The Eye Of Ezra

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For The Greater Good

Three days had past since Nora had given birth to her infant daughter. Life had become harder as Nora was forced to bring her daughter with her to work. Her friend who she was stating with had not come back home in days.

Nora was forced to use money from her savings to buy milk for her daughter. Unfortunately her breast milk had stop producing milk. She wrapped a long gray blanket around her body placing her daughter in it tightly.

Nora had to bring to her to work as she had no choice. It was hard to roll the bread dough as her daughters body restricted her. She worked for hours only stopping when it was time to feed her baby.

Soon night came and she had made her way back home. As she walked through the dark streets she could see from distant from the house a light was on. Stepping into the house she was greeted by her friend sucking face with a man.

"What the fuck Lucille"! Nora screamed and the man scurried off her friend. His eyes wide before making a beeline for the door.

"Look what you did! That was one of my best fucking customers" she sneered grabbing her cigarette off the small wooden table.

"Where have you been. You didn't show for three fucking days" Nora said now rocking her daughter who had started crying.

"Shut that thing up! I was out working trying to get some money" she sneered. Nora tried rocking her baby some more but she just would stop her insistent cries.

Ignoring Lucille's yelling she continued rocking her daughter back and forth. "I'm sorry but you can't stay here any longer Nora. It's time you move out and find your own place" Lucille said with finality.

"Where am I supposed to go Lucille?! I don't have enough money as is I can't afford a place on my own" Nora said her voice cracking.

"You can stay but that baby can't. Find a place for it and then you can stay" she said with a wave of her hand. Nora couldn't hold back the sobs as she snuggled her baby close.

She had no clue what to do. She had no one she knew that would be able to take care of her daughter. She very little money to support herself and her newborn. But if she gave her away she would not get to see her daughter grow up.

She wouldn't be able to see her come of age and attend her ability ceremony. There was no other choice but to give her daughter up. No matter how hard her heart would break.

Tomorrow morning she would be forced to give her newborn up.


The next day just as the sun arose Nora was up bright and early. She made sure to feed her infant daughter before getting herself dressed. When she was done she wrapped her baby in her blanket along with a letter she had written to her daughter.

There was an orphanage a couple of miles ahead from where Nora lived. It took her roughly thirty minutes to travel by foot. The orphanage was best known as the forgotten children orphanage.

Nora had chose the closest one. She had prayed all night that her daughter would not be adopted some day. She would come back for her one day and that was a promise.

With a knock on the door an older women with brown eyes answered. "Hello how may I help you" her voice was soft as she looked at the newborn in her arms.

"I...I've... come to drop off my baby. I can no longer take care of her" Nora said tears falling down her cheeks. The women gently grabbed the baby from her arms she could tell the baby was only a few days old.

"We will take good care of her. Does she have a name" the woman asked rocking the baby. Nora had thought long and hard on her daughter's name. She didn't want to give her daughter just any name. She wanted it to be special.

"Yes...uhh her name is Ezra... Ezra Mae Quinn" Nora replied as she watched the woman hold her daughter.

She had named her after her father. His middle name was Ezra.

"I've written a letter for her. Please... have her open it once she is older" Nora pleaded her tears making it hard to see. The woman nodded grabbing the letter in her other hand.

"We will take good care of her here. I will make sure she receives this letter when she is of age" the woman stated. Just as she was about to close the door Nora stuck her foot in the doorway.

"Wait.... wait... I have something for her. A gift that I want her to have" Nora pleaded. She pulled a locket necklace from around her neck. She placed it around her daughter's neck before placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Please... tell her I love her" Nora sobbed. With one last nod, the women closed the door leaving a distraught Nora on the doorstep.

"I will come back for you" Nora whispered with one last look at the orphanage.

Before turning back to walk down the path.

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