Falling for you

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Hanna is a quite girl and with her horrible past. She hates her papa. Unfortunately, she looks like her a lot. On the other hand, Antoine Hubert is the hot new school teacher. He seem to help her overcome her fears and assist her as a teacher. Hanna don't believe in something like love. She just calls it lust and need. Antoine fell for the Hanna but both are in denial. Will they ever open up? Will Hanna love him back? Read and find out...

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

It is Tuesday and my birthday. I stopped my alarm and went back to sleep. I am in no mood of going to school. Sammy, my best friend doesn’t have any idea how horrible this day is for me. A tear escaped my eye which followed another. Tears and sob after another, soon my pillow drenches wet.

“Hanna, get the hell down here or you’ll be late for school. I’m not going to drop you today. You’ll have to walk to the school young lady!” Lydia cries out loud, making me realize the running time.

This happens every morning. I am used to it. So, it is not a big thing for me. Lydia is my step mom. We are not close but she is good with me. I am thankful for that. All I hate is the amount of douchbags she brings home every weekend. I’ll just have to sleepover at Sammy’s.

Quickly whipping off my tears, I sat right up. Meanwhile, I hear the front door close and a car driving out of the drive way.

Jumping off the bed, I limp to the washroom due to tiredness. I look at myself in the mirror. One can say, I am a very pretty girl but all this beauty just reminds me of one person I hate the most, pop’s.

He was an animal, cruel, cold, and abusive and a complete devil. First he broke my mom then Lydia. His lines didn’t just end here. There might be a few women left whom he had not just fucked. This very day, he killed my mom.

I have the same green eyes and golden hairs. Thankfully, I don’t exactly look like him. I have mom’s cute button nose, oval face and natural tan skin, small frame and cherry lips.

I slash some water over my face and pick brush and toothpaste. I brushed my teeth and walk out of the toilet. I entered the walk-in closet to choose a quick dress. There, is a box most beautifully wrapped. Guess, Lydia didn’t forget my birthday. I lunged toward the box and open it, angry. Now what the hell, she gave me. OMG! Inside is the cutest blue skirt with some white heels and a birthday girl white top. I like the outfit, I have to admit. Except I can’t wear this top. This will only make me more obvious and don’t want that. I chose to wear some black top with some ripped jeans. I like my shoulder cut hairs. Next, I put some eye liner along with some blush and nude lipstick. Now, this is the Hanna I know; the strong, antisocial, quite girl. Picking up my bag and phone, I walk toward the school. It is just a twenty minute walk.

I walk in the gates of the school. Halls are empty. I guess I am late. Shit! Mrs. Brandon is so going to be mad with me. I run to my history class. Mrs. Bradson is busy writing on the board. My eyes landed on Sammy. She mentioned for me to sneak into the class. I lower my height by bending my back downwards, I rush towards Sammy. I sat down and quietly take out my textbook. Sammy gave me thumbs up.

“Ms. Hanna Redone meet me after class.” , cries Mrs. Bradson. She turned and looks at me through her glasses. I gulp and give her a slight nod. Dam! That woman has ears like a dog. Blah, Blah, Blah... The lecture went on and I try to gather my excuses. Sammy shocks my shoulder and mentioned as the class ends.

“Hanna, what are you going to do now?”, she asked.

“I don’t know yet. I’ll work it out. Don’t worry. Just wish me luck!”, I pat her shoulder . I walk with to Mrs. Brandon’s office. My legs are shacking underneath me. I can’t tell her that I slept in like every other day. Dam it! I have to lie again. I hate lying.

“Why were you late?”

“Lydia was not feeling well and…”

“Listen, I’m not someone you can lie to. Hanna, tell me the truth or it’s the detention.”

“U mm….mum”, I reply with a shaky voice.

“What? Cat got your tongue? Speak up? And don’t act like it was a great stunt, you pulled back in the class. You need to learn etiquette. This is no way for a young girl to behave like. Have a little bit of shame. What will your mother think if she was here?” she shouted.

There is a knock at the door. I whip my tears quickly before someone sees them.

“Come in!”

And in walks a middle age man. He has middle height, slightly lean figure and wears glasses. His well gelled brown hairs and chocolate brown eyes are staring at me.

“Hanna, you have detention today. Now, leave!”

I ran out of the office with tears running down my face. I run and barge in the restroom. There is no one in here. I bend over the washbasin and let myself cry to death. My eye liner is smudgy and I look like a witch; an angry old witch.

She should not have mentioned my mom. It hurts so much. All the memories come before my eyes. My hands are shivering and I can see papa beating the shit out of mom. I can see the way, ha forces her to see the video of him fucking the brains out of some girl. I want to vomit and I hear mom begging for him to stop and let her go. He calls her one thing and whole world blacks out, ‘Surrogate!’





“Happy Birthday my dear. How was school? Did you make new friends?“, mom asked me.

“Mom, it was so much fun. There is a girl, Bertha. She calls me name. You know what I did? I pored some ketchup on her...”

“Hanna! I told you if someone hurts you and if you hurt them back then what is the difference between you. Do you want to be a bad guy?”

“But she is so mean, mom.”

“I know darling. You should have tell your teacher or me if someone hurts you. Okay?”


“That’s my girl!“. She hugged me.

In the kitchen walked papa with huge steps. Mom’s muscles tightened. She whispered, “Go and play upstairs.”

“Yeah, the daughter of bitch and a whore!“, shouted papa.

I saw papa staring at us with so much hate and anger. I was stunned and frozen. Mom pushed me behind her. She said, “Run, Hanna!”

“Go ahead tell her to leave. She won’t be able to see her whore of mama getting punished.” He grabbed mom’s hairs and he grabbed my arm. He dragged me and threw me out of the kitchen. I saw from the corner of the door.

Papa hit mom in the eye and grabbed her hair. He threw her on the floor flying away. Mom was pleading and she cried, “John, please don’t do this. Our daughter is right outside. Don’t let her see this. Please I beg you. I will do whatever you want. Leave her out of this.”

“She is neither my daughter nor you my wife. Remember your place, whore! I want her to see the pathetic excuse mom she has.I fucked a new one, sweetheart. Do you want to see? Of course you want. Here.”

"NO! I don't want to see. Go fuck yourself, bastard!", Mom cried.

"Ahh! You're becoming feisty, aren't you? Come on, dear! Do you're duty of a darling wife. Satisfy your husband...."

He grabbed her waist and face. He played something on his mobile. Mom kept struggling but papa was strong. He held her in place. I heard some weird noises and sobbing. Mom bit on his arm. He released her and blood was drawing out of his arm. He stroad toward her and grabbed her cheeks.

He cried, "You have forgotten your place woman. You are nothing but a surrogate, a whore, a bitch and..."

He threw her at the wall and I heard her scream. I saw blood on the floor. It was so much blood. I ran away to call someone for help...

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