A little bit of love

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Loving can hurt. That's undeniable. Meet Lucas Hills, with a sad past filled with family problems and brother issues, you can't say he's a happy kid. 18, senior year. They say things happens on this particular year. But no one said it's always good. Luke Hills, the older twin. Well, he certainly has something to hide. A secret he's afraid to tell, a past trauma that haunts him, a decision he regrets every time thinking back. Alan Young. Who is he? Oh man, he's none other than the head prefect of New East High. But.... is he really? Or he's just trying to be someone he's not? Why hide though? What's so bad about his true self? Aaron Hemington. He's the ideal of a sweet friend, he could even be a great lover. Crushing on his best friend is bad enough. What happens if this so called 'best friend ' just always seem to convince himself that he doesn't like the gays? Yeah, what could be worst? But still sometimes..... loving can heal. No, don't put it on me. Ed Sheeran said that. Do you believe him? Do they believe him? Well maybe all they need is a little bit of love?

Romance / Drama
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Chap 1. Noise

Lucas woke up the very next day, with the familiar aching on his wrists. Yesterday.... He still had a little headache. But at least, it’s still bearable.

He got up and did his morning routine. The mirror was reflecting him while he brush his teeth. A little bruises on his face and.....very pale.

He sighs and continue without another word.

The minute he got down the stairs, he can’t say he’s surprised to see the whole mess. Broken tables and chairs, broken dishes and food litter. All on the floor.

Every time after Luke abuses him, he always find the house slightly messier than it was on yesterday.

′ Luke really has the learn to clean his messes. ′ Lucas grumble under his breath. After cleaning up, he clean himself up and sling his bag across his shoulder. Without a second glance in the house, he left for school.

The minute Luke hear the door close with a bang, he got up immediately. He rushes to dress up and pack his bag.

He got to the room in the far corner and opens it as quietly as possible. Relieve flows to him when he sees the person inside is still asleep.

He closes the door back up and headed downstairs. The room was clean.

′ Thanks. ′ he said to no one. Luke made breakfast and grab himself a toast. ′ Sweet school time... ′ he mutters and too, left.

The honking and shouting of the school was too loud to miss it. Lucas clutches his bag tighter as he imagine himself walking towards the waiting hell.

Lucas did a lot of dashing and avoiding till he finally made it to his locker. It was a real rusty one and he had to give it a few hit before it opens. He took the books he needed for the first period, which is English and put the others back in.

English. It wasn’t his favourite subject but he still likes the class because of the teacher , Mrs Elly. She is a women in her late thirties but still has a cheerful and kind aura around her. It makes Lucas feel.....welcome. Unlike his other teachers.

Again, he was not surprised to see he was the first to reach the classroom. He took his usual seat. Up in the very front. He also does like the one beside the window but.... ′ I’ll make an exception. Just today . ′ he smiles and flop down.

After 10 minutes of him just staring at the board, he sees a hand waving before him. ′ Lucas, bro. I’ve been calling you for like....5 times. Are you okay ? ′ Lucas look up, only to see his best bud. Charles Kingston.

The handsome blond boy is Lucas’s best friend since they were 9. They were inseparable. If you sees Lucas, you can always see Charles beside him. Same goes for the other way round.

′ Nah. I’m just ..... nothing. Tired. ′ he simply made an excuse. Charles sat beside him, took out the books and place them neatly on the top right corner of the table. He has this little habit.

′ I think I’mma break up with Charlette. ′ Charles suddenly said out of nowhere, making Lucas almost spew the water his was drinking. ′ What the hell? Why? You guys were like..... the best couple ever!!! ′ Lucas immediately confronted his best friend.

′ Are we? ′ was all Charles reply. ′ Is this a joke? ′ Lucas knew those two too well to even think they were breaking up.

Before Charles could even say anything , a loud piercing scream was heard from the classroom door.

′ Charlie!!! Baby!!! Why didn’t you call me this morning to wake me up!! We could go to school together!!! ′ Charlette was standing there with her hands crossed.

