A. Jones
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The Birth Of Ezra

Just off the coast of a small village best known as nowhere land lived a small community of people. In the village lived families who could not afford to live anywhere else. It was said that a revolution four hundred years ago took place in order for the creation of this land to exist.

Near a back alley a small house could be seen. Built out of sticks and mud, a dark haired woman was currently in labor. The village doctor assisted her making sure the woman would deliver safely.

The woman went by the name of Nora. She was young and beautiful with dark locks and pale skin. She had been in labor for almost a day. Nora's life had been nothing but hardships where she was left with nothing.

Nora had worked hard all her life. Just when she thought she had found the love of her life she was left to pick up the broken pieces of her heart. Nora had worked as a maid for one of the most prestigious families throughout the nation.

She lived in a world where two nations were divided. The fire nation and the water nation. The two nations had been fighting for years making it hard to establish piece between the two.

One was either born with the gift of fire or the gift of water. The proper term for a person with the gift of water was called an Aquakinesis. While for a person who could control fire was called a Pyrokinesis.

Nora was born as a Aquakinesis. When was just twelve years old she was sent off with her mother to work as a maid. She worked for the prestigious family known as the Grinverdales. They were the strongest Pyrokinesis family in the fire nation.

There Nora worked along aide her mother. She eventually fell in love with one of the sons. Although they were young they were very much in love. They kept their relationship a secret for years meeting whenever they could.

That was until a maid had spotted them sharing a kiss. Nora was sent away from the mansion as a disgrace. Her mother was disappointed and could do nothing to stop her from leaving.

Nora was kicked out with nothing. She was sent back home where her father was informed of what happened. With a slap to the face he had banished her from coming home. She had little to nothing and for weeks she begged for food.

A few weeks later she was able to confide in a friend who had took her in. It wasn't until her second week of rooming with her friend did she find out she was pregnant. She tried her best to find work as much as she could before her bump would become visible.

Nora found work in a bakery making loafs of bread. She worked day in and day out trying to save up enough money. After the baby was born she planned to find a place of her own where she would raise her baby.

Months later her baby bump became visible to the eye. At 5 pm on a sunday night Nora had went into labor. Her friend had sent word for the village doctor to come immediately.

"One more push Nora. I can see your baby's head" the village doctor said softly. She guided Nora giving her moral support and in one push her baby was out.

Nora heard the cry of her baby. She watched as the village doctor wiped her baby off with a cloth. Nora tried her best to lift her body to try and figure out the sex of the baby.

"It's a girl" the village doctor said with a gentle smile. She wrapped the baby in wool blanket before handing her off to Nora. She watched Nora hold her baby gently to her chest.

"I will stitch you up and you will be finished. You will need to keep the stitches clean to avoid infection" the village doctor informed. Nora shook her head before looking down at her infant daughter.

She had a head full of dark hair. Her small body was pink from all the crying that had wracked her body. Nora had carefully placed the infant onto breast where she instantly latched on.

Nora laid back and closed her eyes as her baby sucked away on her swollen nipples. Nora had heard that breast feeding was the healthiest for your baby. The village doctor had left an hour later promising to come back tomorrow to check on her.

Nora held her baby close to her body. She made sure her baby was warm enough gently rocking the infant to sleep. "What shall I call you" she whispered gently stroking her daughter's cheek.

Looking more closely at her it was clear she looked exactly like her father. She had his nose and dark hair and full lips. As the sun came up Nora fell fast asleep.

Her newborn held tightly in her arms.

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