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A little bit of love

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Loving can hurt. That's undeniable. Meet Lucas Hills, with a sad past filled with family problems and brotherly issues, you can't say he's a happy kid. 18, senior year. They say stuff happens on this particular year. But no one said it's worth looking forward to. Luke Hills, the older twin. Well, he certainly has something to hide. A secret he's afraid to tell, a past trauma that haunts him, a decision he regrets every time thinking back. Alan Young. Who is he? Oh man, he's none other than the handsome head prefect of New East High. But.... is he really? Or he's just trying to be someone he's not? Why hide though? What's so bad about his true self? Aaron Hemington. He's the ideal of a sweet friend, he could even be a great lover. Crushing on his best friend is bad enough. What happens if this so called 'best friend' just always seem to convince himself that he doesn't like gays? Yeah, what could be worst? What if, I'm telling you now..... that loving can actually heal? No, don't put it on me. Ed Sheeran said that, I'm merely transferring the message. Don't fret, don't be sad. Want some joy? Join the story!! Maybe all you need, is a little bit of love.

Romance / Drama
Lit. C
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Chap 1. Noise

′ Stop it! ′ Lucas scream at his twin brother who is older than him by 3 seconds.

′ You want it back? Catch me if you can! ′ Luke laughs and ran away, with his younger twin’s TV remote in his hand.

Lucas doesn’t really care about the remote now. His favourite movie TV show is playing now. Luckily Luke had forgotten to switch channels or even worse, shut it down.

Lucas silently pray in his head, hoping his twin doesn’t come back to annoy him again.

′ Opps. I think I’ve forgotten to shut the TV again! ′ And with that, the screen went black.

′ Luke!!!! ′ Lucas scream at the top of his lungs ! That was live! Live man!! Lucas scream inside his head.

He quickly got up from the couch to find Lucas. ′ Luke!!! Give me the remote back!! ′ Lucas screams and barge in his twin’s room.

Luke was lying on the bed, waiting for Lucas arrival. When he sees him, all panting and fuming, he smirks in delight.

′ Aww... Poor Lucas has to work out more often. ′ He slurs and made a pouty face. ′ Shut up and hand me the remote now!! ′ Lucas stands at the door. He doesn’t want to step in Luke’s smelly room because there’s rubbish all on the floor.

Balls of paper, a few food wrapping, Snickers, banana peels..... You name it.

′ Come here and take it . ′ Luke challenge , holding the remote high in the air, still lying on the bed.

′ Do you know you’re an asshole. ′ It came out more of a statement than a question from Lucas.

Suddenly, a crashing sound was heard from downstairs. Lucas turn his head around and was about to check what happen when Luke suddenly shot up from the bed and grab Lucas by the wrist and pull him in the room, closing and locking the door in the process.

Lucas accidentally lost his balance and fall on the bed, bringing Luke with him.

′ Ouch!! ′ Lucas hit his head on the headboard, making him groan in pain. When he reopen his eyes, a pair of intimating green eyes were boring into his brown ones.

Luke was on top of Lucas, staring sharply. Lets say the position was.....really awkward.

′ Dude! Get off me! ′ Lucas tries pushing his twin off him with his frail hands but....failed. Luke immediately pin Lucas’s wrist above his head easily and put more of his body weight on Lucas, making the younger twin start to breath heavily because of the lack of oxygen.

′ L...Luke. Pl..plea..please. I..it...hu.hurts. ′ Lucas breath out but was ignore by his older twin. The next Lucas knows was his ears being covered by a pair of Luke’s headphone. The rock music blasted into his ears, making his eyes tear up a little.

Lucas always hate rock music. No, correction. He always hate noise. He likes to stay in quite places and stay silent. Because it brings out.....memories.

Lucas tries to take the headphone off but to no valid because his slender wrists were held down by one of Luke’s large hands while the other hand of the older twin was pressing the headphones towards Lucas’s ears harshly.

By now, Lucas’s ears are starting to hurt. He was choking on his own sobs. He stills tries to fight back but the both of them know it was pointless.

Lucas has a tiny frame. With no muscles and his figure was really feminine. Luke on the other hand, has a tone chest, a swimmer body. In other words, he’s athletic.

They have been in this position for.... god knows how long. But still, Lucas was still pleading his older twin to let him go while his eyes were shut tight. ′ Lu...Luke. Pl...Please... L...let me...g..go. Pl..pleas.e L...Luke. ′

Luke look at his brother’s delicate face. He can see the two lines of dried up tears. Though Lucas had already stop sobbing, he was hiccuping non stop. But that didn’t make Luke to stop bullying his brother.

′ Shut up. Just shut up already. I don’t want to hear your voice. Keep your mouth shut. ′ Luke’s voice was deep and very, I mean very calm. But he knows Lucas couldn’t hear him. The music was too loud.

Luke didn’t think so though. He move away his hands that was pressing on the headphones for a second to turn the music even louder.

Lucas cries out instantly the music got louder. Ears. My ears hurts..... Please....Make it stop. Lucas screams out a little because it was too much to bear.

Luke’s hands immediately went for Lucas’s mouth and clamp it shut, preventing him from making any sound. Now all was heard in the room was Lucas’s weak mumbling and a little of the rock music.

While what was heard in Lucas’s ears was the blazing of rock music like the ones in a concert. Hell, maybe even louder. His head was screaming at Luke to stop this. He was bawling his eyes out again but this time, his eyes was open wide, staring at his twin.

′ Damn. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut for once. ′ Luke mutter under breath. The view before him was really pathetic to him. He’s usually quite and calm younger brother, crying his eyes out while making gagging sounds.

Finally, Luke decides that’s enough for the day. He slowly move his hands away from Lucas’s mouth first. By now, there was no sound. Absolutely no sound from Lucas. He reached for his phone and off the music.

The room was so quite. No cursing. No pleading. No muttering. No crying.

With the headphones still on, Luke said something. But Lucas couldn’t hear it. He couldn’t hear anything.

His whole body was shut downed.

Next, Luke removed his hands that was holding Lucas’s hands. Still, Lucas didn’t make any sound nor did he even moved. He was too tired. His throat was hoarse for the screaming, his wrist was like it’s painted red from the pressure and his eyes were closed.

He’s just asleep. Luke comforted himself as he carried his brother, bridal style out of his room and into Lucas’s.

To be honest, minus the bruised wrist and dried tears, Lucas does look like he’s asleep. Anyone who didn’t know will assume he is.

Luke laid his twin gently on the bed while covering him with the blanket and caresses his cheek. Brushing the hair out of Lucas’s face and tucks it behind his ear carefully. Luke can be really sweet.....but he can also be very scary.

Luke stood up from the bed and turn around. He was about to take the first step to leave when a broken voice was heard behind him.

′ Why? ′

Luke stood there, not moving an inch of his muscles for a good few seconds before leaving Lucas’s room. Leaving only a short reply.

′ Because I needed to . ′

Both brothers know, the words from the opposite twin...... will haunt them in their sleep.

Not just tonight.

Hey everyone. I’m gonna start off the few chapters with simple words, describing their lives so far but I assure you, I’ll do my best to keep you guys entertained and interested. As support, comment are welcomed and votes and cherished. Thank you!!

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