Charles ignore her which Lucas find is very weird. He nudged him by the elbow, still, Charles didn’t even move. ′ Yo dude, she’s talking to you. ′ he whisper. Charlette stomp towards her boyfriend with a pissed expression on her face and shouts ′ Babe!! What is wrong with you !!? ′

′ Nothing is wrong with me, Queen. ′ Damn, Charles used Charlette’s last name. Something is happening here. Lucas fumble with his shirt and look at his friends. He was itching for his phone so he could record everything down but this is his best friend’s relationship they’re talking about. And you don’t wanna mess with that.

′ Oh yeah!? Than why didn’t you call me like you do every morning!!? I almost don’t have time to prepare!! ′ Lucas almost laugh out at that. She treats Charles as her morning call because he always wakes up 2 hours before school. And that also means she needs 2 whole hours to do her make up and..... things. Whatever she does.

′ Oh yeah!!?? Why didn’t you pick up YOUR phone yesterday!?? Too busy fucking Josh!!?? ′

Lucas’s mouth went wide and slack his jaw. What the shit am I dealing with right now??!! That was the only thought running in his mind.

′ What are you talking about babe!!? I just slept early yesterday! I was at home. ′ she put up a shocked face and shakes her head.

′ Oh!? You slept at 5?! ′ Lucas widen his eye and clamp his mouth with his hands.

′ I.. I uh.. yeah I did. ′ She tries to make up an excuse but was literally failing horribly. ′ Bullshit Charlette. We have been dating for 3 fucking years now! I’m 18! Not that little 15 years old scrawny kid you first met. ′ he challenges back.

He didn’t stop there though. ′ I was so worried about you yesterday and so I went to your house to check on you. You know what I saw and heard!!?? You ridding him and screaming daddy!!! You’re a kinky little bitch, aren’t you??!!′

Ooooooo..... Lucas wants to scream that out but he knows better to keep his mouth shut. Charlette was..... utterly shock and stun.

′ That wasn’t... I...don’t...′ she tries to reason. ′ Save it bitch!! I’m dumping you!! Go back to your fucking daddy and don’t come near me ever again!! I don’t want to see your slutty face !!′ Charles suddenly shot up from his seat and slam his hand on the desk.

Charlette finally snaps and screams at her boyfriend, oh sorry, ex boyfriend now. ′ You’ll be begging me to come back to you sooner or latter!! ′ And with that she marched towards the exit.

′ Hey wait Charlette! There’s something you need to know.′ Charles suddenly calls for her. She smirks behind him before turning around. ′ So soon? ′ She smiles devilishly.

′ Nope. I just wanna tell you I recorded the very heated sex you had with Jonathan yesterday. Might wanna watch yourself from now on. Don’t want me to make it go rival, do you now? ′ he smirks in victory as Charlette’s face drop in horror.

′ You... you asshole!! ′ she screams and was about to jump at him and attack when Charles quickly pulled out his phone and showed her the video, making the sign he’s about to hit the share button.

′ Ah ah. You’re going to regret that. ′ Charlette immediately stop herself and back away from him. ′ Urg!!! I fucking hate you!! You always ruined everything!!! I didn’t even loved you in the first place!! You were a good wake up call though!! ′

Lucas knows those words must have hit Charles like a ton of bricks. He was still holding the phone even though she already left long ago. His back was facing Lucas so he couldn’t actually see his best friend’s expression.

That was until he heard the quite sound of crying growing louder as every second passed. Lucas pulled his best friend back onto the chair and into a bone crushing hug.

′ Shh... Shh... Bro... She’s not worth it.... She doesn’t deserve you. ′ Lucas comforts, still hugging while patting Charles back. ′ I.. I lo...loved...h..her..so..so mu..ch. How....how co....coul..d....she...say...that??!!′ By now, he was wailing like a new born in Lucas’s arms.

Lucas wants to say he got his back and knows what he’s feeling but truthfully, he doesn’t. He’s never had a relationship before. He’s never experience the feeling being cheated on before. And he sure isn’t going to pretend he does.

Because there is one thing he does know, and that is the victim hates it whenever someone tells them they know what they’re feeling. All they could think is just that you’re pitying them. Giving them the sympathy they don’t want or need.

All they want is..... a simple comfort.

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